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May 30, 2010

At Least It's Not Time Travel?

Remember that awful episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 where Donna and David went to visit her grandmother and learned the story of her grandparents' true World War II era love, which was miserably told to us in "flashbacks" with Donna and David playing her grandparents?  And this was supposed to somehow show us that Donna and David were soulmates?  I really thought this kind of storytelling was over (though after One Life to Live's unbearable 1968 storyline, I don't know why I clung to such hope), but alas, it is so not over.


Although, can I just say how much lovelier Farah Fath looks with longer, dark hair?  Even though the wig was bad, it was pretty glaring to keep getting shoved back into:


Yikes -- she really is a gorgeous woman without all that eye makeup, frosty lipstick, and the weird blonde/brown pixie/rooster 'do.  I thought she was stunning when she first came onto the show, which feels like twenty years ago.  (Does anyone else find it odd that Bo and occasionally Rex pronounce it "Zhee-zhee" while everyone else says "Ghee-ghee" -- or am I just neurotic?)

So what am I supposed to be learning from this story?  I find it very difficult to pay attention to it because it's infinitely corny, poorly acted and written, and... about Rex. 


Oh right, and it's about Rex and Gigi's great love that transcends generations, logic, and apparently race.  I mean for real?  Rex is part Native American now?  Okay, Ron.  (Can we close the book on the possibility that Rex is really Bo's son, then?  Pretty please?  Is this it?  Is this final?  These are his parents?)


Would anyone like to join me in extending a warm, warm welcome to one Detective Price?


Hello, sir!  Very, very nice to meet you.  I hope this one sticks around.


In other news, bang-up job hiding Bree Williamson's pregnancy!


Really, you'd have no idea!  Brilliant work!


Maybe I'm insane, but I'm kind of enjoying the Todd/Hannah scenes.  Trevor St. John and Meghann Fahy have a very interesting chemistry -- and I don't mean I'm longing to see Todd date Hannah, but unlike most Todd scenes, he really seems to wake up in these.  Just two crazytowns facing off.



And I rather adore how much she loathes him.  I can't wait for her next plan of revenge against Todd, right?  I assume Todd didn't push Marty down the stairs, but if "he's wrongly accused!" is a storyline that's supposed to earn him some sympathy as a character, it certainly isn't working.  Kidnapping young women (and tying them up in burlap sacks, no less!) to coerce a confession out of them is very old-school Todd, which is absolutely fine with me... unless the next story asks me to watch him become a wonderful, loving family man with his newfound daughter and "dying" girlfriend.  And while I understand Starr's faith in her father (no, no, I don't understand it, but I accept that it's there), it is completely ridiculous and galling of her to go grandstanding to his rape victim, acting incredulous that his (two-time) rape victim won't just admit that she knows he "would never do this!"  Really?  Of course he would!  As I said, I assume he didn't actually do it this time, but he absolutely, most certainly would.  There is very little he wouldn't do.  I am going to vomit if he gets off the hook for this and has people lining up to apologize for thinking he could do such a thing.


And finally, The Attempted Assassination by Someone of the Cad Robert Ford.


(This show's been awfully graphic lately, right?  Between this and all the orgasmic hot sex?  Not complaining.)

This has actually been a pretty well set-up whodunit -- Markko, Langston, Jess, Karen, and Hannah all have clear motives and have reasonable spots on the suspect list.  I don't know if it'll actually turn out to have been one of them, but this is definitely more mysterious than the "who pushed Marty?" whodunit, because it's less blatantly obvious who didn't do it.  We have both Markko and Jess definitely acting as if they did it, or at least they think they did it, with Langston and Karen denying involvement and Hannah looking somewhat complicit upon seeing photographs of the damage, courtesy of Todd.  Since the theme of this show is totally botching things that are really well-set-up, I assume this will quickly fall apart and lose all tension and mystery and become utterly craptastic, so I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Any theories on the culprit?  Am I crazy to care?  (I don't care about Ford-as-victim, I just find it a pretty interesting story at the moment...)

Destiny out!


I think Bo & Nora's wedding is supposed to be June 1, but there has been absolutely no build up to it...sigh...

I could not care less who bludgeoned Ford, but it is a better story than anything about Rex & Gigi...to think I used to root for that couple, but now...uuuuyyykkk.

Thank goodness Jessica has her memory ( and her personality) back. Could not take much more of that!

I think that Langston did it and they are going to use this to usher her now skanky and useless character off the canvas. I've always liked Langston and I've been surprised how much her current storyline has made me loathe her. Also, Brittney Underwood is not doing a very good job acting out this story so the actress is not doing the character any favors either. It is really a shame that this storyline has made me do a complete 180 on a character and actress that I genuinely used to enjoy.

