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June 23, 2010

Countdown to the Emmys Day 3: Outstanding Supporting Actor

Previously in our continuing series How Cheesy Is Cheesy Enough? The Story Behind the Daytime Emmys, we took a look at the reels submitted by the Emmy hopefuls in the Younger Actor and Younger Actress categories. Now it's time to look at the supporting categories, which is where things start to get interesting, because there's often no rhyme or reason to who is considered supporting versus leading. Let's start with Supporting Actor...

First, another look at our complex scoring system. Each actor gets a point based on their reel's inclusion of these key Emmy buzzwords:

  • Alcohol/alcoholic/drunk/liquor
  • Anger/angry/furious/fury/rage
  • Betrayal
  • Breaks down/tailspin
  • Burial/cemetery/funeral/morgue
  • Collapsed
  • Confronts/blasts/rips into/tears into
  • Crush/crushed/sad/heartbroken
  • Dead/death/dying
  • Emotional
  • Goodbye
  • Hospital
  • Illness--mental illness, cancer, coma, miscarriage, shot, injured, etc.
  • Intervention
  • Kills/killed/killer
  • Pain
  • Stun/stuns/stunned
  • Tear/tears/tearfully
  • Tirade

Bradford Anderson, General Hospital: Spinelli walked up on Maxie and Johnny kissing. Despite their protests that the kiss meant nothing, Spinelli was convinced that Maxie felt something for Johnny that she could never feel for him. Later, Spinelli told Johnny that he'd let Maxie go, but warned Johnny that he'd better not break Maxie's heart.

Score: 0
After the jump: the rest of the reels and your chance to pick the most deserving and the most likely winners.

Ricky Paull Goldin, All My Children: Jake learned that Amanda slept with David and could be pregnant. At first, Jake feared that David had raped Amanda. He was crushed when he learned that Amanda had slept with David willingly. Later, Jake sat down with Tad and questioned exactly what it was that he was fighting for with Amanda.

Score: 2

Jonathan Jackson, General Hospital: On Christmas Eve, Lucky was saddened that his father would not be attending the Spencer family gathering. Lucky went to see Luke and shared some of his favorite memories from his childhood. Then, Lucky assured his dad that he'd had a great childhood and didn't want Luke to feel as though he'd failed him

Score: 1

Brian Kerwin, One Life to Live: Charlie tried to come to terms with his son, Jared's, death. Charlie was unable to look at photos from Jared's childhood because they reminded him of his failures as an alcoholic father. All the while, Charlie couldn't take his eyes off the liquor cabinet. In a fit of rage and pain, Charlie hurled a bottle across the room.

Score: 5

Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless: On New Year's Eve, a drunken Billy got a glimpse of what his life could be like if he continued on his destructive path. Led by his dead father, John, Billy realized that his loved ones moved on without him. At the end of the not-so-wonderful vision, Billy learned that his loved ones hadn't turned on him -- he'd been killed in a DUI accident.

Score: 2

Most of these gentlemen went the subtle route, but Brian Kerwin is in it to win it, guys! Will the Emmy voters reward him?


Not to be overly quibble-y, but if the show released the description for Billy as "DUI accident", then shame. As someone who lost a sibling to a drunk driver, the word accident is insulting. People are killed by drunk drivers. (Yes, I'm being overly personal)...

Other than that... Brian Kerwin for the win! Mostly because I just watched the rerun of the Desperate Housewives episodes with him playing the grocery story guy.

How old is Bradford Anderson?? He's not in the younger actor category??? Is he like totally in his 30s and one of those people with a perma-childish face?

And why would Jonathan Jackson send them THAT material, and not something with him flipping his shit over Nikolas and Liz? Was it abt dates and eligibility?

Yeah, the Lucky/Nikolas/Liz confrontation was 2010 so he couldn't submit it. He's already said he'll submit the Niz confrontation next year

Tim, sadly Bradford is turning 31 this year...and I agree, out of all the things JJ got nominated for, it wasn't for calling out Nik & Liz?

