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August 24, 2010

Hi, Infidelity

This is what I just do not understand about General Hospital:

(And, really, it says a lot about the current state of this show that off the top of your heads, you probably thought of at least 27 different endings for that sentence!)

The show has a story that actually manages to be entertaining. ON PURPOSE. This is rare in and of itself, and it's all the more noteworthy when you factor in how problematic the story is, premise-wise (a Fatal Attraction knockoff? How not at all cheesy and played out. And that's not even taking into account how annoying it was that they even had Patrick cheat with Lisa so grossly) and airtime-wise (as in, it got very little and what it did get was paced horribly). The story features hot, young medical professionals: one said medical professional we actually saw grow up onscreen, and another turned out to be incredibly adept at being crazy. And the story, rushed though it may be, came to a head today with a highly anticipated Robin/Patrick confession/confrontation scene.

So why, why, why did these scenes seem so shoehorned in to today's otherwise unremarkable episode? Shouldn't they have had a more prominent role? Or the last scene of the episode, at the very least? Is there really a segment of the audience out there thinking to themselves, "I need to see more of Sonny being arrested for the thousandth time. And the more detail, the better!"? There probably is, isn't there? Horrifying.

At any rate, while the show might not have appreciated today's Scorpio-Drake scenes, I certainly did and am utterly grateful to Awesome Writer for writing them. We should send Awesome Writer a fruit basket. Or, even better, a cupcake tower. And all three players were fantastic!

Brianna Brown had one note to play: WHACKADOO. And she played it with gusto.

Lisa, expressing shock that Robin and Patrick were concerned when their daughter went missing: You two were really worried?

Lisa: Okay, Robin. Breathe. I think you're turning this into something it's not.

Lisa: You know that therapist you talked to about post partum depression? You might want to talk to her next about paranoia.

Robin: You took my daughter.
Lisa: For ice cream!

That is endlessly amusing to me. Taking a child without the consent of her guardian is frowned upon in all circumstances but dessert circumstances!

Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough had all sorts of emotions to convey: shock, numbness, rage, fear, guilt and heartache.



And they conveyed them so damn well.

While Lisa was responding blithely and, let me say it again, crazily to the kidnapping accusations, you could actually see Patrick's sheer terror that he was trying to hide. And when the confession came--oh, man. It physically pained him to say the words out loud.

Patrick: Lisa's been able to get away with everything because I was afraid of what she would say.
Robin: What would she say? Come on, you're scaring me.
Patrick: Robin, while you were in Africa, I slept with Lisa.

If you've ever been the recipient of devastating news of the romantic or non-romantic variety, you know how it feels: there's a pit in your stomach, your ears start to ring a little and you probably cry, but you're so surprised that you are just numb overall. That's exactly how Robin reacted, and I loved it. Well, I didn't love it, but you know what I mean: it was so (painfully) realistic, much more than immediately jumping to rage.

Robin: I just want to make sure I heard you right.
Patrick: I slept with Lisa the night you came home from Africa. I had too much to drink, and it just...
Robin: Well, then, that explains a lot. (Starts to cry)
Patrick: I'm sorry. It was a mistake, and I've never regretted anything more in my life.
Robin: I'm such an idiot.
Patrick: You're not an idiot, please don't say that.
Robin: I am. I actually thought my husband would be faithful to me.

Robin: "Just one time"? Yeah, just once. Just once you broke our marriage vows. Just (voice breaks) once you betrayed me. Just once you let me think I was paranoid when Lisa was dropping those hints because you didn't want her to tell me the truth.
Patrick, crying now: I was scared, okay? 
Robin: Do you want to be with her? Is that it? Are you just staying with me because we're married and have a baby?
Patrick: No, I want to be with you. I've always just wanted you.
Robin: You've been distant. You've been avoiding me.
Patrick: Because the guilt was killing me. Listen, I know I don't deserve you, but--
Robin: No, you don't. You're right about that. And I know that I've been distant at times, and we've always had our problems, but I thought we'd get past that. So what, were you getting back at me for going to Africa?
Patrick: It's not that.
Robin: You thought "Robin's leaving me in this life that I never asked for, so I'll just get back at her by sleeping with Lisa".
Patrick: Robin, please listen to me. I love you. I've always loved you.
Robin: Do you know what that means? I don't think you do, because if you did, you sure as hell wouldn't have gone and trashed our marriage.

THEN came the fury.

Robin: SHUT UP. Just shut up. I refuse to listen to your lies and your excuses any more.
Patrick: Robin, I know we can get past this. We can work through--
Robin, picking up their wedding picture and throwing it at the door: Are you happy now? I broke something. So why don't you go out and get yourself a shiny new frame and convince yourself that everything that's broken can be fixed?
Patrick: Robin--
Robin: Get out. I will not look at you pouting any longer.

