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May 06, 2010

This May Be Even More Embarrassing Than Having Starred on Passions

Oh, Days of Our Lives.  Why would you revisit the dark days of mid-2008

Whiny, Grumpy Arianna:  I'm sorry, I have cramps, alright?  And I'm tired.  I'm tired.
Gabi:  Hey, what are you doing back there?
Ari:  Lookin' for this.


Gabi:  Midol.
Ari:  Yeah.  I gotta tell you, running between work and the hospital, I don't have time to go to the drugstore, so what do I do?  Keep a box of this, right here for emergencies.  It relieves the cramps, ::lowers voice, as if the discussion up until now has been fit for consumption by the pub's patrons:: relieves the bloating, and I'll be back to normal before we know it.
Gabi:  I can't wait.  I would like my sister back!

Stereotypes about women on their periods AND a mid-soap clunky infomercial?  But my birthday's more than a week away!

While I am bitching, the headline of the Spectator Stefano held yesterday, about the "Reunited DiMera's," made me twitchy.  Ratings are up -- they can't afford a proofreader?  To anyone out there who still thinks an apostrophe ever makes anything plural:  Why do you hate America?

That said, this show has otherwise been quite good lately.  I find almost nothing worth mocking, and blogging just to say how much I like something goes against most everything I believe in, so I've been quiet.  To any Days watchers left in our readership:  What do you think of the Salem goings-on of late?

Screencap courtesy of Sheryl's Days of Our Lives Screencaps.


OMG! Becca's alive!

OMG! A Days related post!

What is the world coming to??

To anyone out there who still thinks an apostrophe ever makes anything plural: Why do you hate America?

This quote made my day. As an editor, I have a full appreciation for all things grammar. Days, you deserve my worst red pen.

Euh...Days right now..for may sweeps is a little weak..i mean the storylines are building up there is no fallout and the ratings drop because of it..
Otherwise they use the vets on this soap which is good : Kate/Stephano/Madeline storyline is intriguing, the bonding between Victor and Maggie is good and unexpected, Hope has her own storyline and she is bad for change.
The sydnapping storyline has to end; it is getting old, still i love to see the Ejami magic again..i know they have a freaking twisted history/relationship but the chemistry between these actors is soooo good..they can't waste that seriously..wink wink..
So i am not thrilled but it could be worse, i just hope for more movements and better ratings !

A Days post! Yay!

Days has been fairly decent. I'm glad Calliope is back for however long. I don't want to see Anna go down, though. She makes me giggle, so it would be a bummer. I want to think of her living on some island with muscle-intensive bodies surrounding her, attending to her every whim forever and ever.

I'm looking forward to a couple of other returning Days vets (I won't name names for those who don't want to be spoiled), too.

More after this, but first, a word from our sponsors!

Oh, I'm so glad I missed the product placement. It's bad enough I have to put up with it in 30 Rock.

But, yeah, I've been enjoying the show too, especially now that it's stopped being the "Random Characters Berating Carly For Various Reasons" Hour, although I was disappointed that they apparently weren't giving Stuart Damon a lasting role. But, hey, Vivian is back! And so is Calliope! And Nicole is back to being a bitchy diva!

Also I'm digging the storyline about Hope, although I do hope that it turns out to be her Greta personality returning or something, anything other than "Bo's rejection drove Hope insane and she turned into Valerie Solanas."

Sorry, that should be her "Gina personality." I lost some DAYS fan cred!

Well, let me add that I'm shocked at how good the dialogue writing for the show is. There are just quite a few little things, like Melanie switching between calling Daniel by his name and "Dad", that you just don't really see in other soaps anymore. Plus I had to cheer when Chloe mentioned Lucas and Nicole quipped, "Who wouldn't play around on that idiot?"

I've been enjoying the show so much! It's the only soap I have left on my DVR

I'm liking the show these days, I think the dialogue is improving, and I'm liking the mix of characters on the show.

I'm LOVING the EJami interaction we've been getting the past couple of weeks! Their bathing suit scene today had me sitting in a puddle of my own drool. If Days doesn't do the right thing and put those two together, they're just not interested in saving the show period.

Loving the Days post! Hope to see more in the near future!

Other than the blatant product placement which was really funny, I'm liking the show lately too. The use of the vets is good. Kate and Stefano are one of my favorite couples. I am looking forward to their story with Madeline.

Love Calliope and Anna enough that I can overlook the fact that their scenes are polluted by Rafe (the one low point on the show for me).

Crazy Hope is all kinds of fun. It is nice to see the character do something other than whine and be a pathetic victim.