If not Langston, I guess they will blame it on Hannah. I wonder when Todd's goons kidnapped her, before or after the attack on Ford? Either way, I doubt that Todd will provide her with an alibi.

Louise, I am so glad that you also do not understand Starr's undying faith in and loyalty to Todd. I understand that he is her father but familial ties are not really a good reason to continually and blindly support someone that you personally know to be a truly awful human being. I have also come to accept it but it still pisses me off when I see her defending Todd especially to Marty. That scene between her and Marty made me cringe and in my eyes made Starr look like a complete jackass. I'm not a fan of Marty but I wish she would stop treating Starr with kid gloves and occasionally lay into her about how bad her father really is. I think it would resonate a little more coming from Marty than it does coming from Cole.

I think Bo and Rex have just seen Gigi with Leslie Caron one too many times.

Yeah, Rex is now Native American? I guess we can start calling him Twitches with Wolves now.

It IS amazing how much better FF looks with the longer, darker hair. I mean, that wig was atrocious, but she still looked better. I hope someone pointed this out to her.

"The Attempted Assassination by Someone of the Cad Robert Ford" = HEH. Good one, Louise. As to who did it? I don't know. I'll say Karen, for no particular reason.

Anyone else think that this Det. Price will turn out to be a relative of, if not the son of, Sheila Price?

And I will say that at least in the end they didn't shoehorn Rex's birth into any existing character's past history. Maybe they really were planning to make Rex Patrick and Blair's son, but someone realized that would make Rex and Adrianna guilty of incest. I'm not a fan of Rex either, at least not since he became a frontburner character, but I have to say I was hoping that they'd put more effort into his story than just throwing together a dozen cliches; I guess the writers were as bored with his story as we were or weren't happy with having to make him not Mitch's son for whatever reason.

As for who killed Ford...well, I just hope they don't take the easy way out like they did with the last murder mystery (look, the killers are two characters that haven't even been mentioned in 15 years!). That said, it probably will turn out to be Hannah or another character who hasn't been introduced yet. Maybe they'll surprise me, but honestly soaps don't usually do murder mysteries well, even though they do them all the time (hell, the only really good one I remember seeing was the Renee DiMera murder mystery DAYS did that I watched on YouTube, and that was back in the early '80s...).

Why can't Jess be the person who attacked Ford? She's a nut and she'll get away with it because an alter came out. I'm so tired of her being treated with kid gloves all the time.

As for Rex, who cares who his father is unless it's David.

I don't agree with you irt Starr. Todd is her father and she has acknowledged time and time again that she knows he's done terrible things but so has Marty and Cole. The bottom line is that Marty has no clue who pushed her down the stairs but is willing to pin it on the Todd. She is a shrink and one of her patients could have done it...

Marty didn't pin it on Todd -- she was interviewed by the police about an argument with him, the cops investigated the crime and found enough evidence to say it was Todd and considered the case closed, as did the state. I just don't see why at this point the victim should be the one running around trying to exonerate the man the cops and state decided did it, just because her rapist's daughter wants her to. I have no problem with Starr trying to get help proving her father's innocence, but she shouldn't try to enlist his victim's help in that. It's incredibly insensitive (and also hilarious that she told Marty, "you KNOW he couldn't do this!"). But that's just my irrelevant opinion!

Chad, I agree with you hardcore that it's good they didn't shoehorn Rex's lineage into existing characters. That's what I was so afraid of this whole time.

Bourgeois Nerd -- "Twitches with Wolves" -- I love it!

I'm psyched for Bo and Nora's wedding and also I agree with those of you who think Brittany Underwood has really not been selling this lately. I don't mind hating Langston, but I don't want to hate the actress. It's not her fault she always sounds like she has a life-long cold, but all of her delivery has been less than convincing for a while now (and this is HER story right now). Jason Tam, on the other hand, has been rocking it -- much to my pleasant surprise!

Jason Tam has been really good in this story and Brittany needs to up her game plan!

Bree looks good. I wish GH bought Becky H. larger clothes so that Liz does not have to be pregnant again for the fifth time! This is getting so ridiculous with all of the stupid WTD story lines.

Todd/Hannah - I giggle with glee every time they have scenes because it sure beats having boring Kelly Cramer on my screen.

Rexx/Gigi - Please, kill them, now! Is it too late for the Lost smoke monster to make a pit stop in Llanview to grab Rexx, Gigi, Kelly, John McBore and Greg?

Bo/Nora - I'm looking forward to their wedding.

Ford - What a sap. I'm hoping he ends up with an itch that won't go away.

Det. Price?...Hot damn!

flove the screencaps, and can totally understand the Zee-Zee and Gee-Gee pissing you off. I am the same way.

I might have been laughing at "Twitches With Wolves" for like a full 30 minutes now. Kudos to you sir!