It was some damn good soap. Jason Thompson and, especially, Kimberly McCullough were SO, SO good. Watching them pull that off in such a stellar way made me angry all over again that this show refuses to treat them as major players and instead made them supremely talented dayplayers.  


Brief thoughts about the rest of today's show:

  • Vanessa Marcil looks cuter in leggings and a t-shirt than any person has a right to.
    I have officially been watching too much True Blood, because I keep thinking about what supernatural creature she could be, since she's obviously not human.
  • Brad Rowe and Murphy are just the blandest of the bland, no? I don't buy him at all as the superstar actor from "that spy picture". The "guy who does forgettable guest spots on mediocre television shows and made-for-television movies", yes. But movies that people would pay to see? No.
  • I will let Dante sum up his father's unique attempt to mount a legal defense:

Sonny: You think if I wanted him dead I would have walked away and not finished the job?
Dante: Well, that's gotta be a first. You're using your efficiency as a killer as your defense?

  • Even when she's playing Sonny, Claire manages to be supremely annoying. I had always thought that the enemy of my enemy was my friend or, if not my friend, than at least a character who didn't make me vomit on sight, but UGH. I think I might be allergic to Dahlia Salem.
  • When Claire played the incriminating tape, Ronnie actually looked turned out, and it was disturbing.

    Keep it to yourself, Dirty Bird.
  • Duh Face!
  • If the episode hadn't included all of the Robin/Patrick dramatic goodness, my favorite part of today's show probably would have been Sonny staring out the window of the interrogation room.
    It looks like he is thinking of some sort of profound metaphor about doors and windows, but that can't possibly be it, since we all know he has no idea what a metaphor is. He is most likely struggling to understand Claire's comment, "The game is over. You tried to play me and you lost", thinking to himself, "The game is over? I never even saw her roll the dice".


So much word on todays shows in regards to Robin and Patrick and Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson! I was doing all right with no tears until that last scene. When Robin breaks down after kicking Patrick out and it cuts to Patrick looking in the window. No words were needed and it was so heartbreaking and gutwrenching! They better get EMMY noms for this next year, dammit!

Jason and Kimberly were simply magnificent, and the story was told with honesty and pain. I simply do not understand why they are not the center of this show instead of the ever-boring mob garbage.

I ask myself why they are not telling human stories that resonate with an audience like this story? Can anyone really relate to the mob, their power struggles, their illegal businesses, their abusive behavior? If this show would dump the mob and concentrate on families and relationships in character-driven stories, they would be the show to watch once again.

Congratulations to Jason and Kimberly for outstanding performances in today's show. It really is must-see TV.

I've been checking this site since it aired today waiting for a post on those scenes. I loved them - agree that they seemed a bit shoehorned into the episode, but I'll take what I can get! The last line about the pouting was my favourite!

I had to watch-- that is why soaps were invented ---drama..
Kimberly was spot on-- that was how I imagined Robin would react. Jason Thompson was amazing b/c he made me feel sympathy for Patrick. Why oh why are they on the center of this show????? I am invested in this couple for close to 5 years.

I don't care about mob hits and Sonny's children. I really wish Brenda's return was as a friend to Robin-- have her rush back to PC to comfort Robin. I love when Brenda is all protective of Robin. Oh well... never gonna happen.

Kudos to Kimberly and Jason-- they were both on their a game today.

I'll take a billion scenes like Robin and Patrick's today and everyone else can keep the rest of the garbage. The best thing I can say about the rest of the episode was that it ties up much less of my time when I get to FF the DVR through all the boring parts. I think I nearly vomited when I saw Jason carrying Sam.

Ginger, that would actually involve thought and humanity.

Kimberly and Jason were absolutely fantastic today, but when aren't they?

Hey, how come Robin didn't yell at Patty boy with red teary eyes and call him a manwhore, slut, b*tch and that he was rutting with farm animals? Oh, that's right, Robin is a woman and GH will never allow us gals to yell at a man that way...stupid show.

