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« Countdown to the Emmys: Best In Show | Main | Daytime Emmys Recap: Best Dressed »

June 27, 2010

The 2010 Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza

Becca:  Eeeeee, starting!
Eeee!  "A CBS Special Presentation" makes it seem so classy.
  "Special" could mean many things.  And "With Frankie Avalon"?!  What?  Have I time-traveled?
Mallory:  I am either too young or too old to appreciate the relevance of most of these people.
Becca:  Or perhaps too "having a life"?
Becca:  For real, David Copperfield is opening the show? Because he was last relevant when Frankie Avalon was on the charts?
Mallory:  What is going on right now, seriously?

Picture 126

Becca: That magic act was insane, but they just showed James Scott looking gorgeous, so I'm OK.

Picture 124

Mallory:  I just Wiki'd Copperfield to see how old he was, and they claim that he is "best known for his combination of storytelling and illusion"
I'd argue that he's best known for cheese and dating Claudia Schiffer. Neither are accomplishments to be proud of
Dating Schiffer, most definitely

Becca:  OMG, Reg did not just make fun of La Lucci!
Mallory: Ohhh, awkward

Picture 129

Becca:  and then called her fat?!
Mallory:  Ronn Moss's formal scarf/mullet comination is amazing.
Becca:  It so is.  Not amazing is this monologue. It's like the worst 70s talk-show one-liners all combined into a rant.

Picture 127
Picture 128

Becca:  Okay, Don Rickles?  What is the target age of this broadcast? I feel like I'm not wearing enough support hose to watch. (I mean, I'm wearing SOME, obviously.)

Picture 130

Mallory:  Well, it IS CBS
Becca:  Good point.  Kelly Monaco's dress is pretty, I think, but my god she is shiny
Mallory:  I love Jonathan Jackson, in case you'd forgotten

Picture 131

Becca: You're very quiet about it, but I think I recall that from waaaay back.  Oh!  Yay, Julie Pinson! Go, her!  And she looks fabulous!

Picture 132

Mallory: Julie Pinson is amazing and gorgeous, and all sorts of good things
Becca:  She really is. I loved her "oh my GOD!" at the end.

Picture 133

Mallory: Ryan Seacrest is taking over all media, isn't he?
Unfortunately, yes. I fear he will soon start writing chick lit and then I will truly be unable to escape him.

Picture 134

Becca:  The Spinners?! I swear, my grandmother would think this lineup is a little dated.
  I can't remember, because Seacrest's spray-tan has poisoned my brain.

Becca: What the hell does a Broadway musical have to do with the Daytime Emmys? Jersey Boys? Huh?  I cannot believe I am actually confused by a Daytime Emmys broadcast by something other than "General Hospital actually won something indicative of quality?!"

Mallory: Donny and Maire. This is not okay

Picture 125
Becca:  Pop quiz: What is most disturbing, Marie Osmond's 1) dress, 2) voice, or 3) frozen face and giant blow-up doll lips?
Um, all of the above
  That is the obvious and correct answer.....Tony Orlando? My god.
I don't even know who that is
  Aw, you're so under 30!
This is so budget.
  Is Chubby Checker wearing a leisure suit? And did he just feel up Susan Lucci?
Picture 137
Mallory: Garth Brooks...this is a hodge podge of what the hell and why

People make fun of daytime, and then the Daytime Emmys trots out a group of has-beens and never-weres. No wonder we get no respect!
  The bright side is that I was having technical troubles like whoa with posting the live chat, but this 7-hour Bandstand and Dick Clark tribute provided excellent cover.

Picture 136

Mallory: I think we are the only two people appreciative of it.
A Rachael Ray "cooks" joke. How...hilarious?  And "The Lion King"? Really, we are doing the time warp. But on the plus side, if we time warp back far enough, soaps will be good again
Picture 138

I was distracted by how once again terribly Rachael was dressed so I missed the relevance of a performance from a 15-year-old Broadway musical for children.  Can you help?
There are no answers here, except that anything related to soaps these days is...wrong on every level
Hey wait, it's a soap-related award!  And your true love JJ is nominated!....but lost.
Picture 140
Mallory:  But I do also love Billy Miller, so that's a plus.
  True.  And you said he deserved it, right?
He is super talented.

