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July 26, 2010

Couple of the Summer: Roxy and Clint?

As idiotic as Viki and Charlie's scheme against Dorian and David was last week, the upside was that, for once, Viki and Charlie were acting like children while Dorian got to be the one to actually walk away with some dignity.  We should've known that wouldn't last.


Last week closed out with Dorian periodically changing her MyFace status (I'm pretty sure MyFace is also the name of the primary social networking site on the various Law and Orders.  That or FaceSpace, occasionally.  Why no Llanface?  Or Llanbook?) in some passive-aggressive manner to let the citizens of Llanview know that she's not having an affair with Charlie and that she's not now nor has she ever been in love with David Vickers.  Followed by David, of course, posting obnoxious comments on her status and... I mean the whole thing is so mind-numbingly stupid that it hurts to type out.  And then of course Kelly and Destiny oh-so-wisely pointed out to Dorian and David that, naturally, Viki and Charlie were absolutely right and Dorian and David do love each other!  Oh goodie.  Maybe they'll have a series of near-misses or declarations right before he leaves the effing show again.  To add insult to injury, Kelly announced that Dorian has been in love with David since the nineties and, sure, she loved Mel but David always had a place in her heart.  No mention at all of Ray, the hottest romance she's had in a decade.  I am starting to lose hope that they'll ever bring him back.

There are two major ways I'm making myself feel better about how incredibly stupid all of this is.  One is imagining how Clint and Roxy have fallen very much in love and are off-screen having a torrid affair.  There has to be some reason we haven't seen two of the best actors and characters this show has for months now, right?  The other acceptable alternative is that the two of them have taken Sam on an extended Disney World vacation.  Sure, I know they said he was out on the patio last week, but I believe only what I see.

The second way I'm making myself feel better is finding solace in the fact that at least this wasn't the stupidest thing to happen on ABC Daytime last week.  The stupidest thing was not scooping up Michael Lowry to reprise the role of Ross (cutely telling the press he wasn't available was not as adorable as they think) while creating a new role entirely for Billy Warlock, but the second stupidest thing has deftly been analyzed in full by Mallory

Destiny out!


I've decided that Clint spent the summer on a road trip, Gun riding shottie in his car, looking for Kim.

And Roxy, of course, has been baby sitting for Sierra Rose. Off-screen. Sigh...

Why does everyone at ABCD insist on ripping off each other's (dreadful) plot devices? This is on par with those damn Blog Wars Robin and Patrick had. Oh OLTL, I thought you were above this drivel.

I'm sorry, Louise, but you and some other commenters on other sites need to face facts: Ray Montez is. never. coming. back! Brian Frons finds old people having sex icky, and it's all he can do not to immediately fire Erika Slezak when Viki and Charlie kiss, so no Ray for Dorian. Plus, he has one of those there accents, and that is not what the Mainstream Audience who hates cute gay couples and multiracial actresses and former drug addicts wants, okay! Just be glad Dorian hasn't been sent to the old folks' home like poor Clint.

Love Ray! Muy Caliente! Thanks for mentioning him. He is BY FAR the sexiest romance Dorian has had in ages. I'm still going to ask for him no matter what others have to say because well, the show is still on the air and until it goes off the air, I'm going to ask for what I want. That's just the kind of gal I am. Why not? Bring back Ray!

In my version, Roxy is hiding out in Port Charles with Mike Corbin, and they both go to the Riverside neighborhood in NYC. Clint fell through a wormhole, ended up in Springfield and wonders why everyone calls him Ross.

Clint had a good thing going until the actress that played Kim went out West.

Ray? There is no way that Frons is going to allow another OLTL couple over the age of 50. We have Bo/Nora and Viki/Charlie. That's it, we've reached our quota.

Redeem Langston and Eli, stat!

OLTL needs to send some folks packing (too many Ford's and Kelly is boring.)

Ray? I will ask for what I want. I don't care if I am told otherwise. It does not hurt a soul. I do agree that OLTL has too many people on the canvas. Clint shows up later this week. I am not sure when we will see Roxy again.

While understanding the odds against a favorite returning (especially of a certain age), no harm in asking for it or, really, him. Couples with sparkling, organic, and hot chemistry are pretty rare these days, especially on OLTL. Ray and Dorian had it in spades and were a rare find on this show. I hope OLTL wises up and brings back Dorian's best match since Herb Callison. Frons, or whoever, needs to get the hell over the ageism.

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