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May 18, 2010

If I Could Turn Back Time, I'd Skip the Bad Music Video Editing

While I loved the first two numbers of Day 2 of One Life to Live the Musical (I especially loved the choreography in the first one... but sweet mercy the cross-fades and ugly digital images in "If I Could Turn Back Time" were a nightmare), it slowed down for me a bit after that.  I wasn't familiar with any of the other songs they did, so I assume that's a huge part of it, as was the episode's over-focus on Starr and Cole as the greatest love that ever loved.  It is pretty spectacular, though, to see so many of these people outside of their comfort zones.  Bree Williamson (Jess) is clearly not a singer, bless her heart, but there she is fully committing to it regardless.  Eddie Alderson (Matthew) is clearly not a singer... or a dancer... but at this point every time I see Matthew on my screen, my heart grows twelve sizes.  He could not be more wonderful and, even though I feel a little icky saying this about teenagers, was it just me or was the Matthew/Dani makeout scene kind of hot?

The bad news: when the hell did Dorian become such a hardcore Starr and Cole 'shipper?  From the way she was talking, you'd think half her awesome hats have "Sole 4evah!" embroidered on the inside of them.  That's fine if she hopes they stay together, but the show was laying it on triple-thick.  And now she's risking her position as mayor by facilitating a jail break (from a horrible jail with giant, private cells and free iPods, apparently) just so someone can go to the freakin' prom.  It's just a prom, people.  Seriously, I never went to a prom and look at me now!  Oh wait.  Bad example.

They are not doing Natalie any favors with her current storyline.  John could've just lost a baby with his girlfriend Cruella DeVille, and it would still be freaking wildly inappropriate to give him some corny Cinderella ultimatum about declaring their feelings for each other at the stroke of midnight (speaking of which, Rodi's is apparently falling on some hard times since it's completely empty at midnight... no employees, even!).  It made her look even worse that she started her letter by acknowledging how inappropriate it was, but that she "can't help how she feels."  Someone needs to explain to me what not being able to change her feelings has to do with anything.  She can help what she does.  It also doesn't help that I don't love Melissa Archer in pining, shifty-eyed mode and much prefer her when Natalie is full of fire and feist.  Is feist a word?  I like it.  At any rate, should we just assume that they didn't ask Melissa Archer or Michael Easton or Trevor St. John to give the singing and dancing a go?  Because I would pay to see it.

Meanwhile Natalie's sister, Jessica, is in dire need of a sock to the face.  Did anyone else cheer when Cristian finally told her in harsh, certain terms that there was no way in hell he was dancing with her?  Brody seems to be finally realizing that this incarnation of Jessica just isn't worth it, but of course that doesn't bode well...

I was worried when Langston caught Ford and Karen (who apparently do the deed with the apartment door open and a half-eaten pizza decorating the building hallway), because the last thing I wanted was for her to drop Ford and just stay with Markko with no fallout, but thankfully Markko was across town getting a little info of his own.  I hope the fallout for this is ugly.  Good for them to remember to keep moving the story forward, since a musical alone is not enough for what we expect from sweeps on a soap!

So in summary, Jess sucks, poor Brody, Starr and Cole are not the greatest couple to ever live, Langston should hurt and hurt hard, Matthew is adorable, John is not worth it, Natalie needs to make better choices, Jason Tam and Tika Sumpter have got some serious pipes, Shenell Edmonds has got some serious moves (so does that kid who plays her date) and...

Destiny out!


From the way she was talking, you'd think half her awesome hats have "Sole 4evah!" embroidered on the inside of them.

Where do I send the bill to cover cleaning the Diet Coke out of my keyboard?

Though I can't say it's all your fault...because not only did I imagine Dorian in a large Dorian-style hat with this embroidered on the inside, I also imagined Dorian Lord in a trucker hat with "Sole 4evah!" in cheesy cursive writing, and if Robin Strasser ever was going to be anywhere I knew I would be, I would have to make this photograph happen.

So yes, I take back the Diet Coke through my nose claim -- as I'm obviously most amusing to myself. But thanks for amusing me too.

I just want to point out that the songs that you're not familiar with are original songs written for this musical. You can find them on iTunes.

Dorian as Sole's biggest fan is a major WTF?! I'm glad that at least Blair is lukewarm on the cheer-leading.

