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June 26, 2010

Countdown to the Emmys: The Emmy SNUB Edition

It is impossible to have an awards show (or even an awards blog post at the end of the year, if reaction to some of our Best and Worst lists is anything to go by) of any kind where everyone is in agreement that all of the nominees, across the board, were deserving. Instead, it's become a time honored tradition to loudly rail against the Daytime Emmys (and the Oscars, and the primetime Emmys, and the Golden Globes and insert the name of another awards show here, except not the Grammys because nobody cares about the Grammys) for failing to recognize certain performers, and OMFG are the 2010 Daytime Emmys no exception.

Many actors and actresses who deserve, really, to win the whole shebang aren't even in contention. Like, say, our pick for the biggest and most ridiculous snub: David Canary, who completely carried All My Children in 2009, turning in heartbreaking work in stories that did not deserve that level of talent. Really, watching Adam mourn Stuart should have led people to just engrave the damn Emmy with his name on it then and there, and then it turns out that he's not even nominated?! Sometimes, all you can do is italicize exclamation points to convey your horror: !!!!!!!

But he's not the only major snub. Which do you think is the biggest? And, of course, if your pick isn't listed here, make it known in the comments.

General Hospital may have been the most nominated soap this year (which...egads. E-fucking-gads), but there were some notable GH omissions.


Most eggregious snubs are Alison Sweeny, Laura Wright and David Canary in reverse order. For sure.

As for GH..with the exception of LW I think most of the non-nominee status you listed is right. Tony Geary smirked 99% of the year and slept walk until he decided since JJ came back he could now act. I love Becky and I know she tried like hell to sell that crap they gave her...but one person can only do so much. I was hopeful for Jason's pink tie but since that overshadowed Jason...well we know that's not allowed.

David Canary's snub is by far the most egregious and incomprehensible. I think that Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson were the biggest GH snubs. They had some of the worst writing the show has EVER put forth, and they sold most of it. Laura Wright is a good actress, but I don't believe she's Emmy worthy. I think her only truly great work was during spring 2008.

I'm watching the Emmy's this year only to root for Drew Garrett. I'll watch next year for Jonathan Jackson, who 6 months into 2010 is the only GH actor deserving of an Emmy mention.

My GH hatred rests solely on Bob Guza. The writing team is just doing their job, which is writing the stories Bob comes up with. There were some really great moments last year, Robin's intervention, Spinelli's wedding vows to Maxie, I even liked Sonny's scenes, being a dad and uncle at the Carnival. I think "awesome writer" is a collection of people who get unfairly blamed for Guza's hackedom.

Terri Colombino hands down. Brad's death was so heartbreaking and Terri really threw herself into the storyline. I'm constantly amazed by just how deeply involved she seems to be in her character. Even in scenes when Katie talks about Brad her voice starts to choke up and you can tell she's genuinely holding back tears. She's one of my favorite, if not favorite, actresses in daytime.

David Canary, obvs, and Laura Wright. Every year Laura Wright is not nominated, and every year I wonder wtf is wrong with the Daytime Emmy Voters. This is a woman who consistently brings it and about 80% of the time makes Carly likeable... yes, freaking Carly!

I also never understand why Kristen Alderson doesn't get a Younger Actress nod... She's so good.

The whole emmy nomination process is a joke... the pre-nom and then the nominations. How some people are on the list and others are not is so political. Gave up the emmys -- last time I watched was when Vanessa Marcil hosted years ago.

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