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August 31, 2010

If Looks Could Kill

Today's One Life to Live certainly gave us some interest looks.  Starting with the looks they gave each other...


Shaun gave Greg a suspicious smirk.


Matthew looked at Clint like he was insane.


Ford gave Nate a death glare.  Seriously, he looked at him like this about fourteen times today.  Full-on death glare.


Eli's eyebrows feigned a look of hurt shock.


Blair gave Eli a look of pure revulsion.


And Starr gave Ford a patented Starr eye roll.

And I was just saying the other day that one of the Cramer girls of the younger generation should throw a little variety into the hairdo mix, and what do you know!


Langston got a haircut!  Okay, it's still long and layered without bangs, but the layers are choppier and it's a bit shorter and I don't even know if I like it or not, but it works because she looks a little more like a college student (and less like an actress with neutral hair).  And am I seeing things?  Did she throw in a little burgundy as well?  I also have to say that this new look was the most realistic "college" thing that happened at today's alleged freshman orientation (which could've been subtitled Several Segments of Awkwardly Worded Exposition).  Oh, college would've been so awesome if there were no such thing as prerequisites.  And it's not to say that the throwback mention of Starr's former obsession with insects and reptiles wasn't appreciated, it's just that you'd really have to ace the the freaking magical hell out of some AP Science exams to place into an entomology course your first semester of college.  But hey, Starr obviously got straight A's since that's pretty easy when you're a teen mother and your boyfriend keeps trying to kill your rape-y, grumpy dad and you spent half your senior year in some sort of peril.

But of course I'll leave you with the most fun look of the day:


Destiny out!


Clint's really annoying me. So is Matthew. I get that he hates Nate, but he shouldn't order his dad to fire a woman just because she's related.

And I'm glad that Blair didn't buy Eli's BS. It was so stupid and contrived. I used to like evil Eli, but now he's cartoonish and I just want him gone.

Matthew has to look bad because 40 year old Nate is a flop and this is their way of generating pity for him, and for the mother who is younger than he is. It's the laziest writing possible (love this character, ____ is so mean to him!) and guarantees I will never like any of those involved.

I kind of love Langston's new hair. I'm not a lover of bangs. Hah, I look horrible with bangs.

Matthew is so annoying lately. I fast forward through his scenes. On the other hand, I like Clint's little-bit-of-evil. And all the mentions of Kim give me hope that she'll return (or be recast).

Langston now looks 10 years older than Starr. Starr still looks 13.

Too bad Blair caught on way too late. I can't even enjoy her yelling at Eli because she's been so stupid for too long where he is concerned.

Carl, I quite agree. I don't mind Matthew going a bit dark but not if it's to make Nate look so saintly. Especially since they've had Matthew feel guilty about being awful to Nate and apologize to him more than once, and then the next time we see Matthew (like two weeks later, usually), he's on the warpath again. It's a shame because I find Eddie Alderson to be easily the most talented actor among the ever-expanding youth set on this show.

I remain deeply sad about what has become of Blair and Elijah. Deeply sad. I did like their confrontation and hope it continues today but, dammit, turning him into the Ultimate Evil just blows.

And I lament the mere hint that she's going to be thrown back at Todd, who's made it clear she doesn't even register to him as someone who remotely matters, so she can get reamed again when Tea's revealed as not dead at all.

This show is on its last legs with me.

Dandesun, me too. They even have hot chemistry in their "battle" scenes. I mean of course that makes it hard to watch because it means the beginning of the end. So disappointing. I, too, do not want to see Blair anywhere near Todd other than by necessity, discussing their (now four) shared children.

I don't think they're just making Matthew "evil" just to prop up Nate. Hopefully the scene with Clint implies that they actually are setting Matthew up to choose whether or not to follow Asa's legacy like Clint, which has the potential to be pretty interesting, especially if it plays up Matthew's status as a young legacy character.

While I'm unhappy with the show overall still, especially with Eli getting thrown under the bus, I did love the scenes between Clint and David, which were enough to make me (a little) optimistic about the show.

Really, really hate Evil Eli. Have hated him since he became evil. Have seen him as cartoonish from the day he became evil. OLTL hate right around the corner.

Evil Eli ---- John McBore has to save the day as SuperCop, so I am not surprised that the character went evil.

Louise, I haven't watched this episode yet (I'm 3 episodes behind), but I couldn't stop myself from risking spoilers by reading your post. Hilarious! I always love your observations and your screen shots, but when I read "Eli's eyebrows feigned a look of hurt shock" and saw the accompanying picture, it just sent me screaming to the floor with laughter! You are awesome!

That is the most intense collection of "I smell a fart" looks I have seen in one place!

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