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August 08, 2010

Bringing Brenda Back

If you watch a television show on any channel besides your local public access channel, you've seen promos for General Hospital and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo's (am I ever going to get used to saying/typing that? No, probably not) appearances on Wendy Williams and The View, all heralding Brenda Barrett's return to Port Charles on Wednesday (the day I have been waiting for/nervous about for months is finally almost here!).

This was apparently news for General Hospital, who is behind the curve at the best of times, and they realized that they'd have to scramble in order to set the stage for this return. They've done it exactly how you'd imagine: poorly.

Actually, that's not totally true. I kind of enjoyed Sonny's flashback on the docks, because...well, because I heart flashbacks, and the only reason I took offense at Spinelli's reference to "the mysterious Brenda" is that I've gotten used to reacting with visceral hatred at everything Spinelli says or does. And even Robin spritzing on Eau De Exposition and visiting Sonny to fill him in on Brenda's involvement with a charity was fine.

But UGH, the very first mention of Brenda in Friday's episode was so stupid and so...GH-y.

Robin: I just got an email from an old friend. I actually saw her when I was in Africa. It was so strange, we hadn't seen each other in ages.

Patrick: What are the chances of that?

Robin: Yeah, exactly. We said it must have been fate telling us that we should stay in better touch with each other.

Patrick: Somebody from France?

Robin: Port Charles, actually. But she was long gone before you ever came to town. Her name's Brenda Barrett.

FIRST OF ALL, shouldn't that have been one of the first things Robin said upon her return? "You'll never believe it, I randomly saw my best friend ever!" I know that it would have been difficult for the writers to shoehorn something like that in between all of the ironic and over-the-top praise Robin has been lavishing at Patrick for being the world's most devoted husband, but come on!

SECOND OF ALL, there is really no way for me to write this sentence without seeming weirdly invested in the lives of fictional people, but: Robin and Brenda would have never just, you know, fallen out of touch. I find that incredibly offensive.

AND THIRD OF ALL, Robin never mentioned Brenda to Patrick? LIKE, I AM SO SURE.

Robin: I went to see Sonny. I told him about the email from Brenda, and I also slipped him her email address and her phone number.

Patrick: What, were they involved at some point or something?

WHAT? Sorry, but I am not buying that Robin would not talk about Brenda at some point over the course of her relationship with Patrick. I double don't buy it because if Robin was really wallowing over Stone as much as she and Patrick say she was, wouldn't Brenda have played a big role in her apparently ridiculous reminiscing?

If they screw up Robin and Brenda's friendship, I am seriously going to be...actually, that's the best case scenario, isn't it? The more likely scenario is that they don't focus on their friendship at all in favor of putting Brenda in scenes with Sonny, Jason, Jax (if I'm being optimistic), Carly and Spinelli.

Brief thoughts about the other goings-on in Port Charles:

  • I enjoyed that Lucky was the one to investigate Franco's mother and I actually "Aww!"ed at his line about Aiden being his son, but, uh, he didn't actually need a disguise, right? Since Karen had no idea who he was, the suit and glasses were sort of unnecessary, if adorable.


I am just going to chalk this up to a Spencer family fondness for the land of make believe.

(I actually first typed "a Spencer family fondness for role-playing" and then got grossed out because it made me remember Tony Geary's musings about Luke and Tracy's sex life and I am sorry for bringing that up again just now in case you were lucky enough to have forgotten/repressed it)

  • Spinelli was on and terrible.

Lulu: You're not making this easy on me.

Spinelli: Should I?


Spinelli: All of whom have warned you at one time or another about this man that you're infatuated with. People who have known you longer than you've known him. People whose opinions should, if not matter, at least be taken under advisement. But, no, you just take Dante at face value even though he has proven his propensity for lying.


  • Constance Towers got saddled with a line I can only describe as "icky"

Helena: Oh, and Thor, clear your calendar, I'll be needing that massage-- with benefits

but, thankfully, rebounded with a line I can only describe as "If cackling at this admittedly offensive line is wrong, I don't want to be right".

Helena: You know, Nikolas, i came here today to do you a kindness, but I have decided you don't deserve it. Now you stay with your broodmare and her crop of illegitimate little rag tags.

Obviously I take offense at the dig at Cam, but "illegitimate little rag tags" is kind of amazing. It should be a band name.

  • Claire's meaningful look after she questioned Johnny seems to indicate...something.


