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May 26, 2010

SOAPNet Is Being Replaced by Pre-School Entertainment

I know that the title of this post is a little misleading, and I wouldn't blame you for thinking that Charles Pratt just signed a lucrative deal to create a new series on SOAPNet. I also wouldn't blame you for asking yourself, "There's a channel called SOAPNet? Oh, is that the one that plays One Tree Hill all the damn time?" because, seriously, not even Chad Michael Murray likes that show as much as SOAPNet does.

It's true, though: in 2012, SOAPNet will be no more.  Let's all take a minute to mourn the potential for what SOAPNet could have been, if the people in charge of it didn't find concepts like "soap operas" and "quality entertainment" to be completely offensive in every way.

The channel that once started as a place to broadcast soaps, both old and new, and then quickly became a dumping ground for all sorts of bad movies and cheesy reality shows is going to be replaced by Disney Junior...

“This represents the next step in a global preschool strategy1 that started 10 years ago with the introduction of dedicated channels overseas,” Ms. Sweeney said. Disney Junior will not feature advertising. It will be geared to a slightly wider demographic, ages 2 to 7, than other preschool offerings like Sprout and “Sesame Street,” which typically are aimed at ages 2 to 5.

...so, at least Bob Guza will have something to watch. Silver lining!

1 I don't know what a "global preschool strategy" is, but it sounds amazingly sinister. I am envisioning multicultural armies of nursery school students doing Disney's bidding.


So the network that became a fifth rate ABC Family channel....will become a second rate Nick Junior. The Circle of life........

Right after Barney that Purple Demon-Child....and before Hannibal Lecter....Disney has managed to sandwich itself between these two in terms of sinister and suspicious behaviour....

As always, anything to do with Disney and its programming is in equal parts disturbing, tragic, traumatizing and unintentionally hilarious....

Wow. That is depressing. I was so excited when SOAPnet came on, my husband even got an expanded package so I could get it and it was great....for a while. Then it was all 90210 and OTH etc., which, are ok, but I was looking for all the OTHER things...AW, RH, etc. And bad movies (except for CLUE). It's sad, but they did it to themselves. The only thing I will miss is being able to catch up on something at night I may have wanted to catch during the day. Oh well, at least I have a two year old...maybe he'll like the new stuff. But what will become of Being Erica? I like that show!

Yeah, I just read what I wrote and duh. I MEANT it became all other shows and bad movies. NOT that the bad movies were good for the channel. Sigh.

So...Brian Frons finally managed to kill SOAPNet. Next up...actual soap operas. Well played, Frons, well played.

Well I think we all knew this was coming... but preschool shows? It's almost like Brian Frons asked Bob Guza what he watches on tv and decided to turn that into soapnet.

A moment of silence please for the death of my hopes that "Santa Barbara" would air on SOAPNet....

Soapnet was great way to catch up with your old soaps, until Frons took over and gave everyone his "vision" which is why the ABC soaps are in the toilet.

Yes, just what childless adults need on the television package that they pay for...another network dedicated to children. This was after network television killed quality shows because they didn't appeal to the 18 year olds. I'll soon be able to save money because I won't need cable. *sighs*

RE: Being Erica. It'll continue so long as CBC continues to spend their entire network budget on saturation advertising for it across Canada despite the fact I've yet to see it in the weekly top 30 ratings in this country.

But honestly, it WILL continue.

As for SoapNET's decline, totally expected. Frons would've lost his job eons ago had his universal failure not kept pace with the universal failures at CBS and NBC. Tragic, really. Time to get hooked on websoaps, in 3 years that's all that'll be left. *sigh*


I found a site where I can watch Being Erica for FREE just days after the original episodes air in Canada. It's better than waiting...and the CBC website can't stream it outside of their country.




I am so disappointed...I too got excited the extended package included SoapNet. But I agree they did it to themselves...and now the PTB are slowly wiping out the entire soap genre from tv history exsistance. Soon everyone will be thinking like CBS. I love soaps. Grew watching them with my grandmother and mom. I was to yount to know what was going on. But it was our little time together. Now, I am hardly interested in anything going on today. (Love your blog though.)I too was hoping to see some of the classic storylines I vaguely remeber or I was things I did see because I was in school, but now its all lost. It is really ashamed because they didn't tried to use it as a soap channel. Why can't they think soaps have a built-in generation audience...if they know what they are doing. I would love to one day watch the soaps with my daugther...but that will never all happen. They all might be gone soon. Rest in peace SoapNet,I am mourning everything that you could have been...

@Melissa: ditto for me except expanded to also include "Another World." God, I loved classic NBC soaps and now only Days remains.

Bad news -- but you're right; 'global preschool strategy' does sound like something the Cassadines would have done back when they were awesome.

[starts writing brainwashed Spencer vs. Cam fan fiction in my on-going attempt to entertain and please the ladies of Serial Drama]

I was kind of hoping for a Night Shift 3. Or maybe some reruns of Edge of Night and Santa Barbara!

SOAPNOT is terrible and I haven't watched it in years.

Same reason I bailed on AMC, OLTL & GH... Crap Head Honcho's who lost my respect and don't deserve my eyeballs & rating points.

Sayanara, Soapnot. You've sucked since 2007...

I'm with Melissa... I was hoping to see 'Santa Barbara' again. And that's where I record Days of Our Lives from since its on NBC against something else I watch on CNBC (my DVR doesn't record two at once, something I will fix). Well, maybe DOOL will be off the air by then and it'll be a moot point.

I must be a horrible mother, because my 18 month old watches GH with me most days. She dances to the theme music, which is pretty much the highlight of the show every day. I've seen more nuanced acting and compelling storylines on Dora the Explorer. But seriously, does anyone else find it a bit ironic that that the "experts" say that kids shouldn't watch more than 3 minutes of TV a day or whatever, yet these networks keep coming up with more children's networks? It's a conspiracy.

And to me, cementing the idea of a television as a baby sitter. They should be playing for crying out loud.

Totally agree, and I'm guilty myself of putting on a Thomas video to get a darn shower. Whatever. It'll give them something to tell their therapists in 20 years :). I did read an interview with Frons today where he talked down and said "women viewers" or some such could find soaps somewhere else, and I laughed my fanny off. I have several MALE (gay and non) friends who watch soaps.....way to lose viewers!

Now we know why Guza, Phelps, Pratt etc still have jobs or keep getting hired. He wants the soaps gone. Frons is a tool.

I seem to remember reading that when SOAPnet debuted that cable/satellite companies reported it was the number one requested network. And now look what TPTB have done to it. I too grew up watching soaps with my Grandma, Mom & older sister...it is so sad to see what is happening now.

Oh & whoever mentioned Edge of Night reruns - that would be so awesome..I'd like some Dark Shadows too..

Isn't Soapnet already for preschoolers? I mean, only people who like to throw tantrums and eat paste would watch most of the krap that's considered a "soap" these days, right?

Well, that's how I feel about myself some days.....

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