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June 02, 2010

Wednesday's Show Is Full Of Woe

I have a bad habit of looking forward to Wednesday episodes of General Hospital--

Let me clarify that: I don't mean that I actually look forward to Wednesday episodes of General Hospital as if I am expecting them to actually be good. If I ever make a statement like that, please alert a medical professional because it means that I have obviously been afflicted with amnesia and have time-traveled back to 1998! This is more possible than you'd think, because I hit my head an awful lot. But what I do mean is that I don't completely dread them because I know that, in between the scenes with Sonny or Michael or the Michael/Mafia drama or the Mafia/Michael drama, Wednesday shows also feature brief glimpses of the show's beleaguered supporting cast, and who doesn't like to see them?


Many of the posts in the Serial Drama archives are like mash notes written to Patrick and Robin, and Patrick and Robin the romantic pairing. We loved them. To the point where we were routinely accused of being fangurls (am I correct in assuming that this is worse than being a fangirl? If Dwight Schrute is right and r is among the most menacing of sounds, it seems like "u" is among the most derisive of letters).

But nothing lasts forever, not cold November rain or adorable soap couples.

Take today, for example. The writers, for perhaps the first time ever, are watching each other's episodes, so Patrick was written the same way in multiple episodes this week. Unfortunately, he was written in multiple episodes as a brat.

Patrick, to his wife who is obviously busy and deep in thought: I'm on my way to the hospital.
Robin, busily and deep in thought: ::Ignores him::
Patrick, with the keen observational skills of Encyclopedia Brown: Are you busy?
Robin: Mmhmm.
Patrick: You know what? I was thinking maybe we can change it up a bit. I hear there's a great little Thai restaurant around the corner from the hospital. What do you say we go have lunch there, and if we get a little crazy, we can walk back through the park?
Robin: I'm actually not going in today.
Patrick: You're not? What, are you not feeling well? 
Robin: No, I have an appointment with the head of the World AIDS Crisis Center. The director of the World AIDS Crisis Center will be in town. I called him to get a meeting, and he was able to squeeze me in.
Patrick: Wow, lucky guy. Maybe you can get me his number and I can get some pointers from him.
Robin: Why are you so snarky?
Patrick: I don't know, Robin. Maybe because I wanted to spend some time with my wife, but I'm sorry, that's a stupid idea.
Robin: Patrick, it's just lunch.
Patrick: No, Robin, it's not just lunch. It's about us never spending any quality time together because you're too busy memorializing your dead boyfriend.

Tall, hot doctor say whaaaat? There is so much wrong with all of this, from the pouting to the temper tantrum to the pathological jealousy of a dead man. Remember when we used to discuss Patrick doing anything and everything as "Patrick hotly"? And then came the horrors of Night Shift season one, and we had to change it to "Patrick [Redacted]"? I think now, we're going to have to change it again to "Patrick pissily", because it's the one note that poor Jason Thompson is being given to play. Pissiness and petulance, and yes, that delights the part of me that loves alliteration, but really!

And can I just ask why the GH writers insist on using the saga of Robin and Stone for evil?! I ask this question all the time and I never get a real answer, probably because the only answer is "because these writers are awful, awful people", but why is it that GH only uses its history to ruin things?

Lest you think that Patrick is the only half of this couple acting like he's from another planet where things like "respect" and "maturity" are totally foreign, Robin's all, "BTW, off to Africa, like, now! See ya!"

Robin: I have time for lunch, but I have so much to do before I leave.
Patrick: Leave? Where are you going?
Robin: Well, the coordinator asked me to get in on the ground floor in a clinic they're building in Johannesburg.
Patrick: What?
Robin: I know, it's random, right? But it's an incredible opportunity, and I'll be back on the 19th, just in time for Father's Day.

Okay. Who plans a trip like that, even if it's for a good reason, without discussing it with their spouse? Nobody. Nobody does that. And is Emma going with Robin, or will she be with Patrick? If I am so concerned and have so many questions, I can only imagine how Patrick feels.

Is Kimberly McCullough going on vacation? And is that how they are going to explain Robin's absence? Because, really, she's on-screen so rarely that I have to tell you, I probably wouldn't even notice that Robin wasn't around for three weeks, so they needn't have her act so foolishly.