Ive said it a thousand times in soooooo many ways, Kimberly beyond ROCKED it today! Jason was good to but Kimberly took it to another level. I felt all of Robins pain today. From her disbelief, to her hurt, to her sadness, and then to her anger. I just wanted to reach in there and hug her. Kimberly sure as hell better get an Emmy nomination from today. Yes gh still sucks because they don't seem to understand what gold they have in Kimberly and Jason and Robin and Patrick as a couple and how truly AMAZING they are but you know what...so what! we fans, critics, audience as a whole hell, even people who aren't fans of scrubs understand and see the great amazing chemistry those 2 have. I just... my girl totally rocked today and scrubs totally stole the show. I'm glad Robin threw him out. I don't want a quick fix from this, Patrick brought this crazy bitch into their lives and poor Robin has to not only deal with all she has just learned but she also has to worry about her and her baby girls safety all because Patrick was to stupid to see that sleeping and cheating on his wife specially with that crazy ass bitch was a bad idea. Its not only the cheating but all the dam lies. I want scrubs together but I also want Patrick to suffer and beg, plead and beg some more before Robin lets him back in her life. I honestly don't see her trusting him anytime soon. all that trust and faith is gone. dam, Kimberly and jason are AMAZING together. to bad gh doesn't seem to understand what everyone else does but that being said, I knew that Kimberly and Jason would bring it today but they truly surpassed my expectations, specially Kimberly. Simply AMAZING.

The Robin and Patrick scenes felt so raw and real, it was like I was watching a different show when they were on. Kimberly was fabulous today and I so hope she gets an emmy nom for this. It's such a shame that GH barely writes for her most of the time. My heart broke for Robin. And I'm glad they let Awesome Writer out of the closet for this because Robin's dialogue was great.

Lisa continues to be much more interesting as a crazy person than she was before. Brianna Brown was fairly mediocre as non-crazy Lisa and may be pretty one-note as an actress, but at least her one note (playing crazy) is a good one.

I've been reading here for a long long time, mainly to keep up with OLTL because I've been so busy working. I recently came back to GH upon hearing Brenda was coming back. I am SHOCKED by how thin she looks. Then I look at all of the other women on this show and they are really thin. I'm not body snarking, please don't get me wrong. But what in the hell is going on? I mean, is it in their contract to be super skinny or what? I'm confused. And as a woman who has suffered with ED for most of my life and been through treatment, it is wayyy to triggering for me to sit through GH now. It even appears to me that KM is looking thin too. Maybe it's just me?

The Scrubs dialogue made me cry .. sob, sob!

I haven't watched the scenes yet - I need to "immunize" myself to what happens in them by reading lots of recaps, before I have any chance of watching them and not falling onto the ground in despair. (Yes, I'm a Scrubs (mainly Patrick) diehard).

But even though I think Patrick cheating was wrong - and I think the writers are despicable for even writing it - and I in no way condone the lying that followd, I also don't think I can handle it if Robin refuses to take any responsibility for the way she's been acting - pushing him away, making decisions without any regard for him, or Emma for that matter.

Again, I don't think it excuses the cheating or the lying, but the way Robin is written at times - Little Miss Judgemental proclaiming "see all things you've done wrong, while I'm perfect and completely innocent" - is a disservice to both the storyline, and the couple.

Wow, I'm obviously more upset about this than I realised.

While I'm ranting, I've been wanting to put this out there for a while - the writers better have some "ace up their sleeve" when it comes to why Patrick slept with Lisa. Perhaps she put an inhibition lowering drug in his drink that night.

Yep, it'll probably be a few weeks before I can watch my beloved Patrick again.

Wow KMc should get a emmy nod for that last scene alone.For the first time in a long time. I watch gh live and tape it too.And if Guza had brain which he dont he would give these two fine actor/actress more airtime.

Right on the money -- GH soap fans, regardless of whether Scrubs fans, thought all of the Robin and Patrick scenes were good.

Amazing, ain't it, when GH writes something other than mob.

And, I have always thought that the writers have ignored Scrubs. Apparently, they only like to write for relationships that have the depth of the water in a Dixie cup.

I LOVED today! This is the mudhole I've been wanting to see Robin stomp in Patrick's ass since 2007-and it was great, and I was screaming, "THAT'S RIGHT! PREACH IT!" But it would have been so much more enjoyable if JT hadn't made me actually feel BADLY for Patrick. Damn him, lol.

But I LOVED every line of Robin's, Kimberly brought it to so many different levels-AW gave her a chance to shine, and did she freakin' ever! I don't think I've cried this hard since Robin and Stone, truly! From "I'm such an idiot", to "Just once...., to "Do you even know what that word MEANS?", to "SHUT UP! I refuse to listen to your lies and excuses anymore!", to "GET OUT! I refused to look at you pouting any longer!" OMG! I actually rewatched today's show-voluntarily, plus there was lots of OTHER good shit on that I could have been watching instead, AND I had rented The Last Song to watch w/my child....and I STILL rewatched! Do you know how long it's been since that happened? I can't believe it-I may ACTUALLY be excited for this show! Quick, someone slap me-I think I'm delusional, lol!