Mallory:  I occasionally watch The Doctors when I am at the gym, and I think all of them irrationally annoy me

Picture 141

Becca:  This is my first exposure to them and they worry me, quite extensively for a variety of reasons, not limited to their inability to read teleprompters
Becca: Coming up, Blue Man Group presents Best Talk Show?  That is word soup, right there.
Mallory:  Really, how far back into pop culture history are they planning to go?
Mallory:  And unless Tobias Funke is involved, I want no part of the Blue Man Group
Becca:  I wish I watched Arrested Development
Mallory:  You should. It is seriously genius.
Mallory:  I have utter disdain for Alex Trebek.

Picture 135

Becca:  He is a condescending prick.
Becca:  Oops, I mean television legend
Becca:  And Regis, by the way, is surprisingly terrible at this hosting gig.
Mallory:  Because he doesn't have Kelly being ADORABLE to make things better with her ADORABILITY.
Becca:  That is an excellent observation.

Mallory:  "These are performers like nothing you've seen before"...Alex, we are not in the late 90s anymore.  We have seen this.

Picture 143

Becca:  Everyone has seen Blue Man Group, including prisoners serving life without parole, and people in Alaska.
Mallory:  People are actively trying to get soaps canceled, aren't they?  Because there is no other explanation for whatever the hell this is. Honoring daytime, puh-lease.
Becca:  Yes -- the people running them.  I thought we'd agreed on this and had resigned ourselves to one day blogging about just talk shows and James Scott's bone structure?

Mallory:  This guy is a complete tool, by the way.
Becca:  Which one?  This is an award show broadcast -- you have to be more specific!
Mallory:  I can't believe even the Daytime Emmys are pimping Ryan and Greenlee.

Picture 144

Becca:  Seriously.
Drew Garrett was robbed!
Mallory:  Oh, wow, I thought Drew Garrett had this in the bag.
Mallory:  I was so looking forward to the awkwardness that would happen during his acceptance speech.
Becca:  I mean, maybe not robbed, since I've never seen this guy on B&B, but I really wanted to see that speech too!
Mallory:  This kid looks like Robert Pattinson, if he washed his hair and was a 70s lounge singer.

Picture 145

Becca:  Ha!  For that, given the current teen craze, he should be "thankful to [his] lord and savior Jesus Christ" for THAT.
Mallory:  Kelley Menighan Hensley looks like a Barbie with this dress. I mean, yes, she'd be my favorite of all of my Barbies as a child, but I'm just saying

Picture 147

Becca:   She does -- I think it's the possible doll hair.

Becca:  So Bandstand gets 18 minutes and ATWT gets one?

Picture 148

Mallory:  It's sad, isn't it?
Mallory:  Markedly less sad is Chrishell Stause's hotness. Nuclear hot!

Picture 149

Becca:   Plus she used to sleep with your man Mr. Schu!
Mallory:  Some people have all the luck.
Becca:   And genetic perfection.

Mallory:  Sharon Case's hair: WHY? Why are you that way?

Picture 150

Becca:  It's just to piss you off at this point.
Mallory:  And is she drunk? Not that I'd blame her if she were.

Becca:  Yay, ELLEN!  Thank god, we got through a Daytime Emmys without Tyra Banks winning anything.
Mallory:  This is all seriously rushed and poorly produced. I'm not surprised, or anything, but...yikes.
Becca:    It really is horrendous. 
Becca:  Who are these overacting Massey idiots?  I feel so old.

Picture 151

Mallory:  The Emmys need to stop trying to make these two happen. They are on, like, every year and I am not sure why.
Mallory:  Also, stop hitting on people, child.

Mallory:  Two in a row for Julie Berman!

