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« Countdown to the Emmys: The Emmy SNUB Edition | Main | The 2010 Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza »

June 27, 2010

Countdown to the Emmys: Best In Show

The Daytime Emmys have finally arrived! Our mood is hovering between "completely dreading the ways in which the Emmy voters give us the finger" and "perversely excited about the cheese, I mean, COME ON".

We wrap up our Emmy coverage with a look at the shows nominated for Outstanding Daytime Drama, nominations that are...surprising.

ALL MY CHILDREN: A dark and stormy night found all of Pine Valley wanting to enact revenge on Adam Chandler. Adam had blackmailed Krystal over her secret child. His iffy business practices resulted in the death of Zach and Kendall's child. Each of the people whose lives he'd destroyed descended upon the Chandler mansion. In the end, Adam was shot and killed, but who pulled the trigger?

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL:  Ann Douglas returned to Los Angeles and fell ill. Left alone with her mother, Pam was forced to decide whether to let her mother die or disobey her orders and call the paramedics for assistance. Pam called the medics and later grappled with her decision. Stephanie and Pam fought with the doctor to allow their mother to die, but their pleas were rejected. Later, Pam and Stephanie were able to check their mother out of the hospital and they took her to the beach, where she died peacefully.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: The festive atmosphere of the summer carnival was destroyed when a car plowed through the event, leaving carnage in its wake. Several Port Charles residents were critically injured and others were missing and presumed dead. Elsewhere, a mob of gunmen opened fire on Spinelli and Johnny. Though Spinelli escaped unscathed, Johnny was critically wounded and the 9-1-1 operators were not responding.

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: The miracles of life and the tragedies of death were apparent in Genoa City. As Ashley celebrated the birth of her baby, Sharon was left to mourn the loss of another child. Elsewhere, Colleen Carlton's loved ones mourned her death, but agreed to donate her heart in order to save Victor Newman's life. Colleen was wheeled towards the operating room as her loved ones gathered for a final farewell. In the same hospital corridor, Victor was wheeled towards the operating room and a new lease on life.

The Young and the Restless loses our vote for choosing to save Victor Newman, there's no way we'd ever support a General Hospital win just because they were savvy enough to submit an episode that wasn't a totally horrific disaster, and if we could set fire to All My Children, we would, so we're left rooting for The Bold and the Beautiful to take it all.


The show airs tonight at 9 PM on CBS. Stop back here a bit before then for the start of the Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza as we try to gear ourselves up for the fuckery that will occur over those two hours. Which doesn't sound like a great advertisement, but we'll do it in a totally hilarious way.


You know this might be good, I'll get to see commercials for CBS primetime shows.

In all due seriousness, I will be watching the show tonight, only because the NCIS marathon on USA ends @ 9pm.

Go everybody who is deserving

First, I have to say that I recently discovered this blog and I absolutely love it! Great job, guys! I just added it to my blog roll over on my General Hospital blog (http://ghnursesstation.blogspot.com/).

As for who should win Outstanding Daytime Drama, I'll admit that I'm biased as a huge, long-time GH fan. That being said though, I do think the carnival episode was brilliantly executed and raised the bar for daytime production. I think it's deserving of the win.

Zack and Kendall's son DIED? Pratt is such a shitty HW

Oracle42, it was ridiculous: he flatlined, and Zach and Kendall immediately left their dead infant's body to go kill Adam, and as soon as they left, he was revived. SO HORRIBLE.

I've been watching B&B since Sarah Brown moved over there and it's HORRIBLE. So please God, no.

I can't actually sit through two hours of this and on the off chance that GH actually wins, it means that JFP will get to go up on stage and give another smug little speech so it's better if on this night I just pretend that I don't own a tv. But, I do look forward to coming back and reading this blog - that's always good for a laugh!

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