Well because of what he submitted, which greatly disappoints me because I had hoped it was the Niz confrontation, JJ is out. But if JJ is sending it in next year than he's sure to win then. gah i'm sad now. I guess Im gonna give it Brian for the high score.

Screaming "WHORE" like a freaking maniac isn't Emmy material IMO. Unfortunately, it's good enough for the voters. :(

I fully expect Jonathan Jackson to get a "Welcome Back" Emmy this year. So while I pull Brian Kerwin.....it will surprise me none to see the exact same "Luke you really are awesome" crap that gets said every Christmas get rewarded.

Brian Kerwin gets my vote.

JJ is overrated. I'm so tired of his weepy, whiny and teary eyed Luckless at least GV's Luckless was hot. As for the Niz confrontation in 2010, too bad Liz didn't get to call Luckless a Manwhore, Slut and pill popping scumbag when she caught him and Maxie in her marriage bed. Heck, Liz didn't even get to call Luckless names when he slept with Sam and threw it in her face....double standards in my opinion.

Brian Kerwin's performance when Jared died was amazing. He should win based on the strategy of selecting the right reel on top of fantastic acting.

I'm going to be quibble-y here and point out that Spinelli was extremely heartbroken/sad/crushed in the scene that Bradford Anderson submitted, so Bradford Anderson should have gotten a point for that. Not that it really matters.

I don't care what people say - I am still rooting for JJ. Yeah, his best work was in 2010, but he did great work in 2009 and his acting is always amazing.

This is a tough category, but I'm for Billy Miller all the way. He is such a good actor...he even made Amelia Heinle watchable. Everyone he shares scenes with shines no matter how "bad" they are.

Brian Kerwin should win. His work as Charlie during and after Jared's death was stellar. Brian Kerwin's work is always stellar. But, sadly, OLTL's actors rarely get credit even when most deserved. We'll see. I gave up on awards a long time ago. It's all political nonsense and a complete joke.

Y&R is my Show and Billy Miller is my guy (swoon, swoon, SWOOOON!) But Christian Le Blanc submitted (and won) last year on the same type of reel. The Wonderful Life Stuff. Ugh.

That said, I don't care who wins this award. I WILL SAY that JJ best win it next year for the 'WHORE-Fest' with Liz and Nicolas. I stopped watching GH three or four years ago, but caught that epi on youtube after hearing all about it. Good lord, that was fantastic.

I voted for Billy Miller. He's been outstanding. I'd be happy with Brian Kerwin or Ricky Paull Goldin winning, as well.

Sorry, I just don't get JJ's nomination at all other than the fact that people are glad he's back.

Miller did so much mugging in his Emmy bait episode (as he does in every episode), not bothering to make any emotional connection with Billy's father, instead making stupid faces through a window. This might get an award but it might also be seen as desperate.

Jackson will probably win, because the Academy is happy he's back. The material doesn't matter.

Jackson will win an emmy next year not now.
This Lucky/Luke scene for the Christmas eppi was well done : genuine, subtle, touching and of course Gery and JJ are some of the best actors on Daytime; they can convince the viewers with a look..the acting is intense so little scenes like that are memorable.
Ah and the dialogue was good, yeah good job GH.
But his scenes for next year with the Liz/Nik affair where he confronts them and goes to talk with his father after : best reel for next year hands down.
This year Billy Miller is the "man" ! Yeah he can be OTT but he has also a powerful acting range, his acting is intense and can be subtle when needed. He has also the charisma you don't find in lot's of daytime actors ..his reel was just "Goodness". The guy has the "je ne sais quoi" to find success in other mediums (prime time tv, movies) anyway.
Kerwin is also a great actor.
Anderson can be good but it is almost always the same thing with him..not really versatile.
So in my book it is Billy Miller's year, yeah baby ! lol
p.s: if Kerwin win i will be glad also..Bryan Kerwin is just a great actor, Daytime tv is lucky to have him.

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