Is she playing Johnny? Is she playing Sonny? Is she playing both of them? Is Dahlia Salem the most unnatural actor in this cast, yes, including the girl who plays Maya? The answer to the last question is a resounding yes, but the others? Who the hell knows. I just can't help but roll my eyes and prepare myself for a shitstorm of continuity errors and plotholes when this show tries out ambiguity.


Helena is the highlight of this show that i no longer watch, even if massage w benefits is totally eww coming from her

I totally agree that there is no way that this is the first time that Robin mentioned Brenda to Patrick. She's brought up her past with Stone, Jason and Sonny and like you, I think that Brenda would've had to been mentioned somewhere in there.

I can already tell that all Brenda's scenes will involve Sonny, Jason, Carly and Spinelli (maybe Jax and Johnny, here and there). Robin will be lucky if she finds out that Brenda is in town until a few months later.

Patrick not knowing about Brenda is the stupidest thing EVER - JUST SO STUPID IT DRIVES ME INSANE.

WOW, is Brenda coming back? I hadn't noticed.

(because I live in a cave in outer Siberia)

Helena would never know of let alone use the term "benefits", but calling Liz a broodmare was fun. It reminded me of her surragate days trying to profit from her fertileness for the ever gross Shera & Crocodile Dumby aka Jax and Courtney.

The Brenda Robin relationship was long ago murdered a la Guza last time Brenda came back to GH. She came back from the dead, went on trial for murder, discovered she wasn't dying from a mysterious genetic brain disease, and married Jason without ever even sending Robin a freaking text message, HATE!

And for Spinelli, I now loathe him in epic Sonny size proportions.

This blog remains the only bright spot in GH land.

Watch Brenda's new BFF turn out to be Sam.Simply because there is no one they won't use to prop that character/actress.Not even VM is immune.

Brenda is returning to GH? Why? Her return in 2002 was boring and the show is being written by the same writers, except for Pratt.

The Q's are all dead, except for Monica, Edward and Tracy. We rarely see Monica, Edward, Bobbie, Leslie, Laura and Scotty who are off staying with Bobby Martin in the AMC attic.

Sam and Brenda will be BFFs since a certain executive is going to want his pet rubbing elbows with VM.

Liz a teenage rape victim and nurse was suddenly having unprotected sex with the brother's Grimm without even bothering to get tested for STDs or HIV.

Nic's best pairing was Emily, but Guza blew that to heck, by KILLING the character!

LnL666666 make me want to puke whenever their in a scene together.

Welcome back to GH, Brenda! I suggest you buy a bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage and play the drinking game every time Guza speaks to the media.

thank you for a wonderful blog. It is so much fun to read. I was sucked back into watching GH to see the return of Brenda (did you hear Vanessa Marcil whatever is coming back to GH?) LOL. I do believe Guza will make Sam and Brenda BFF's. Robin and Brenda's friendship will not be mentioned again.

I was laughing to myself with the whole "I ran into my BFF in Africa and I am just mentioning now" scene. Really Robin never once mentioned her BFF to Patrick. Perhaps Robin and Patrick have bigger problems than his cheatn'g ways if she has never mentioned HER BFF to her husband.

UGH... all ready dreading the return -- all the focus will be on Carly, Jason, Sonny, Jax and Brenda now--- Spinelli will hopefully be joining Bobby Martin on AMC in the attic soon-- I am so over that character.

I still don't get the Claire thing--- why is she hanging around the man she wants to arrest --but luckily once Brenda hits Port Charles we won't see much of her...

I was thinking-- what would be fun is if Guza got creative and had Jagger return to Port Charles and romance Brenda. He could arrest Sonny and Jason in his spare time and GH could once again be a drama I could watch.....

Brenda's back next week? Why didn't somebody tell me!

Though I must say, and I hate this because I'm playing right into Guza's hands, I'm gonna check out her return. I remember the buzz about her last return when she showed just in time to screw up Jax/Sky and Carly/Sonny. Fun times.

I'm looking forward to Vanessa, I'm even looking forward to Brenda, but I am NOT looking forward to Brenda / Sonny. The character moved on past Sonny years ago and yet, here we are, somehow the mob and Sonny are going to be involved with her life. Truly, of the three, Jason is the only one who I think she has any real business with. Things were ended with Jax, Sonny was parked over in friends territory - and while we are on the subject, why would Robin - knowing everything Brenda and Sonny went through and how long it took for Brenda to get out of Sonny's orbit - give Sonny her contact info?

And forgive - I'm not watching regularly. But the last time I tuned in for several episodes, Claire was trying to prosecute Sonny. An episode from this week, she wants to have his baby?? WTH? I mean, I shouldn't be surprised - half the female cast have been pregnant by Sonny at one point or another, but .. really? Is this for real or some sort of plot set up something or other (please, please, please ..)?

