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August 24, 2010

August Wedding Fashion, Llanview-Style (Also: UH OH)

I think I'll just focus on the most shallow details of this particular soap wedding, since it's doubtful it will actually ever be a wedding.  Blair, of course, looks gorgeously Amazonian in her "it's my wedding day" casual all-white ensemble, but pointing out such things is starting to make me feel not unlike a broken record since, duh, Blair is portrayed by someone who is apparently not human (case in point?  the latest "What If?" episode with its dirty, dirty talk and its creepy song, but the woman is just more on fire than ever).


I know I've been giving Starr a hard time around here lately for her acid wash, her eyebrows, and her adenoids, but I absolutely adored her yellow dress.  Loved it.  Perfect color for her (and not a color most people could get away with), and the detailing on the front was darling.  I kind of want that dress in a color that wouldn't turn me heinous.


Dani's dress was cute, too, since it was age-appropriate and I actually bought it as something she just dug out of her closet at the last second.

Oh yeah, and Langston is pretty.  Is she anything else?  It's hard to tell anymore.  She did look lovely yesterday, but I find myself longing for the days that she had hideous streaks in her hair and wore mall-goth clothes because, hey, at least it made her a little less non-descript.  Speaking of which, can they get a new hairdo for the Cramer girls (and honorary Cramer girls)?  That entire generation is long and layered.  Can we get crazy here, just for a little spice?  Bangs, perhaps?  Would that be a detriment to the teen blandification of Llanview, I suppose?  We can't have that.

Cole, who actually looked quite sharp in his wedding duds, continued on his quest to be the most unpleasant person in history.  Detective Price looked sharp as well in his... well, completely casual and unrelated-to-wedding-fashion outfit, but that's because Detective Price only ever looks sharp, and he can wear whatever he wants to any wedding, including his own wedding.  As the blushing bride, I'm entitled to dictate that.

Oh, forget it.  I'm just killing time pretending to care about outfits.  You may have all heard by now that all the contract cast members have been called to a mandatory cast meeting this Thursday.  Pardon my impropriety, but I am freaking the fuck out.  What do you guys think?  Cancellation for sure, or are there other possibilities?  An AMC-like move to the West Coast seems like an impossibility since they just moved studios.  What else?  What are the rumors out there?  Because really, people.  Thursday is my birthday.  One Life to Live doesn't get to be canceled on my effing birthday, it's a rule.



Holy crap. That can't be good. Even though I've stopped watching, I still don't want it cancelled. I just want it to get better. Is that so much to ask? (don't answer that)

Ever since ATWT's cancellation was announced, however, I've suspected OLTL would be next to go.

I really hope I'm wrong though.

Happy b-day, Louise! Let's all hope for happy happy news!

Gulp. Fingers are firmly crossed that we're in for a pleasant surprise? Happy birthday!

I'm not sure bangs are the right look for Cramer women. It seems to affect their personalities. Case in point: Adriana "Bitchy Bangs" Cramer.

LeBarron, good call! I forgot all about Bitchy Bangs!

It seems the meeting is no big deal.


Back to the fashion: all the Cramer women looked good yesterday. And Dorian's wedding dress was very....Dorian.

OLTL meet is suppose to be about the upcoming work holiday schedule -- at least I hope so!

I am going to be super upset if this one is cancelled. Other than Days, all the other soaps are so boring. I mourn for the genre.

Yes, Blair's pre-wedding outfit was positively gorgeous! Loved the ruching on her top. So very pretty. Though, her actual wedding dress was a huge letdown. I know it was supposed to have been an informal, destination/beach wedding but they could have done better than that...thing.

However, I positively LOVED Tea's wedding gown that she wore on her August 3rd wedding. Very classy yet, sexy as well. The off the shoulder along with the diagonal slit above the chest area was a nice combination. In fact, I've been trying to locate the designer.

Why on earth would anyone want to throw a smaller wedding? In these days of over-the-top celebrity weddings and spending enough on a wedding to put you in debt for years to come, you don't hear much about small wedding ideas

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