Patrick was, of course, pissed.

Patrick: It didn't occur to you to discuss this with your husband before you made such a big decision? Of course not. What am I thinking? You know what, Robin? Do whatever you want. I'm not going to stop you.

But at least this time he had a reason to be.

I used to think I'd be excited to see more Patrick and Robin, especially if it meant less Sonny and Jason. But now I am not sure, which is probably the most disturbing thing I have ever typed (and I once spent a whole week writing about Victor Newman's sperm situation, so I have typed some damn disturbing things). We live in a world where Sonny and Jason are maybe kind of preferable to this version of Robin and Patrick. If you need me, I will be chugging Drano...


Kimberly was accepted into a director's workshop by AFI for three weeks....so yeah she will be gone (Even though she said she'd be able to do both if GH needed her to) but yeah given how "front burner" this storyline is I have total confidence that it could have just slid on by.

As for why this show only uses history for bad...I've long suspected that in the case of material pre-Guza years...our inexplicably Emmy winner scribe is totally jealous and hates the fact people hold up as worthy Emmys and not his gimmicks so he tries to convince us he's totally superior.

Even though I no longer consider myself a fan of Scrubs (for several different reasons) but just reading that makes me laugh. This show needs to be cancelled. Patrick's got a permanent stick up his judgemental hypocritical non self aware bum AND now Robin's got a permanent "I heart my dead boyfriend" shirt on her self involved dismissive arrogant ass. These two, while probably two of the least of GH's problems, are a cluster fu

I hate how they are trying to ruin these two wonderful characters. Robin and Patrick were the one true reason I even bothered to keep tuning into GH. Why won't they fire Guza already! He's running this show into the ground...and now he's trying to destroy the one last good thing on this show... the love of Scrubs!!

I've given up - I just don't know what else to say - Scrubs suck now and have for a while so I have no desire to watch them or GH anymore.

I still Love Scrubs, still the best couple on GH and I don't think Scrubs suck but GUZA SUCKS!

Bob Guza is ruining the best couple on GH with his lazy, sleezy writing. He has ruined the entire show for that matter. How this man still has a job is beyond me. But I'm not ready to give up on my couple just yet. Robin & Patrick are worth fighting for.

i still love my scrubs. always will. i blame guza. he does this to nearly all of the characters on the show, minus jason, sonny and carly. i love jt/kmc and their portrayal of scrubs too much to give up on them now, and i agree with 'cathy' who stated GUZA sucks, not scrubs.

It made me so sad reading this. I can't watch GH when Patrick and Robin are this awful. Waiting for glimpses of them is one of the very very very few reasons I still watch.

I stayed through blog wars, but I don't know if I can handle this. At least I still have Youtube.

Robin ticked me off so bad today, Yeah Patrick can be a jerk no denying that but Robin constant dismissal of his feelings gets on my darn nerves to. am I done with the couple? no not at all but wake me up when invasion of the body snatchers is over and the REAL Patrick and Robin stand up

I think it's pretty sad that Scrubs do not even have the worst story. Imagine if you're a fan of Lucky/Liz, Spinelli/Maxie, Carly/Jax, or Johnny/Olivia. The only happy couple is Lulu/Dante and they're getting messed with too with Carly's stupid plan.

To the commentor above, I'm a 90s Lucky/Liz fan, and their storyline is definitely frustrating! I went back to this show in Oct, had to trudge through a Dante/Sonny paternity 'mystery' only to see the show segway directly from that into a Lucky/Nikolas paternity mystery. Don't the writers realize that by making the whole paternity storyline so overused at GH, they diminish it's ability to create dramatic tension (unless exasperation counts as dramatic tension)?

As for Robin/Patrick--the guy who plays Patrick is a good actor who definitely deserves more than the one note he's been given to perform, as Mallory so aptly described. Again it's a question for the writers; the key with writing a loveable jerk is the fact that part of the time he actually has to be loveable. I did feel badly for Robin's outright dismissal of him, though (he brought her food and who doesn't like spring rolls? Who's going to take care of little Emma?). As much as Robin's renewed interest in aids research is admirable, it's random that it's taken ten or twelve years for this interest to kick in, especially for a girl living with aids! But I guess I'm looking for logic in all the wrong places.

