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June 15, 2010

A Sad Day in Llanview

Well, the honeymoon's over.  The Boston marriage, the sisterhood, the love story of One Life to Live Spring 2010... it is no more.  Say good bye to Blea or Tair or Blatea or however you were combining their names in your hearts, because that little sismance is over.   Blair spilled the beans, eyes full of tears.  Todd now knows that OMG Tea is dying!  Let the torture begin.

Now, I'm on record as being a huge fan of Blair and a huge fan of both Blair's and Tea's portrayers (de Paiva guest-hosted The View this morning!  Lozano's new play is being produced in the fall!), and I think they've always been dynamite in scenes together.  And as utterly unrealistic as their recent friendship has been, I've loved every second of their cuddling and kindness.  I knew it was too good to last.  The feud will be back on, of course, because Blair "betrayed" Tea's confidence by telling Todd about Tea's tumor, and because (I am assuming, since I'm not new) this story will now become all about Todd and how wonderful and supportive and shockingly kind he will be for the Great Love of His Life, Tea, and how his long-lost daughter Dani will finally see that he's not truly the douche-y narcissistic criminal he behaves as every single day, and that creaking sound you hear is, you guessed it, the beginning of Todd Manning Redemption Arc #44623. 

I cannot freaking wait.

And to add insult to injury, Blair got to be Saint Blair and show nothing but sympathy and empathy and provide nothing but comfort to Todd, a man she should only ever look at or speak to because they share offspring.  Because Blair knows that Todd just loves Tea sooooo much and this will just crush him (not as much as if something bad happened to, you know, Todd, but it's still kinda sad for him, right?).  I don't mind Blair consciously choosing to be the bigger person -- she usually is in the long run after she's learned her usual "lesson" -- but to see her weeping for Todd and literally kneeling at his feet was simply more than I could take.



Just kill me now.

So now we will be re-introduced to Todd and Tea, the Greatest Love to Ever Love, the Love That Transcends Sociopathy, with Blair back to a supporting player in this story, cheering them on from the sidelines.   

That's all I got.  Destiny is so out!


Todd just found out the "love of his life" is dying, right?

Why does he look so bored in those pictures?

If that weren't bad enough (and it is) we get two minutes (if we're being generous) of Blair and Elijah... talking about Todd and Tea.

While simultaneously, Todd and Tea were elsewhere... talking about Todd and Tea.

It's like Ron leaves a flaming bag of poo on my doorstep every day!

Pleeeeuuuse Tea the love of his life ?! Mouahahaha..as sociopathic or twisted or toxic as his stories/relationships with Blair and even Marty were he showed them much more love (yeah the rare times he showed it) than with Tea that he always treated like trash and 2nd choice and the worse of all...she always accepted everything unlike the two others !!
These writers want to push Todd/Tea as a rooting couple but be sure writers we are a lot who don't buy it ! (and i even don't mind them but stop trying to tell me what i have to root..it is nauseating and just ridiculous, above all when it makes no sense).

Blair was kneeling at Todd's feet so that we could see her awesome hair from another angle. Hours at the salon, a bag full of product, and more than $250 spent and my hair still looks like that flaming bag of poo that Dandesun found on the doorstep. How DOES she do it?

I was pretty disappointed today when Kelly and Blair were talking and they said Starr was sticking around Llanview to go to college. Ugh. I fast forward through *ALL* of her scenes and wind up missing about 60% of the show.

I would rather see scenes of Todd any day than Kelly and her boring male partner.

As for Starr sticking around for college, if she dumps Cole that would be even better.

I'm sorry when did OLTL turn into GH because those two pictures look eerily like a Sonny scene i've seen six million times. Seriously Todd is just the worst I can't even stand when they talk about him let alone when he's on screen. How many awful things does he have to do before they stop "redeeming" him? Trevor St. John needs to get a new job so I can stand to watch him on tv.

I don't care what Ron puts on my screen because there is absolutely nothing (short of dying in some heroic manner) that Todd could do to redeem himself.

I pretty much hate every storyline on this show so much right now that I am not sure that I will be able to remain a viewer throughout the summer. Truly, what's the point if you fast forward through more of the show than you actually watch?

Those pictures... I just... I can't even... No.

The word "friendship" is a bit misleading. Basically, it's Blair reaching out to this woman who has done nothing but take from her and revel in her humiliation and loss, and Tea allows her to be nice to her.

Tea has yet to do anything for Blair that would suggest "friendship."

As for Todd, God I hate this. I used to love this character but he's become soulless and empty. I just don't care. Watching Blair kneel at his feet while he deigns to touch her head like some little king made my stomach turn.

Even worse was the anvilicious moments in yesterday's valedictorian speech delivered by Langston where Todd and Blair were framed during the words 'We forget how to love each other and we hurt each other.'

A cold chill swept over me.

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