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July 31, 2010

The Day's Most Overused Dialogue

I had a hard time deciding which overused line is most in need of retirement; and let me be clear, I don't mean the Amanda Bynes kind of retirement. I mean the "If I don't stop hearing these things eighty different times in one episode of General Hospital, I am going to go out of my mind" kind of retirement.

I know that my pleas will fall on deaf ears, because the powers-that-be either don't know me, or just blatantly don't care about what I want and have demonstrated that, oh, every day, so why are they going to start now, especially since repeating things all the damn time makes their jobs way easier and that this is an exercise in futility, but anyway.

Please retire...the number 66

Between Route 66, room 66 and the 66 on Aiden's hospital ID bracelet, this number has gotten more screentime this week than the Quartermaines have gotten all year.

Also, I saw Charlie St. Cloud last night--

I'll pause here to give you all a chance to laugh nastily at my expense. I swear, I do occasionally see, watch and read things that are good! Like Inception, Mad Men and Samantha Bee's book I Know I am, But What Are You, respectively. I am not totally devoid of taste!--

and Dave Franco, brother of James, has a small part. They have almost the exact same voice, and I spent the entirety of his scenes bracing myself for him to start talking about choice, and art, and Jason Morgan and the number 66. He didn't, which is a good thing, because I probably would have had a tantrum and totally freaked out the rest of the audience, which was comprised mostly of tween girls.

Please retire...the notion that Michael saved Kristina's life

Kristina: Michael saved my life.

Kristina: Michael, you saved my life.

Sonny: My daughter survived, her brother saved her life.

Yes, Michael did an honorable thing by protecting his sister from Warren Bauer. If I were being hunted down by a grieving father/homicidal maniac/terrible, terrible actor, I hope that one of my brothers would attempt to shield me from his wrath (although since my oldest brother doesn't even open the door for me when my hands are full, I am not so sure that would happen...). He shielded her, yes, and played therapist after the ordeal was over, but he did not save her. I'd say that, you know, MAC SCORPIO actually did the saving.

I knew a police officer getting his heroic moment in the sun was too much to ask for. I am surprised that the writers ever let this pro-police sentiment escalate so much in the first place, so I suppose it's entirely natural* that the show is trying to downplay Mac's involvement as much as possible.

*Naturally lame and ridiculous, I mean.

Please retire...the idea that Sonny fathering a child is a good thing

Claire: Oh, believe me, I do. All I want is what you used to have, Ms. Falconeri-- a beautiful, intelligent child.

Dahlia Salem's constant mugging has made it difficult for me to warm up to Claire, and her staggering idiocy is making it impossible. Why is this story happening? And how can anyone look at Sonny's children and think that HIS genes are the reason that they are so...let's just use "decent" as an umbrella term to describe all of them. How can anyone look at Sonny's children and think that HIS genes are the reason that they are so decent? That's pure luck, Claire!

If Claire were to make a Pro and Con list deciding whether or not Sonny should father a child for her (and I do believe that Pro and Con lists are the best way to make most, if not all, decisions) (I love lists) (and parentheses), the only items under the Pro column would be:

  • Dimples
  • Might one day care about and pay for medical treatment for someone with AIDS.

She'd never even get the chance to finish the Con column, because her hand would be sprained from the gargantuan effort needed to document all of Sonny's flaws!


The idea of Sonny fathering yet another child makes me shudder. And if Claire wants a beuatiful,intelligent child, well, having one with SOnny would rule that one out.

Is Claire honestly considering having Sonny's child? SIGH

Yeah, I've been rolling my eyes over the "Michael saved Kristina's life" thing, too. I mean, geez. JJY doesn't get any screentime as it is, he finally gets some airplay, and his character immediately gets riddled with bullets and then can't even get credit for his sacrifice.

Nicely played, TPTB. Except not really.

Why would anyone think Sonny was great father material???? why??

The only reason why Mac was allow to kill Warren ( you know the hero thing) was because Jason was in LA chasing Franco.... but still GH has to have Michael as the "one who saved Kristina's life)

LMAO! I love your pro list for Sonny fathering Claire's child. ICAM!

Claire is straight up mentally ill.

My very favorite thing this week, though, was that Dante learned that Franco wasn't dead via a notation in a printed report that was sent by the LAPD. Wouldn't someone call, e-mail, or text immediately, rather than type up a report, print it on paper, put it in a folder, and send it FedEx?

Has anyone taken a good, long look at Johnny Z. lately? Why would anyone want the aging, bi-polar gangster, Sonny Corinthos.

The number 66? Guza can't very well use, 4-8-15-16-23-42 from LOST!

Guza doesn't like smart and intelligent women which is why Clair is now after Super Sperm from Sonnyboy!

Someone took my screen name, so here we go again...here's what to retire...I get cramps every time a dark haired, dark eyed gal gets cast cause it means another "romance"/ kid for Sonny. Can we count the ways? Hannah, Reese, Carly, Claudia, Claire, I'd go on but my baby just woke up :)

Wait... I'm confused. Not that being confused is something new where GH is concerned - it's often accompanied by horror, revulsion, and apathy - but this is even more confusing and brain-melting than usual. Is Claire serious about wanting Sonny to father her child? As in, she wants to do it because she thinks he's prime father material and not because of some "diabolical" scheme to imprison him? I just... whaaat? Can someone please attempt to explain?

So...umm...How was the Charlie St Cloud movie? Not that I'm asking for my 29-year old self of course. My uh...niece wants to know.

No one will ever thank Mac for saving Kristina's life, just as no one ever apologized to Ethan for attacking him physically, holding a gun to his head, or verbally abusing him because they thought he beat up Kristina.

Why can't the feds or prosecutors going after Sonny ever be MEN? Bring back Taggert! Sonny couldn't mah-nip-lee-ate Taggert with his charm.

One phrase I think should be retired on this show is "keep you/him/her/them safe." No one is ever safe, so they should stop saying it.

I have two words for Claire Walsh: sperm bank.

can we please just put krissy and mykill on the backburner for awhile? neither have interesting storylines and all they do is eat up the vast majority of the airtime. it seems even more so than sonny and jason nowadays. and i havent liked claire walsh since she came to town.

heres something to think about. how comes noon of sonny's children look latino? i mean we use to have a little latina girl play krissy but other than that non of sonny's kids are currently latino. even funnier was sonny had once said kristina looks exactly like his mother. i thought his mother had dark hair, dark eyes and tan skin like him. guess i was wrong

Lizzle, it was...well, it was meh, bordering on not-so-good. I needed a good cry and I like Zac Efron, so it wasn't a total bust.

Hillary, I wish I could explain. The entire thing is gross and confusing. And I have to admit, I've started zoning out whenever the two of them are on-screen together. EW.

The only way the wanting Sonny's sperm storyline can be at all redeemed is if Claire is suddenly revealed to be super duper shallow and says "You know, I really couldn't stand to give birth to an ugly child and it seems to me that no matter who he knocks up, Sonny's progeny end up being really attractive, so I suppose the magic would work on me too."

It's telling that this would actually be an improvement on typical GH dialogue.

So much word, Mallory. Can we also add "That's on you" and "It's not your secret to tell." Hate.

The Claire wanting Sonny's baby thing has really been bugging me because, has she MET Sonny? He CAN'T BE just a sperm donor. He MUST BE involved in HIS children's lives. For him to actually agree to be a sperm donor would be totally out of character. (Not that it wouldn't be an improvement on his character, but still, it's just another example of crap writing.)

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