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April 18, 2010

Our Column in the 4/20 Issue of Soap Opera Digest

Yes, this post is nearly a week overdue.  We've been sitting on our hands, trying to let enough time pass that we were no longer tempted to make a lame 4/20 joke.  Like about how that day must be really significant to the ABC daytime executives who see something totally different on their screens than we do on ours -- oh crap, even with those extra days we couldn't resist.  Bad us.

For our April column, Mallory dedicated her whole half to lamenting how quickly The Young and the Restless' quality has nosedived, while Becca uncharacteristically took a slightly positive tack and announced the end of her grudges against Days of Our Lives' Dr. Daniel Jonas and General Hospital's Sam McCall.  Check it out while it's still on newsstands.


Aw, I'm glad you've given up your hatred of Daniel Jonas. It's not Shawn Christian's fault they turned Daniel into a skeaze. I'm STILL pissed about the complete 180 they took with him and Chelsea. They were so good at first and then the whole Lexie/Kate thing happened. Gag me.

I don't get the 4/20 joke. Is something happening on ABC tomorrow?

Judy: 420 is a reference to marijuana. Many people celebrate 420 at 4:20 every day. And 4/20 is a big celebration.

"I understand that as a cop Dante does have to follow the law. But you don't" - the previously adorable Molly to Jason on today's General Hospital

There are no words.

Doh. Now I understand a friend's Facebook post from today. Thanks for explaining, Sandy. I must be the world's oldest innocent.

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