I doubt that Michael Easton can sing OR dance. Melissa Archer is not a singer but she's taken part in those Soapnet singing commercials and she's been rather adorable. Trevor St. John... I don't know if he can sing but he CAN dance. He was part of a dancing ensemble at one point that involved him wearing hot pink with white suspenders and hoisting a smaller black man onto his shoulders.

I am not making this up. Google that shit.

I did think that Dani/Matt kiss was kind of hot but I really think Matt deserves better than to be saddled with the TaintSpawn. Besides, I actually find myself liking Dani/Nate more. I don't know. When it comes to it, they're all just teens and it's difficult for me to invest.

Langston's an idiot.

Markko's song and dance with Starr was adorable. I'd almost be for them hooking up but I love their friendship so much more.

I really, really loved the Cher number, even as I was going "Awful graphic overlays of clocks? Really? We're being THAT on-the-nose?" I also thought the song for Jason Tam's number and the one at the end were really nice. I don't know if they're original or just songs I've never heard before, though.

The Cher song with the graphics were horrible.

I loved how crushed Teen Mess looked when Cristian told her off and then was proposing to Layla. She totally deserves it.

I can't wait until Markko tears into Langston. How on earth can she believe the crap that Ford spews, especially considering the conversation she heard between Cris and Layla??? She's a stupid skank who deserves what's coming to her.

I'm really sad that the show had to take one of Brody and Jess' great moments and have Teen Mess want to do nothing to remember. I'm just glad Brody's realizing Mess isn't worth it.

And Destiny/Darren are adorable together. I'll be very glad to watch Darren break down Destiny's defenses in the future.

Yeah, I'm not buying everyone being all Sole shippers, especially Dorian. *sigh*

I love me some Cher, but the graphics in that number were truly awful. I've seen better music videos made by amateurs on YouTube.

And also, I've never really thought Jason Tam was particularly cute, but his dancing and showing just the slightest hint of abs had me drooling. The choreography wasn't all that great, though. But he made it work.

I think I need to Google Trevor St. John's dance background that Dandesun mentioned. It could just about make my day, I think.

I suppose I'm a little biased, but Starr and Cole have been my favorite couple from their start. Maybe that's just because I started watching the show because I realized Starr was about my age.

And, slightly OT, but does anyone else miss Britney (who was Starr's high school rival a few years back)?

I don't watch OLTL, but I have loved your musical recaps, as I love musicals. Glad to have you around Louise! Even if I am a fan-ish of Sole, even barely having seen OLTL

Loving Starr again after Monday's epi! That girl has been a good singer since she was just a little kid, but she outdid herself with that closing song. KA is an amazing actress and Starr's one of the few fiesty girls on this show, which I just love.

And BTW, Dorian was gave Starr the beautiful dress she wore to the first prom - she's always been a fan of the two of them, cuz it pissed Todd off so much!

I don't recall Jason Tam being able to sing like that for the first musical - Wow! And that hug with him and Starr and all the boys was so cute!

Again, thanks for posting about the musical - I am so glad I'm watching it!

Oops. Dorian was THE ONE WHO gave Starr her dress, etc. Doh.

Don't get me wrong -- I truly don't hate Starr and Cole as a couple and understand Dorian supporting them, it's just that during the musical it was so over-the-top. I think we'll come back down to Earth now that it's over...

In the key "Women With A Pulse" and "Gay Men 18 to 101" demographics, I am probably the sole viewer who fails to see the "hotness" Brody allegedly possesses.

Serials rely on keeping the full nature of the story hidden and revealing elements episode by episode to keep viewers tuning in to learn more. Often these shows employ recapping segments at the beginning and cliffhangers at the end of each episode. Such shows also place a demand on viewers to tune in to every episode to follow the plot.

John and Natalie- Best couple on OLTL and most of daytime!

Concerning the reality which you consistently publish to my RSS reader w/o the actual present, and John C's general demeanor, I've unsubscribed. I have that this can be cranky Geeks, nevertheless there may be no way one individual is the fact that pissed off about anything.

Maybe that's just because I started watching the show because I realized Starr was about my age.

I don't know if he can sing but he CAN dance. He was part of a dancing ensemble at one point that involved him wearing hot pink with white suspenders and hoisting a smaller black man onto his shoulders.

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