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June 20, 2010

It's The Most Wond...Well, It's The Most Semi-Entertaining Time of the Year

It's that time again. The time where soap fans find themselves either celebrating the fact that their favorites walked away with an award and think to themselves proudly and, admit it, kind of smugly, "I totally knew that they were the best" or angrily voice their displeasure with the whims of the [insert insulting adjective here] Emmy voters who did not recognize their favorite's brilliance. The time where normally personable media personalities suddenly become wooden, cheesy awards show hosts and daytime actors and actresses visibly pledge their allegiance to Team Pretty or Team Fugly.

Yes. The Daytime Emmys are here, and we could not be more excited! Because as much as we try to present ourselves as cooler-than-thou and jaded, we are shamefully and hopelessly addicted to all kinds of awards shows, and the Emmys are no exception. Even if they are obviously wrong in the head, since they gave General Hospital the most nominations, but whatever: we're totally excited!

Next Sunday, June 27th at 9 PM on CBS, the Daytime Emmys are airing live, hosted by Regis Philbin (does this make anyone else nervous? We watch Regis and Kelly at the gym because Kelly is adorable and it makes the elliptical more tolerable, but Regis is...prone to saying things that raise the ol' eyebrow, if you know what we mean, and we think you do, but just in case you don't, we mean that he's crazy), honoring Dick Clark and granting the phenomenal Agnes Nixon a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

We will be marking this occasion with Emmy content all week, including your chance to vote for the actors and shows you think deserve to be winners on the big night, all leading up to the triumphant return of the Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza. Join us here at next Sunday at 9 for our play-by-play commentary, snark and creative ways to say, "What would possess a person to wear such a thing?"


I would actually tune in if there were some valid nominations to root for.

ALL MY CHILDREN? Um, no. Anything and anyone associated with Charles Pratt and his tenure must not be rewarded. EVER.

GENERAL HOSPITAL? I refuse to even acknowledge this show's violent, misogynistic existence nor do I understand how supposed experts knowledgable about the genre could ever bestow any award upon a show so horribly written.

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS? Despite my well known love for the luminescent Michelle Stafford, I can only hope that the show is also shut out of the awards as a wake-up sign to the powers that be to find a new headwriter who actually understands pacing and character driven story and who doesn't ret-con the shit out of everything.

Therefore, I'll be catching the unfolding events in Bon Temps and pulling for everyone who's on any show besides these three.

i am so looking forward to your recap!! And all the screencaps of the god-awful dresses! Also, your polls are THE best!

I may watch, unless NCIS is on USA, which I think it is, so I will be flipping back and forth, depending on the NCIS episode.

One word - LEVERAGE.

I think there are some very important ABC Family movies rerunning on Soapnet that night I clearly must watch.

Kelly Ripa adorable? That's like saying a she-beast is adorable. Bring on crazy Regis!

Oh, and please let GH be shut out.

"...Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza."

THIS, makes me all sorts of giddy and not just because I always enjoy the use of the word extravaganza. So thank you Serial Drama ladies, now bring on the Emmy snark!

It just depresses me that great shows that really use their history and their veteran actors, like ATWT, gets shit on every year while GH sucks ass and shits on/kills off its vets and comes out smelling like a rose.

I haven't been able to watch the daytime emmys for the last several years now, because it makes my blood pressure go up and I don't want to have a stroke because of these complete idiots.

I'll be watching the BET Awards.

I'm recording it so I can FF through the commercials, just like last year.

I record EVERYTHING and fast-forward through the commercials!!

The only awards I truly, truly, truly hope that "GH gets" are for Sarah Joy Brown as Claudia and Drew Garrett as Michael. It would serve the geniuses at GH right for letting such talent go. I really love SJB and thought that the potential of Claudia was totally wasted by Guza and his merry band of hacks. IF they had managed to make her so much better of a mob boss than Sonny (which, by the way is not hard to do - having her lock her damn doors so not just anyone can walk in whenever they want to would be a good start), it "might" have made the violence and constant mobness on GH tolerable to watch. To see the great Sonny Corinthos (and by great I mean chauvanistic, pigheaded, narcissistic, paranoid, infantile and sexist [and yes, I know that's almost the same as chauvanistic, but with Sonny, it's worth repeating]) out-mobbed by A GIRL would have at least given me a small amount of pleasure from watching GH. Alas, such was too much to hope for from such a misogynistic show.

And I was never particularly a fan of Drew Garrett, but I REALLY didn't like the way they let him go for no apparent reason (can you say Greg Vaughn? - and don't get me wrong, I love Jonathan Jackson being back and for me he really is the only Lucky Spencer, but it's the WAY they ousted these actors that bugs me). Then again, I was never a fan of the character of Michael (even when adorable and talented Dylan Cash was portraying him). But I did think Drew was doing a good job with the character (given the schlock that was written for him - and everyone else, but that's another matter) and I don't see anything in the current storyline that Chad Duell is doing that Drew couldn't have done.

So I'd like to see those two win, just so show how dumb GH is with their casting decisions. Otherwise, I hope for a complete shutout!

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