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May 31, 2010

Smug Mugs

Nothing puts a damper on a lovely, sunny Memorial Day faster than an episode of The Young and the Restless that features the Newman family at their most strident and irksome. When two commercial breaks had passed and Nikki's facial expression only changed in order to accentuate a smirk or a glare, I almost turned the episode off...

...and if I had, it would have been the latest in a long line of Y&R episodes that I struggled to watch and eventually just sent to exile in my DVR. This is why I have been such a deadbeat Y&R blogger: because it annoys me. And on the rare occasions that it provokes a more extreme reaction than that (like, say, everything that had to do with Sarah and Patty), I STILL can't post, because the posts I come up with are filled with such extreme vitriol that Becca, my unofficial lawyer, advises me not to publish them, since they could certainly be considered cause for a restraining order.

But I kept watching. And oh, I am glad that I did. I mean, I had to sit through a lot of Victor, Nikki, Phyllis, Nick and Sharon showing off their amateur detective skills and acting entitled and rude to the person they are asking a favor from:

Nikki: Now do we have your attention?

Pomerantz: Your pals think they're better investigators than the police.
Phyllis: We're more thorough, that's for sure.
Sharon: Not to mention unbiased.

Pomerantz: You know what? I think you folks have been reading too much science fiction.
Victor: Now, Mr, Pomerantz, you will listen. You will stay here until we are finished. Got that?

Pomerantz: If you think you can bully me into believing this fantasy you've concocted...
Victor: Mr. Pomerantz, what's the matter with you?

But at least Pomerantz got to say what we've all been thinking, namely that there has never been a family more pompous and hypocritical than the Newmans. First, he pointed out that Victor's stunt with Adam's casket cost him the chance to disinter the body (which, HA! No fucking kidding, Victor) and then came the truth-telling.

Pomerantz: All right. You're all the same You think you're above the law, you run amok when it comes time to answer for what you've done, you all manage to wriggle out of it. I still believe you killed Walter Palin. And you wrote that phony and let Adam take the fall for it. And poor Patty Williams. She wouldnt have gone this crazy if it wasn't for the two of you. She'll be locked away for the rest of her life and you're both free to keep making your millions. If I listed the crimes everyone in this room has done and gotten away with we'd be here all night. Your collective arrogance knows no bounds.

I don't think we were supposed to be rooting for him, and I know that this will all end with Nick's exoneration and an embarrassing, public humiliation for Pomerantz, but I'll take whatever smackdowns of this family I can get, no matter how misguided or fleeting.

And how did Victor react to this display of T*R*U*T*H*? By kicking out someone who had spent the entire episode trying to leave.

Victor: Get your pompous ass out of here now.

He is seriously the worst ever.



I have a question about today's "The Young and the Restless" and you're the only person who I know who might answer it for me.

OK, on today's show, the Newmans deduced that Adam is still alive and demand that his alleged corpse be disinterred and tested for DNA. Anyway, according to today's show, the body of the faux Adam is buried in a potter's field.

But wait! I distinctly remember an episode where Victor was escorting Adam's casket in his private jet to a location where he would be buried with his mother. At one point, Victor lost it and actually pushes the casket out of the plane. Believe me, it's the kind of scene one doesn't easily forget.

I know that daytime conveniently changes plotlines on whims all the time, but wouldn't it be more compelling if the desired body was no longer available because of Victor hastily messing up again?

Now all of a sudden, it's in a local burial site and easily accessible.

Did I miss something? Can you offer an answer? Help!


P.S. Love your site

the only thing better would have been if that "Your arrogance knows no bounds" was followed with a "You got THAT?"

I'm more confused. Because I do remember the scene that Carlye mentioned. But I thought just a week or so ago, Victor mentioned Adam being next to his mother because Victor had gone out to verify Adam's story to Sharon about visiting his mother's grave and Victor found out it was false.

Also, can one's DNA from bone marrow really change the recipient's DNA? I'm assuming the writer's looked that up.

Thanks, Beth! I know I didn't imagine that scene on the plane. I also remember the sequence that you mention. As far as the writers checking anything out, I rather doubt it. They seem royally confused. I also think they blew a good storyline when they decided to ignore the fact that Victor pushed Adam's casket off the plane. He's been goofing up a lot lately where his kids are concerned and this would have been another bad gaffe.

BTW, I agree wholeheartedly ith Malloy about how obnixious all the Newmans are. Are we supposed to actually like and root for them? They're all awful. But obviously the fans like them because the actor who plays the stoic, self-righteous Nick is always voted favorite actor in the CBS soaps magazine. I, for one, think he's a horrible actor.