Now I expect that Guza will try to backpedal and blame Patrick's behavior on Robin-b/c, as everyone knows, men wouldn't fuck up if us wimmens didn't make them do it :rolls eyes so far back in head they may be stuck:. Sorry, Guza, not this time-see, had you given Robin reading her diary and reminiscing about Stone more than one day of airtime, had you remembered to write dialogue where she specifically stated that she was going to Africa b/c of Stone....but you didn't. And, therefore, no matter what you try to sell in the mags, you didn't WRITE IT THAT WAY-whereas you made sure we saw every second of Patrick fawning all over Lisa at Jake's, and being all jealous of her, and snarking at Robin b/c she wanted to stay home w/her child instead of going out drinking every night. YOU, Guza, dug this hole for Patrick-YOU will have to dig him out of it, and not on Robin's back.

And, yes, is this Brad Rowe person like a chemistry vacuum or something-VMG's working her tiny, preternaturally beautiful little heinie off trying to get something, ANYTHING out of her scenes w/this guy and......:crickets:. Please, God, let her get back to PC, soon, so that I no longer have to see Murphy, Suzanne's distracting cleavage, OR that damned hotel room/apartment/whatever it is again.

The Robin/Patrick scenes are what Soaps are or should I say should be all about not the damn MOB. I think that Kimberly knocked those scenes right out of the ball park. Jason was great you could feel the pain oozing out of both of them. They deserve emmys this year. If Guza had more hospital/doctor/ordinary people scenes and not the constant mob crab GH would be back on top. Too bad he doesn't realize the gems he has in Kimberly and Jason.

i dislike scrubs and have always thought they were boring however i love kmc and i'd chosoe her over seeing mykill, shriektina, and dumbte as well tc's nik, sam dullassmcccall and st. jaysus anyday

i think i am allergic to Dahlia Salem as well. she is not pretty enough for me to mind and her character has never even been remotely interesting. why is she still on this show? i'd rather watch rebecca in bitch mode than watch claire babywantingwalsh

Emmy nods? Surely you jest? They are neither mob affiliated or Jonathan Jackson. I doubt seriously we see Emmy nods for them. I wish that wasn't the case but I just don't see it happening for the 2 simple reasons above.

Hell to the yeah on Robin and Patrick's soapy drama yesterday! Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson killed it. It's nothing new but yesterday was something truly special. I was loving it and hating at the same time. However, I am completely dismayed by the lack of airtime. Patrick's cheating was bad enough but if you are going to go there and dump a mountain sized portion of FA on top of it then at least have the freaking decency or commonsense to give the s/l the airtime it deserves!

your recap of Robin and Patrick almost convinced me to start watching again...then I saw the picture of sonny and though well maybe not ;-)

Please, please, PLEASE tell me you'll do some kind of write-up of Robin's delicious smackdown of Lisa today.

Ditto to Sherrell. The recap almost made me want to watch...but then I remembered that this is the show that Sonny Corinthos ate.

i haven't watched GH in forever but i tuned in for the patrick robin drama so i'm probably tardy to the party but dear god who is responsible for the horibleness that is maxie's hair

That this happened to Robin just BREAKS MY HEART. So, so much. Because not only did she get basically slapped in the face, the idea that a good, devoted faithful spouse is just NOT ENOUGH got totally reinforced. See: Mac and Felicia.


Seriously, Mac and Robin need to relocate to somewhere that is NOT crazytown. And bring Emma before the boy who pulls her pigtails in kindergarten and to whom she lends pencils shoves mud in her face before walking off with the little girl with blonde pigtails. UGHUGHUGH.

Lucky and Robin need to go hang out. And possibly snuggle. And let their awesome kids be awesome together.

Seriously I've said this before, why couldn't they have tied Brenda's story into the Valentine Cassadine story we've been promised since God was a boy. Two birds killed with one stone, instead of Brad Pitt lite. Isn't the Russian mob part of this storyline and aren't the Cassadines Greco-Russian?

Lucky and Robin need to go hang out.

You mean the Lucky that slept with Maxie twice in the marriage bed that he shared with Liz four years ago? Or, the Lucky that deliberately slept with Sam in September 2007 then came home and threw it in his wife's face? How about the Lucky/Sarah affair in 2002 behind Liz's back?

I feel sorry for Robin, but Lucky can fall off a cliff because his poop DOES stink.

ITA with you LadyBug. I wish he'd mind his own damn business.

Jason Thompson was great, but Kimberly was awesome. Her dialogue and her acting just made me zone in on her and ride out the emotions she was going through. Seriously, girl killed it.

Jason and Kimberly took it to another level. I felt both Robin AND Patrick's pain. They are always so real when they are given actual material to work with. It's a shame that it happens so seldom.

Of course they won't get any nominations from this. Only Scrubs fans seem to appreciate them.

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