How is it Sonny manages to have three love interests (Claire, Olivia, & Brenda) at one time? How is this even fair?

ladybug i disagree with you about nem being a good pairing they were one big chemistry less cheesy pairing. that not only has past lives that make no sense but got a horrible ressurrection last year.
they are planning to put nik with brook now so that hsould be interesting

i'm actually kinda embarassed for vm for coming back to the show when its in the mess it is right now. especially since sonny's kids( that look nothing like him by the way) are runnig all over town being disrespectful. hey didnt sonny not want to be with brenda because lily was preggers.he has claire walsh blackmailing him for another child. jason is even more boring than he was before and sadly they'll try to pair her with him as well as have her prop sam

I agree it was totally cheesy the way Robin casually mention Brenda to her husband...who was clearly clueless which makes no sense. Probaly the reason this was done is that the two characters will rarely be seen together. That is why their so call reunion was done off camera in Africa. To give more screen time to Sonny, Jason, Jax, Carly, maybe even Sam and Spinelli. Anybody, but Robin... who is in need of a friend. I remember when soaps use to take there time to establish the characters before setting up the next storyline/plot...Instead in was rushed over without knowing anything, more time could have been setting it up without giving too much away. Yes poorly done I'd say.
And I am ready for Lucky to find out already. I hope this does not turn out like baby Micheal's or Carly's paternity. When audience knew way too long.

So, we are to assume that in NO TIME in all the years that Patrick & Robin have known each other and have been together, that none of the following scenarios has EVER occured...

1) Seeing a picture of Robin & Brenda that would cause Patrick to casually ask "Hey, who's that?"

2) After he sees Robin hanging up from a phone call with Brenda, he would casually ask, "Hey, who was that?"

3) During wedding preparations, Robin would sigh sadly and say "I really wish Brenda would be able to come.", to which Patrick would ask "Hey, who's that?"


You know when you read a really bad fanfic (I'm a nerd...don't judge) that's full of grammatical errors and contains no capital letters and you say "Boy, this is really bad." This is like that...only worse, because these people are supposedly professionals and get paid.


It is ridiculous that after over 4 years of Patrick and Robin knowing each other that Robin never once talked about Brenda with Patrick. But its the sort of crappy illogical writing I've come to expect from this writing regime.

I actually feel kind of sorry for VM! They are treating her return like the second coming-no one person can save this show unless it is a new head writer!

Why oh why is Guza still there?????

Hubby and I watch "Top Gear" on BBC America every Monday night. It sounds odd for a girl to enjoy this show, but if you haven't watched it, you should, if for nothing more than the adorable Richard "the Hamster" Hammond. Cute on a 4 1/2 ft. British stick.

I digress.

Tonight while watching "Top Gear," smack in the middle of the usually expected commercials for Valvolene, Mercedes and assorted other testosterone-laden products was a LENGTHY "Brenda is Back" General Hospital promo. On BBC America. During a show for gear heads.

I believe I am a rarity in the world of females who watch Top Gear, even in the world of "forced to" by husbands and/or significant others. So why the HELL would they choose to pay for advertising during such a manly hour of television??

Is it possible Guza had something to do with it? If it makes no sense, it generally reeks of having his sticky, closet-pedophile fingers all over it. Ack.

I heart Jonathan Jackson so much. He makes every scene he's in worth watching, even with the increasingly droll and boring Nikolas and Liz.

Lucky needs a really exciting story, JJ's got so much charisma and Lucky has so much history. He's a legacy character, he should be the biggest star of GH right now, not a couple of immoral gangsters

GH's best scenes are when the dialogue is realistic. I hope that they can tone down the plot and get back to character development. I will survive if no one is killed in a hail of bullets or an explosion.

Speaking of kill...why do the writers ALWAYS kill off a seemingly meaty storyline? Kiefer! This is why I started tuning in again. Why all of the development with Kristina getting beat only to have him hit by Alexis of all people! Why couldn't that storyline have ended more realistically?

Follow through!!! The reason viewers loved the Stone storyline so much: realistic dialogue and follow through.

So, let's all hope that that the writers get their heads out of the dark place.

May I suggest that writers kill off Sam, Jason will be in a period of mourning, and Brenda can repay him for all the times he was there for her.

And finally, stop with the whole Brenda'a living somewhere we don't care about with people we don't care about and get her back to PC ASAP!

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