I am also enjoying Victor and Vivian. They are so much fun and I am curious to see where they are going with Maggie now too.

But my favorite by far is EJ and Sami. I forgot what amazing chemistry these two have! I feel cheated now that we have been deprived of them for so long.

I am enjoying the show much more now than I have in years. The dialogue is better and the funny quips make it entertaining.

The entire show seems to have improved. The storyline balance is better, and the individual storylines are getting there. I am hoping the writers will come up with something a little more creative than love triangles, but this is a soap.

My last point is about the amazing couple, EJ and Sami. Why Days' decided to sit on their gold mine and waste them with other people so long is beyond me. They set the show on fire and they are engaging. Their story just sucks me in and I cannot take my eyes of the television.

Let's hope this continues! The turn around has been great so far, keeping EJ & Sami together and "grey" is just what the show needs!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for pointing out the errant apostrophe! Made me smile :) I'm constantly astounded by the deterioration of the English language. Misuse of apostrophes and the phrase "I could care less" make me see bugs.

Have you by any chance read "Eats, Shoots and Leaves?"

I don't even watch Days, but I loved this post anyway, maybe because it gave me some sense of - synchronicity? (I'm not sure that's the appropriate word) that another soap besides GH pimps products for money (you know - prostitution? Again, maybe that's not the right word.)

I thought it was bad that GH has hocked everything from heart-healthy soups to Nascar to bad movies to multi-level marketing juice drinks.

Adding menstrual cramps to a show that's supposed to take you AWAY from your everyday problems? Well, I say Days wins the "Bad-Product-Placement-in-a-Script" award. That's an Emmy category now, isn't it?

Judy, I haven't read "Eats, Shoots and Leaves," but I've heard of it, and the title cracks me up!!

There's also a great Facebook group called, "THEY'RE going THERE with THEIR friends. It's called grammar, use it."

Someone also sent me a video today from CollegeHumor.com for a video called "Grammar Nazis." I can't wait to watch it. :)

(My pet peeve is spelling "loose" for "lose." You did not "loose" your wallet!!! Argh!)

Days is the only show I'm watching these days. But even with admittedly low standards, I'm not loving it.

I have no patience for Melanie, not even with her new parents. I don't like her, and I don't watch her.

EJ & Sami is an offensive pairing in every way, shape and form and they keep my finger on the Fast Forward button for most of the show.

Hope is milding interesting right now and Rafe is always worth watching. The recent scene with Rafe and Stefano may have been the best thing I've seen on this show in almost a month.

I don't know what is happening with the teens because I just don't care. Brady & Arianna are okay, but a little boring right now, even with Nicole shoving herself into their lives.

(My pet peeve is spelling "loose" for "lose." You did not "loose" your wallet!!! Argh!)

Me too! :) Another peeve of mine is when someone says "women" instead of "woman", like "I am a 35-year-old women." Every time I see a person doing that, I always want to make some type of joke about clones.

BJ Rafe is the most boring character of this show by far, hey maybe you like him because he is the generic dudley do right soap hero hey after all to each his own !

Thanks Lisa for taking time out of your busy schedule to take a dig at my liking a certain character. Maybe I like him because he's in law enforcement and actually interested in enforcing the law. Maybe I like him because he is a good guy, and he is interesting and he seems to be the only one thinking that a kidnapper should be punished. To each his own, indeed.

Hey BJ, maybe you like him for those reasons... maybe you like him because he's one of the best male ACTORS in soaps... or maybe it's because Galen Gering is HOT! I stopped watching Days around the time of the Gemini twins. I only recently started again when I saw all the people I loved from Passions were there!

Just enjoying EJami :)

Galen Gering HOT : yes (although he is not my type but i can see why some find him hot)
Galen Gering a good ACTOR : NOT (even for the soaps standards, his acting is just so wooden, monotonous and smug all the time..just painful to watch !)
Bring Daniel Cosgrove or Greg Vaughan to play Rafe or kill off the character please !

Let's fall back on the old standby of "to each her own" with respect to the acting talents of Mr. Gering or anyone else, please. (Though I may have to have a serious talk with anyone who doesn't find him at least a little bit dreamboaty in a physical sense.)

Oh, and I still want Greg Vaughan as Eric.

What respect ?! LOL when an actor is bad an actor is bad (and of course acting capacities are subjective, it is not mathematics but when we always see the same two expressions it is difficult to stay positive)!
However he can always improve his acting, everything is possible. But while he is trying to improve himself we have to suffer his awful acting whereas we could watch scenes and enjoy more the show with an already good actor who has chemistry with his acting partners instead !

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