Picture 153

Mallory:  Her hair is better than her last win.
Becca:  Yay, for her winning!  Boo, for that dress.  What is the Judy Jetson thing at the midsection?

Picture 152

Becca:  Love her earrings, though
Mallory:  From the neck up, she looks divine.
Mallory:  Another commercial?
Becca:  How did they find this many sponsors willing to advertise on such a shitty show?  And why are 2/3 of the commercials for Feed the Children?
Mallory:  Even with our technical problems before, we are still having a smoother broadcast than CBS, incidentally.
Becca:  So true.  And one of our blog sponsors is not the crazy dude who runs the NRA, so there's that. (Seriously, even the commercial for this Safe book scares me.)

Mallory:  Regis is terrible at scripted banter. Although he's downright terrifying when he goes off-script, so I don't know what I want.
Becca:    Ha!  Even the producers hated Regis and Susan Lucci's "banter."  Reg's expression when they got cut off to commercial was brill.

Picture 154

Becca:  Didn't you say he went off-script and veered towards pedophilia a few weeks ago?
Mallory:  Yes. He was incredibly interested in the Angelina Jolie like lips of Kelly Ripa's son. She just "Oh, Reege!"ed him, but I was uncomfortable for hours.
Becca:   Hee!  Traumatizing.
Becca:  Speaking of which:  Wayne Brady.
Mallory:  He does get bonus points for his role on How I Met Your Mother, but everything, ever, in the world loses points for this Cirque de Soleil thing.

Picture 156
Picture 157

Becca:   For real.
Mallory:  How many times do I have to ask what year it is? Do I have a concussion?
Becca:   It's a collective one if so.
Becca:  I really don't understand tying in Vegas to the entire show.  Like, they didn't have the presenters wear foam Statue of Liberty hats when they were in New York
Mallory:  Sharon Case had to drunkenly spit out her lines in sixty seconds, and we have to watch this go on endlessly. Confusion and irritation doesn't begin to cover it.
Mallory:  Wayne Brady is (rightfully) ashamed.

Picture 159

Mallory:  A GH directing win means that we're leading up to a GH outstanding show win, doesn't it?
Becca:   Don't be mean to me only halfway through the show.  I can only live with this win if it means they don't win anything that actually matters to viewers.

Mallory:  A tour of the Hilton? Seriously, this is just weird.
Mallory:  I am totally peeved on behalf of ATWT!
Becca:  Is this the only way they got a real network to air this catastrophe?  Basically an agreement to be a two-hour infomercial for the cheesiest city on earth?
Mallory:  And the overacting Masseys again. My head hurts.

Mallory:  Everything about Ronn Moss delights me. The scarf! The hair! Those glasses! I want to spend the day with him just giggling.

Picture 160

Becca:  Ha!  They should auction that opportunity off to pay for next year's show.
Mallory:  If I spent $10 on that, I'd exceed the budget of this year's ceremony.
Mallory:  I should have probably put ceremony in sarcastic airquotes.
Becca:   Yes, because putting this in the same category as my 1979 kindergarten graduation is really an insult.  I'm glad I didn't have to have a serious talk with you about that.
Mallory:  Even Ronn Moss's interview with the camera is melodramatic and amazing!
Becca:   I think it is his only setting.
Becca:  Why does Kelly Monaco always say "fahmilies" like that?  Is that an accent or an affect?  I like that we have time to discuss this during this insanely long Daytime Gives Back segment.
Mallory:  I can't imagine what kind of accent it would be. I find it sort of adorable, though.  Maybe everyone thought it was cute and never bothered to correct her on the actual pronunciation?
Becca:  Maybe.  It is fairly endearing.

Mallory:  Have we ever discussed why Halle Berry needs a perfume?

Picture 142

Becca:  We have not!
  I'd rather talk about this than the show when it comes back, so please feel free to have a lengthy answer

Perhaps it is to recover from her breakup with that gorgeous Canadian dreamboat?

Becca:  We could talk at length about how hot he is.  Will that work?
Mallory:  It will.