*sighhhhhhh*.....Yeh I'm also one of those that hung onto GH way past its expiration date for me just for Scrubs. I was SO hoping KMac & JT wouldn't resign their contracts and move onto better things (because ANYthing would be better than this dreck). But once the 3-yr mark came & went and they were still there, I just couldn't take it any more, especially with they way they're being written. I will ditto the prior remark: GUZA sucks, not Scrubs. The whole thing is SO frustrating.

I've been a Scrubs fan since day one, but it has come to the point that I wish JT and KMc would quit this sh!t. I can only imagine that the hours versus money ratio makes it well worth the aggravation of these crap scripts, but from a fans point of view this stuff is just painful to watch. Scrubs use to be cute, sexy and entertaining, but there is nothing remotely cute, sexy, entertaining about Scrubs these days. It just hurts. It hurts to see JT and KMc talents wasted. It hurts to see the memory of Stone and Robin abused. It hurt to see such an amazing couple ignored and then manipulated because the writers don't know how to write anything but sick, stupid, and misery. I barely recognize these characters who I had grown to love. Where the hell are Scrubs?!

thanks for a great blog.. think I need a break from the awfulness of it all. Truly awful.

I love JT and KMC why did they have to renew for this...
Why is Guza still writing?

I hate even putting this out in the universe, but is there a possibility Robin is getting involved with the AIDS wing because Michael has contracted HIV from his maybe-rape in Pentonville?

That might finally end my viewership.

Robin is a twit. She wanted Patrick. Check. She had baby rabbies for months and finally ended up pregnant with Emma. Patrick was better off with Leyla...oops, too bad, Leyla is now dead.

The rape story line if it is being written, would have had more impact if it was Sonny in prison instead of Michael. Unfortunately, Guza is not about to write a rape story line for Sonny....

I'm so sick of Patrick. If I were Robin I'd want to go to Africa just so I wouldn't have to listen to his whining and complaining over petty nonsense anymore.

Nancy Grahn posted on Twitter that she has good news she can't yet share. I hope against hope that the news is that Guza has been canned.

To the posted above me, the news is that Vanessa Marcil is returning to the show this summer so Guza can ruin the character of Brenda too.

If it weren't for the fact that Patrick was pissy with Lisa as well, I would be on his side. No husband (or wife) is going to want to be on the sidelines of their marriage while their spouse is hearting their dead boyfriend. Talk about someone having to compete with a ghost. Ugh.

That said, I've been blissfully GH free for a week except for checking in here and loving it.

And Brenda? Never was a fan. More Sonny in my face. Yuck.

I more longer believe in the Scrubs love story and want these 2 divorced as fast as humanly possible, in fact I am now a DivorcedScrubsFF.

I meant I NO longer believe in the Scrubs love story - I'm so disgusted by who Scrubs have become I can't even type. :(

Love, love, love Brenda but I want her nowhere near Sonny. Back in the day I loved these two together, but not only has the character gone down, Maurice's acting has gone down as well. All he does is shout and knock glasses around. Oh, and he's fathered almost every young character on the show.

Who wants to make a bet that Brenda comes back to town with a love child that no one knew about? Hopefully the kid will be Jax's so that he can dump Carly once and for all.

Scrubs are being written awful but I don't think they'll break up even if Patrick cheats on Robin. All the writing indicates that it'll be all Robin's fault because she's not putting his ego first.

Kelly, I'm sooooo with you. I love Brenda and I used to love Sonny & Brenda but please don't try and put these two back together again. She deserves better. Hell, all the women on the current canvas deserve better (with the exception of Carly) Hate her! Put her back with Sonny. Those two deserve each other.

Is it bad that the last time I found Robin even remotely interesting was when she dressed up as Space Slut from the Planet Nympho to surprise Patrick? And it's been at LEAST since before Robin was pregnant that Patrick held any "hotly" modifiers for me. Sad........

Maybe the return of Vanessa Marcil will bring some wonderful Robin and Brenda "BFF" convos??

Who the hell am I kidding. This is about Sonny, just like everything else that revolves in the GH universe. I hope Sarah Brown has been furiously burning up the phone lines trying to talk Vanessa out of this. She's still trying to heal from that knife wound in her back...

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