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August 02, 2010

If Santa Showed Up in August

Yes, Virginia, there would be a Santa Claus if the last line of today's One Life to Live turned out to be true. To recap, Tea spent much of the episode recounting her various weddings to Todd and then took a trip down memory lane via a photo album, which I figured was the show just having a little fun with the fact that Roger Howarth was playing Todd for their first two weddings.  Of course the show did actually try to justify that particular recast by claiming that Todd had deliberately had plastic surgery to change his face in order to conceal his identity (is that how they're going to explain Ross?), but really, this miraculous plastic surgeon also changed his bone structure, his height, his body type, the hue of his eye color, and his complexion. Even Dani took a gander at the old photos today and asked her "dad" if he ever misses his old face.  To wit:


Old Todd.


New Todd.

The old photos ended up meaning a little more than I originally thought they did when the episode ended with Tea coming in and announcing that the wedding is off because this man is "not Todd Manning!"


My first instinct was to jump up and down and be totally shocked and blown away in a way I haven't since pre-internet soap-viewing days when you got no spoilers or up-to-the-second casting announcements and things sometimes did truly come as a huge shock.  Then I remembered who I am, where I am, and when I am.  And I remembered how much this show has disappointed at almost every turn lately, and that the world just couldn't be this kind. 

And then as if the universe wanted to provide confirmation that nothing awesome was happening at all, we got a standard non-reaction from Todd.


Yeah.  I'm assuming tomorrow she'll explain something about how the real Todd Manning wouldn't be this loving and wonderful and passive and would've fought her and fought cancer and... oh god, I don't know.  Some tedious figure of speech.

Or it's the tumor talking.

But I mean... right?  How awesome would it be?  A serious, hardcore, major, blow-everyone-away revelation?  Maybe this is Bennett Thompson!  And he was never Todd!  Or he was really Walker Lawrence!  Or just... anything!  It's just killing me how much I'm dying for a real, honest-to-goodness, shocking, soapy revelation.  Is it just me?  Is it?  Anyone?


In other news, I feel compelled to mention that I went to see Michael Lowry's (now-ex-Ross) band play the other night (awesome as always) and Terrell Tilford (Greg) was there and, damn, is that man attractive.  Perhaps Detective Price could get injured in the line of duty sometime soon and have a few scenes with Dr. Greg?  That would be a whole lot of pretty.

Speaking of Greg, he has this little sister.  Her name is Destiny.  Destiny out.


I guess Tea will remember the good old days when Todd punched her in the face and showed up to their wedding in a glass coffin.

All the characters in this story, Blair, Tea, worthless Danielle, Todd, Eli, Starr, Jack, are just pathetic.

I seriously doubt RH would go back to OLTL, he hated that fans loved his character. As for TSJ, he's an excellent actor and has made Todd his own. Too many times these actors go back to their soaps (GT) for example, and all you want is for them to leave, immediately!

I think it will just turn out to be Tea losing her mind because of the tumor. Having it actually turn out that the Todd we've known for years was an impostor the whole time would be too made of awesome for the show as it exists now (not because I dislike Trevor St. John or his interpretation of Todd or anything like that, but just because it would be one hell of a twist).

Honestly, it was the most enjoyment I had from OLTL in a long time. It reminded me of the curveballs Ron used to love throwing back when the show was a lot of fun rather than just kind of better than AMC and GH.

My first thought was, 'YES!' but then I was like, if that was even remotely true then we have two problems:
If it's Flynn Lawrence then he should have been super focused on Natalie these last few years, or at least overly involved with her life like he is with Starr because Flynn was all about getting Natalie to want him, every discussion was, 'Run away with me Natalie, you're a bad girl, I'm a psycho, you're hot, I'm a psycho, you're family doesn't understand you, I'm a psycho' and Natalie being all, 'Hell to the no, you nutbar'
If it's Walker Lawrence then he should give a whole lot more of a damn about Jessica because he was all about her being the last of his family and Mitch's daughter.
Either way his interactions with the twins should have been better then they have been these last few years, though actual Todd adored Jessica and saw a lot of himself in Natalie so that should have been the note that's been played with them either way.
In other words, Louise don't get your hopes up, these writers wouldn't know a good story if it bit them in the ass.
Though the Natalie stuff was really soapy good today but I think that's more Melissa Archer and surprisingly the Nat/Gigi friendship then the writing and the OTT fantasy/nightmare sequences about the truth coming out.

I want this story line sooOOOooo bad.

I doubt it would happen, for all the reasons already mentioned.

But it could be a way to make the Bennet Thompson story slightly less awful if somehow Tea's tumor got her thinking that Todd was Bennet Thompson and she spent all this time trying to convince everyone of this, only to find out that Blair's new husband was actually him.

Okay, I know that doesn't really sound much better, but it really seems like these actors could play it right.

As an original recipe TnT fan, and a Roger's Todd fan, I was jumping up and down. That scene, along with the first two of yesterday's show where Tea freaked out on him, are like my own personal canon now.

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