Mallory:  Susan Lucci's hair is relatively subdued!
Becca:   It is!  However, she is talking about AMC's 30th anniversary like it's the latest of many to come. Has nobody told her how awful her show is now?  How embarrassing!
Mallory:  I think she knows (how could she not?), but she is smiling through the pain.
Mallory:  I adore Agnes Nixon, and am happy that the show is sparing a minute or two to properly recognize her achievements.
Becca:  They are honoring a woman who shaped and championed daytime drama, though -- that is so out of place this evening.  Oops!
Mallory:  It's so sad to listen to people talk about how great her work is and then think about what All My Children has become.
Becca:  I feel bad for everyone who still watches, and especially for you to have to blog about it.
Mallory:  They are both so tiny!

Picture 161

Becca:  They are like the Glamour Gals I had as a child!

Mallory:  Okay, there is only half an hour left. How bad do we think the last 30 minutes will be?
Mallory:  As if on cue, the show brings us Cheech and Chong. FML.

Picture 162

Becca:  This helps explain a few things though -- the producers are obviously stoners, and therefore turned all decisions over to their grandparents.
Mallory:  Their lame grandparents--I mean, I know my grandparents could pull off something cooler. Or as cool as something can be when it is related to soaps and daytime talk shows. But you know what I mean.
Becca:   That's true.  This is terrible even for lame grandparents (which, let's face it, many people have -- no need to always BS around with the "respect your elders" thing).
Mallory:  Carnie Wilson has a show?!
Becca:  I don't know what is more shocking, that fact, or the hideousness of the lavender prom dress that chick who just presented the award to Cash Cab is wearing.

Picture 163

Mallory:  Cash Cab is giving a very long acceptance speech, no?
Becca:   Yes.  Though he seemed genuinely pleased.
Mallory:  And Wayne Brady is clapping either enthusiastically or angrily.
Becca:  He may still be enthusiastically angry about that whole Cirque de Soleil debacle.

  Lousie Sorel looks MUCH better here than she does on Days.  She should have a serious word with the stylists there.  She wears heinous wigs that distract me even in scenes with Lauren Koslow, who has bright indigo highlights.

Picture 164

Mallory:  Even when Days does most things right, they manage to ass things up somewhere
Mallory:  B, if Charles Pratt wins this Emmy, I will not be held responsible for my actions.
Becca:  Woooo!  Neither Pratt nor Guza are victorious!  Good triumphs over evil!

Picture 165

Mallory:  Thank you Jason Morgan for granting my wish!
Mallory:  The announcer is speed talking like he's doing the voiceover in a Micro Machine commercial.
Becca:  Ha!  It's because the Bandstand tribute and Vegas numbers have them a good half-hour behind.
Becca:  Oh god, Jeff Foxworthy doing "You might be a talk show host if..." is just ten steps past awful.
Becca:  Dr. Oz had the good sense not to show up to this amateur hour to accept his award.  That's why he makes the big bucks.

Mallory:  Who is this Kira Reed person backstage?
Mallory:  According to Wikipedia, she's a sex symbol. O..kay.
Becca:  I have no idea who she is, but somehow we've sunk even lower than the backstage KMart blue light room from a few years back.
Mallory:  Regis is cracking himself up with his horrible canned jokes. I find myself torn between annoyance and embarrassment.
Becca:  I'm angry at the awfulness.  So we have a range of emotions.

Mallory:  Vanessa Marcil!!!

Picture 168

Becca:  She looks great, but oh my, that's a LOT of body glitter.  And does she have a new last name, or was that Reg just being, you know, his age?
Mallory:  Oh, Peter Bergman, you so dreamy.
Becca:   Peter Bergman and James Scott in the same category.  This must have been so difficult for you.