Two comments:
First, I am still unclear if the scene in which Victor pushed the casket out of the plane occurred while the plane was still on the tarmac or not...because it would have been a lot of suction in the plane or something, and also the casket could have killed someone when it landed. And then certainly Adam's body wouldn't be buried anywhere.
Secondly, can someone, ANYONE, please acknowledge that Tracy Bregman is a horrible actress. I see comments about other actors, but she's the absolute worst. I will continue to say so until I see other comments on her acting. Her hyperventilating when she's supposed to be upset is just pathetic!! Nick's not nearly as bad!!!

I'm pretty sure he just shoved the casket out onto the tarmac because there were clearly trees visible outside the plane so unless they were flying at an altitude of 8 feet... (Of course, this is the logic-free Maria Arena Bell Y&R so I might be giving the writing too much credit.)

Here's a screencap of the scene in question from my weekly recap:


Decide for yourself...

Thanks, Dirk!

Sue - I'll give you what you're looking for! Yes, Tracey Bregman majorly SUCKS. I don't know if it's because she's been backburnered for so long. Maybe acting muscles atrophy without use? She's been absolutely atrocious - weird line readings, can barely squeeze out any emotion. Kinda sad, because I remember her being a better actress in years past.

Victor is still going "YOU GOT THAT?" UGH! I swear this show needs to be called The Old and The Tired.

The plane HAD to be sitting on the tarmac, otherwise, Victor would have been sucked right out of---damn you, stupid writers! You missed a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to get rid of that jackass!

The DA said that because Victor refused to buy the body, it became the property of the state, which is happening a LOT in California now that people don't have the money for funerals, and the state buried Adam in a potters field.

Rebecca- I remember the scene on the plane but I can't recall any scene in the recent past during which Victor gave up Adam's body to the state. I can't believe I missed it as I watch the show everday. Do you by any chance recall such a scene? Frankly, I think it's a recent, last-minute invention by the writers. All of a sudden, it's come up. Very sloppy and very typical.

No, I think they just ASSUME we know all of that went down off screen...like so much stuff these days. I think that's why they had Pomerantz go over it in conversation, so the audience would know what happened to the body once Victor booted it off the plane.

But I'd love to know what in the world Victor is going to do once he digs up the body? Perform the DNA test himself?!

I know this is blasphemy to its fans, but "Y&R" would be perfect if the powers got rid of Victor, Nicki, Nick and Victoria. I can't think of a more contemptible bunch to drive a soap.

Dirk: I love your recaps!

Carlye: I couldn't agree more!

RebeccaJ: Yes, Victor will perform the DNA test himself -- and then play bounty hunter to bring Adam to justice. He's just that awesome.

No, Brian, he's just that much of an entitled jerk.


Carlye, I wouldn't be the least bit upset if the three of them fell into the grave and Adam covered them over....

Call me a ridiculous optimist, but lately it has felt to me like the writers are writing Victor tongue-in-cheek, like they hate him as much as most of us do at this point. I quit watching the show many years ago because it was a given that in every single conflict, Victor was going to win and whoever he was up against would be the loser, and that was usually Jack. But ever since the contract dispute, I get the feeling that Eric Braeden isn't quite getting to force the writers to make Victor come out on top.

If I am wrong, please don't tell me because I love other parts of the show and it's what gets me through the scenes with Victor looking constipated and Nikki making her bitch-face.

Am I the only one who has been rooting for Adam the past year? I loved - LOVED - every nasty thing that he did to the entitled Newman clan. My only regret is that he didn't get his paws on Abby. Does that make me a bad person?

No Carlye, you are not the only one. I felt bad for Sharon about her baby, but other than that i was loving every devious thing that Adam did from the get go. Now that he is gone from Y&R, I have even lapsed in my viewing because it was so much fun while it lasted. We all know that noone can get one over on The Great Victor Newman "roll eyes"

No, Kim, he's back! He was glimpsed at the end of last Friday's episode - luxuriating in the tropics, of course, and with the predictable beard growth on his face. Once again, typical. But this is one typicality that I appreciate. I like Adam and I like the actor playing him.

The idea of Nick Newman going to prison is as likely as Eric Braeden ever leaving the show. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. As much as I like the soaps, its stars are virtually unemployable beyond the genre. Where are they going to go? They always end up coming back. Case in point: Braeden.

Hopefully they'll bring Gunsmoke back and Braeden will go back from whence he came...

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