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April 25, 2010

Deliciousness, Etc.

This is my first A.K. ("After Kish") post about One Life to Live and I'd expect that it would be written from the fetal position, but it's a funny thing.  We soap viewers are a resilient bunch, despite our constant threats that we're done forever when they break up or write off our favorite couple.  And when the gift starts giving again?  How can we resist?  I think you know full well what I mean, but just to make sure...




Okay, so here's the part where verisimilitude goes out the window completely because --


Natalie didn't miss a beat.  She just walked in that room, like nothing was happening! 


To me, it's not even so much an issue of Natalie not noticing, it's that I'm now distrustful of Melissa Archer as a human being.  I am just going to assume that they had to re-tape the scene a few times until she got it "right" by not losing control of her salivary muscles.

Here I'm going to confess that, based on aesthetics alone, I'd choose David Fumero over Mark Lawson any day -- I will forever have this need to still be shorter than my date when I'm wearing heels.  But Jessica Buchanan (is that her last name these days?) is shorter than I am, so she doesn't have this issue.  I ask you: what the eff is she not seeing???!!

In other news, could Blair and Eli be cuter?  I do not think they could.  I know that we'll be seeing Ross again briefly, sometime soon, and I thought there were crazy Blair/Ross sparks -- but I have let it go.  Because Blair and Eli could not be more adorable.  They are this beautiful antidote to Gigi and Rex, right?


I hope this man is finally on contract with this show.  It's almost as if I'm watching grownups!

In semi-unrelated news, last weekend I went to see Next to Normal on Broadway because, hey, it won a Tony and a Pulitzer and a million other things, right?  Well, I am not here to critique musicals (shhh, I hated it -- I think that makes me a bad person?) but I will tell you that by pure coincidence Meghann Fahy (Hannah) was in it that day.


She is the understudy for one of the lead roles, and it was one of those fun coincidences that the day I went, my friend (one of my only three OLTL-viewing friends, no less!) and I got to see her -- she was fantastic.  Girl's got pipes!  It's a shame the current musical on the show is only for the high school students, because I'd love to see her involved in that (as much as I'd "love" anything related to that storyline of pain).

That's all I got.  I cannot find a way to be interested in Rex's search for his parentage or Kelly's search for her mother's murderer, or in Natalie's self-pity over not being arrested by a man she is not involved with for a crime she did not commit, or in the complete ruination of some phenomenal, on-fire scenes from a week prior by replaying them every day, ad nauseam.  So...

Destiny out!


Yeah, Blair and Eli have been downright adorable together. But is it just me or has baby Brendan been mentioned a hell of a freaking lot lately? Why has this given me nightmares? Well, I suppose that since Rex is now parentless and I've seen how "Tea and Todd's child", Danielle was insane created to be older than Jack. Patrick and Marty's kid is now older than Starr(also a WTF ever)--and also male. Why wouldn't the writers just make Rex a stolen baby Brendan. Who is now older than any other sibling. Although I'm still willing go wager that the new boy in school is going to find out that his parentage isn't what he thought it was. Why? Because Starr and Cole doesn't give Todd enough reasons to hate Thornhearts. So how long before Blair(or perhaps Eli?) somehow discovers that baby Brendan was kidnapped by enemies of Todd or Patrick(it isn't like that is such an impossible premise) and that he is actually alive and well.

The only way to salvage the Melinda story is to get Dorian involved, instead of Todd or John. It just makes more sense overall and would easily give screen time to a character that needs it (Dorian) instead of two characters who are already dominating too much screentime. Plus, while I think the OLTL writers are considerably better about working with female characters than a certain other soap (*cough* GH *ahem*), when was the last time we had women involved in a mystery/adventure storyline who didn't rely on help from a man?

And there's one other explanation for Melissa Archer's lack of a reaction you didn't consider, which I hope is true, since it gives my lesbian friend who watches the show a speck of hope. Anyway, amen to your praise of Mark Lawson. I should admit I do get a kick out of seeing the camera crew go out of their way to make him look less short compared to the other characters, like in the recent Todd-Brody confrontation (they even made sure he didn't stand close to Trevor St. John!)

Ha! Chad, I did think of that as far as Melissa Archer's concerned, but I think regardless of one's persuasion, one appreciates such spectacular handiwork!

thank you. thank you. thank you. (for the screen shots) ~drool~

Brody is perfection. Jessica is crazy for not wanting to be with him.

Blair and Elijah are one of the few untainted bright spots on the show. Kassie and Matt are bringing it the few times we get to see them. (By the by, have you seen the new Old Navy ads with Matt Walton as THE Mike? Cute!)

Nekkid!Brody is always a wonderful thing. It's too bad you can't post video because watching him jump rope is a revelation. That Natalie's eyes didn't even flicker when he opened the door astounded me. How?! What?! HOW?!

Is it me or does Hannah look like Tea in that screencap?

I rather hate characters singing on soaps. I LOVE Kassie and I LOVE Blair but I'd be happier if they just gave her musical montages. That being said, the B&E sparklepony happiness that they bring to every scene has made me tolerate this sort of thing.

Well, that and the cheerfully cheesy aspect of it all with the screen melds and, really, all that was missing were the Solid Gold dancers interpreting the song in their oh so special way. Sometimes, the cheese just wins me over and it did this time.

Plus, you had Elijah looking like he's just falling in love with Blair with every second. Squee!


Hahaha it's not just you. When I saw the picture I was like "Ew, Tea" before realizing it was Hannah. Who I actually have no idea about since I really did stop watching the show after the whole Kish, Rachel, Schuyler, Kim Massacre.

Holy s...those screenshots are enough to make me start thinking I should return to Llanview...or at least my DVR should so I can do a quick scan for goodness like that. Thanks for brightening my Monday morning.

you consistently use the best screenshots. yummy.

I'm wondering who Hannah is because, yep, I quit watching about a month ago. Didn't care about Kish, but cared what a mess the entire show became when so many characters were treated so carelessley and written out without any cohesion.

It wasn't an empty threat this time. Done with it. Not even Mark Lawson's naked upper body can make me regret the decision. An hour of my life back every day.

It sounds as if those of you who were trying to speak with your remotes were heard -- apparently the ratings hit an all-time low last week. Color me unsurprised!

I will actually say that as sad (and livid) as I am about some of the recent developments and departures, I do think the show is slowly but surely getting better -- just a little bit tighter and cleaner. (Though there is, of course, no way to salvage the Mean Girl Jess nonsense, so I guess I can only pray that she hits her head during an Electric Slide mishap at Prom and gets all her memory back.) Plus, the loss (sniff) of Sierra Mist means Rex and Gigi are really only in one storyline rather than 7.

But we'll see. I do miss everyone. And I dislike a lot of what's currently going on, I just think the stories are being told more cleanly.

stlbf, interesting ideas! I do think I'd pull out my hair if Rex ended up being Blair's son, though.

They need to have a shot of Tuc Watkins and Mark Lawson in matching Speedos. Then I can die happy. VERY happy.

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