Picture 169

Mallory:  Well, the fact that Michael Park is apparently talented makes it a little bit better, although the awkward sex joke isn't helping his case
Becca:  He seemed to be begging for a new job there at the end, which was a bit off-putting.
Mallory:  I can't believe how fast all of these people are talking. But at least we got to see Erik Estrada multiple times!
Becca:  No Daytime Emmys is complete without Erik Estrada, Mal.

Picture 170

Becca:  Maura West looks absolutely spectacular.  How nice for the ATWT folks to have these wins.
Mallory:  Maura West's win proves my theory that televised interventions are the greatest ever.
Mallory:  And I am a long-time fan of her fashion sense.
Becca:  But damn, she's shiny too.  I'm going to blame all of this on shitty lighting, because that is consistent with the other production values this evening.
Mallory:  I am so peeved that we can hardly see what people are wearing!
Mallory:  You know some of them fugged it up hardcore, but the camera hasn't panned anywhere except to 70s television stars and recording artists.
Becca:  Obviously we need to scour the internet for photos with which to embarrass people.

Mallory:  Okay, Outstanding Daytime Drama: GH winning would fit in with the rest of this telecast, so I am just bracing myself now.
Becca:  I cannot prepare myself for that eventuality.  I don't have the mental capacity.
Mallory:  Susan Lucci is getting a lot of face time tonight, which is nice, since she's actually on a soap and all.

Picture 171

Mallory:  I am glad that at least this category is giving us clips of the nominees! I LOVE the overwrought, out of context clips
Becca:  Yes, but OMG, Betty White's character died on B&B?!  I would have lost it.
Mallory:  THANK GOODNESS B&B wins.

Picture 172

Mallory:  I would have actually punched myself if the others had taken it. Lightly, and probably just in the leg, but I would have, seriously.
Becca:  You bruise easily, remember.
Mallory:  It would have been embarrassing to explain to people.
Becca:  Ha, Reg's open mike is hilar.  "Oh god, don't let them come this way."  Yes, Reg, those soap people have cooties.  The show tonight demonstrated that opinion repeatedly!
Becca:  Tune in next year, for more open loathing of the genre that led to this telecast's creation!
Mallory:  I don't get it, did they just find out, like, this morning that they'd be broadcasting the Emmys?
Becca:  It appears so.  You'd think they would get more of a heads up, but then among the people involved are the ones who bring us GH and AMC every day, so why are we surprised?

Mallory:  I have so many questions. There are no answers to these questions, so I won't bother asking them, but...so many questions.
Mallory:  Way to make the CW look like a legitimate network, CBS!


It seems like they're throwing practically everything but daytime television into this show honoring daytime television.

LB: if the best you had to show to represent daytime was material scripted by Charles Pratt, Bob Guza, and Maria Arena Bell you'd throw in Cher and The Spinners, too.

I can agree with that.

Oh great -- with Billy Miller taking home an award Maria Arena Bell will credit herself for gifting him with "outstanding" material.

Brian Kerwin was robbed, as was Bree Williamson.

Damn it - should have gone to Drew Garrett. I watch B&B and this guy has never done anything worth this. Are they just going to give awards to CBS shows?

If they are going to just give crap to the CBS shows, let it all go to B&B because Y&R is a train-wreck and it's time the show realized it.

Chrishell Stause looks amazing.

Her "banter" however -- I'll just say I hope that was scripted and not off the cuff, because if it was...well, thank God she's pretty.

Sharon Case.

Words fail me.

And that hair.

Ok. This makes last year on the CW look good. God help us.

Poor Susan Lucci. That "joke" they gave her.


Everything about this is terrible, guys--I have been cursing my cable for not going out tonight because this is just AWFUL.

Thanks so much for being patient throughout our technical issues earlier!

"Writing for daytime television requires talent."

If that's the case, could someone explain this year's nominations...?

I've never really wanted to go to Vegas, and now that promotion for it has ruined the "tribute to daytime" "ceremony," I have even less of an inclincation to go. I feel like this marketing campaign has backfired on them. Haha, Las Vegas, haha.

Not so funny, though, is these awards. OMG. Kill me now.

Maura West looked GORGEOUS.