Karen. Couldn't possibly be anyone of major consequence. As has been said before, a brilliant set-up like this on this show always takes the easy way out.

The endless sappy Rex & Gigi "I love you"'s are making me wish it weren't such a long trip up the stairs to the bathroom, because i'm not sure whether to burst out laughing or vomit.

I don't even watch One Life to Live or know anything about any of its storylines, but I was reading this post and was both surprised and delighted to see a picture of Meghann Fahy. I had no idea she was on this show! Props to One Life to Live for getting some awesome theater peeps on their show (for those who don't know, Meghann is an understudy in the fabulous Broadway musical "Next to Normal.") I may have to tune in just to see her act all crazy. Curse you, ABC Daytime! Why can't I quit you?!

ya, I saw the pics in movie before.

Hillary, yes, I saw Meghann Fahy in Next to Normal and she was terrific! I like her a lot, but I worry since her character is so nuts that she'll be ushered off fairly quickly. But maybe they'll surprise us and she'll stick around!

There have got to be Rex/Gigi fans out there, yes? I mean, otherwise why waste *so* much time giving them story after story that I don't give a rat's ass about. I can't watch any of their story, and couldn't care less who Rex's father is. There are so many more interesting characters on the show aside from those two, but they eat up way too much time.

So, are they going with the Todd being unrepentantly evil now? If so, then I'll be happy to love to hate Todd. But if not, well, I just hate him. He's starting to remind me a bit too much of Sonny on GH, and that character is the main reason I stopped watching that soap.

However, I do have to give kudos to Meghann Fahy. She holds her own quite well with Trevor St. John.

I'd also be on board with Det. Price if Fish weren't unceremoniously dumped from the show. That and there was another dayplayer cop guy that got lines recently. It just irks me that they dump the gays and bring on totally new people and think we won't care. Or maybe we won't. But *I* will. Hmph.

Also, the Ford thing. I don't really care who bludgeoned him. All I care about is, if he lives, that he be mute and shirtless. Or not be so sleazy. But shirtless most definitely.

I know I'm a bit late to comment on this, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the part on Toad Manning (and no, that's not a typo). I agree that I don't think Toad did push Marty down the stairs but only because I'm not that lucky and the writers rarely give me the stories that I actually want to see. However, I ABSOLUTELY think Toad is capable of pushing Marty down the stairs. I mean, really, it's not like the guy doesn't have serious anger management issues (among many, many, many other issues).

And speaking of Hannah, Toad had his goons kidnap her, so he's shown himself to be guilty of kidnapping, assault (the way he grabbed Hannah's face), false imprisonment, and conspiracy to commit all of the above crimes, so why would it be such a stretch to believe he'd be capable of committing other crimes?

Some of the more rabid Todd fans on other sites sound like Ron C. is writing their posts for them -- they sound just like Starr's ranting to Marty. It would be really, really fun (for me) if they really DID make Todd be the one who pushed Marty. Again, I'm not holding my breath, but until the story is wrapped up, I AM holding on to the possibility that Todd did it. That thought is one of the few things about this show that actually makes me smile...

Oh and on Rex's Native American name, perhaps "Rocks for Brains" would work -- and it's close enough to his current name so that the idiot might be able to remember it. Just a thought.

Rexx and Fifi are Frons pets which is why their hogging the show. You can tell the other Frons pets like McBore that hog the ABC soaps.

OLTL cleaned house in order to bring back Patrick, however, I think the actor decided he no longer wanted to be on the show....thanks goodness. Now, if we could only get rid of Kelly and her boring boyfriend, Greg and McBore....move Rexx and Fifi to recurring along with their son, bring back Kish, let Roxy and Mitch be Rexx's parents, more Viki/Dorian, less teens and let Todd be the man you love to hate...

I have a peeve about the Todd/Marty thing that has nothing to do with this, and that is the total erasure of Marty's return to Llanview a few years ago to testify on TODD'S BEHALF in the rape case with Blair. She had totally forgiven him at that point, and her professional opinion was that his remorse for what he did to her was real and would prevent him from raping again.

So it bugs the crap out of me that when they brought her back with Cole, she was still angry at him, and she's been in victim mode ever since. I HATE when soaps rewrite history. HATE IT!

But I love your posts, Louise. SOOOO glad you've been back in action the last few weeks!

And Bourgeois Nerd, Twitches with Wolves = genius!

The initial diner used as The Peach Pit in the first episodes of the series is actually The Applepan, a veritable Los Angeles institution. , it is blocks away from the city of Beverly Hills. The Peach Pit was fashioned after this restaurant.that is the only thing that I know about this series!

The initial diner used as The Peach Pit in the first episodes of the series is actually The Applepan, a veritable Los Angeles institution. , it is blocks away from the city of Beverly Hills. The Peach Pit was fashioned after this restaurant.that is the only thing that I know about this series!

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