Both Maura West and Michael Park were extremly deserving wins!!!!! The chemistry that they have as Carly and Jack is jump off the screen! I love that they both one as well as Julie Pinson. Although I am not a Janet fan she plays her well. ATWT rocked last year!

Ladies, will we be getting a post about red carpet fashions this year, or did that not even happen because the Daytime Emmys are just abysmal? Because honestly, pretty people are the only thing that can save awards shows from being truly dreadful.

I'm actually kinda enjoying this... whatever it is. I think Cirque de Soliel was so bad that when it got worse, it came around to being so bad that it makes me laugh uncontrollably.


The all consuming powerful goodness of Betty White has proven triumphant over Pratt, Guza, and Maria Arena Bell!

All hail the power of Betty White!

Seriously, Dirk! Bless you, Betty White!

Hillary, a fashion post will be coming, once we track down good pictures! Fingers crossed for some good outfits and some horrible ones!

Loved your shoutout to Tobias Funkë. I just blue myself. :)

SUCK IT, GUZA! And fuck Frons, too. I mean, PRATT got a nom and not OLTL, which, though it completely sucks now, was really, really good last year? Travesty.

Is the Bell guy who won one of THE Bells? Maybe the B&B and Y&R casts voted as a bloc for him, thus depriving Drew Garret of the win? Or maybe Frons threatened everyone on the ABC soaps that if they voted for DG he'd force them to work on his shows for another twenty years? I mean, because even though I don't watch that awful, awful show anymore, even I know DG deserved it.

What a tediously boring two-hour commercial for Las Vegas hotels, Las Vegas entertainment, Las Vegas performers, and Halle's new perfume. I would've loved the Dick Clark tribute in another place, but the long ass tribute had nothing to do with 2010's daytime Emmy awards.

It was nice that they managed a few minutes for Agnes Nixon, a LEGEND for all her achievements in daytime dramas.

Biggest, brightest moment was the Billy Miller win! It was instantly dulled and dimmed again by his acceptance speech.

A pox on the Ryan/Greenlee pimping.

Best action in the audience was Scott Clifton's non-winning face. Loved it. Would someone deliver us a screen cap of his half-sneering "f.u. very much" look?

Now, I'm gonna go tie a yellow ribbon for the Real Emmy for next year.

That was awful. The same people produced it as last year, I'm not sure how much say CBS had. They didn't want to do a ATWT tribute but did want to do an AMC 40th than Agnes was announced as the Lifetime Achievement Winner so they just rolled it into that. Next year will probably just be a YouTube stream held in someone's basement.

I like Susan Lucci and she is usually dressed in very cute things but was that red thing she was wearing a robe or a dress? Maybe they discussed it and I missed it because I didn't watch it all. I mean, who could?
Does anyone watch Lie to Me? Because when I saw Scott Clifton's face after he lost I was pretty sure I saw the micro expression for "This is such BS."

Red dress/robe link.

"Next year will probably just be a YouTube stream held in someone's basement."

I'm happy that Billy Miller won. But pissed that Drew lost.

I...don't even know what to say anymore. The excessive Vegas and "entertainment" spots just...this was about daytime, right?

The best thing about it for me was Agnes Nixon's moment, though I wish the camera wouldn't have done that swooshing around La Lucci, and would have focused on the screen showing clips of storylines instead.

The ATWT tribute rivaled the GL tribute last year in terms of "shamefully lacking" and "offensive to the history of daytime."

Very happy for JMB's back-to-back win. She looked much better this year. THRILLED that Pratt did not win.

Loved your live blog, ladies =)

How pissed off did Jonathan Jackson look when Billy Miller won? Hilarious. Much more entertaining than anything Billy or Lucky have done onscreen in a long time.

Julie Marie Berman still can't move her face. At least she doesn't seem to have gotten to Barry Manilow level yet.

Drew Bell's acting is horrible! And poor Katherine Kelly Lang.....

This is hysterical!! So much better than actually watching the show.

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