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August 05, 2010

My Kingdom for One Good Personality Trait

I spent much of today's episode wondering if I was supposed to despise Spinelli. The writing obviously makes the case that I'm supposed to, because he is WHOLLY unlikable in extreme and ALL CAPS ways, but...since when do the writers actually hit what they're aiming for? Rarely, if ever, right? Which leads me to believe that we are just supposed to shake our heads at all of this and say, "Oh, Spinelli. You awesome, adorable, lovable scamp." And I may watch this show every day and spend a disturbing amount of time thinking about it, but that is one thing you will not get me to do, show!

Diane: I think you want me to assure you that I can keep him out of jail.
Spinelli: Yes, I do. Okay, with deepest respect, in light of the exorbitant retainer Stone Cold pays you to look after his legal affairs, some of which the Jackal is most familiar because it is I who oversees Stone Cold's financial affairs...Jason pays you a fortune. The least you could do is try to keep him in jail.

Lucky: Spinelli, wait. I know it's you, come on. It's Lucky Spencer. I need your help.
Spinelli: Of course you do. The Jackal is always expected to provide prompt assistance, but when Stone Cold was dragged off in shackles, his so-called allies in law enforcement were conspicuously absent. Yourself included.

Lucky, after reminding Spinelli that, you know, a baby's life is in danger here: I owe you, thanks.
Spinelli: Yes, you do. 

Because it's not bad enough that Spinelli's main characteristic is his pathological obsession with a hitman (who, by the way, AGREED TO THIS DEAL IN THE FIRST PLACE and also KILLS PEOPLE FOR A LIVING AND SHOULD BE IN JAIL ANYWAY, so either way, his incarceration is far from unjust), right? No, the writers had to add about ten layers of petulance and a healthy dose of unearned condescension to the mix. And the end result of that unholy recipe was horror.

The only reasons I am not fervently hoping for Spinelli to get caught in the crossfire of the next mob war are that thought of Bradford Anderson being unemployed makes me sad (because I do find him talented when he has the right material; the problem is that he never has the right material, ever. The material he has is the opposite of right, on steroids) and I have the feeling that putting a "I wish that GH would kill this character..." thought out into the universe would result in the sudden murder of Tracy Quartermaine. I will instead deal with my hatred in a more socially appropriate manner, such as glaring at my TV like a crazy person and hurling angry, non-sensical insults at it like...well, like Sonny Corinthos. And when mimicking Sonny Corinthos is the more appropriate thing to do, I think we can all agree that things in Port Charles are broken.


Spinelli's primary focus is to be a boil on Jason's backside...... Seriously, when is Spinelli going to get his own life and stop kissing Jason's tush?

I now know that the purpose of Spixie was to make Spinelli bearable by teaming him with a vapid airhead. Now that Maxie has let go of her obligation he needs to die. I can't think of a character that I find as loathsome as Spinelli. He's self-righteous, hypocritical and downright despicable. And did I mention that he's a criminal and should be locked up next to Jason in prison. I hope AWESOME Writer is reading this blog and the comments....Please kill Spinelli.

Oh holy jumped up jesus palamino, Mallory, DO NOT compare yourself to SONNY CORINTHOS!!! I can only hope the heat of the summer and perhaps those "save the soap bloggers" quaaludes and scotch we promised you (and hopefully you have received) have put you into a feverish state of delirium to have said such a horrid thing. Ee-fuckin-gads.

That said, let me state up front that I have talked to Bradford Anderson on a couple of non-soap-related occasions, and he is not only a tremendously talented actor but a really wonderful person. He has been wronged in about 5000 ways by Guza and his character-impaling pen of death.

I have been a big Spinelli supporter since the early days, especially when he began to show some heart and substance beyond the "geek speak" annoyingness. He had some really stellar moments with Steve Burton, and, dare I say, he even pulled some mighty-fine, EMOTION-FILLED performances from the usually robotic Jason Morgan.

Spinelli actually had a pretty huge following, especially during his pining-for-Lulu days, but Guza is like a rampant STD, infecting every character that has any possibility of shining. It seems like if the fans like a character, then he has to find a way to kill it.

I continued to love Spinelli, even with decreasing screen time and his increasingly irritating ways...but in the past few weeks, he has turned into some kind of asshat with what appears to be no redeeming qualities left. Even the breakup with Maxie was a complete non-event, even after all the buildup of that pairing. Now he's just - a douchey mob dork.

Sigh. Fly and be free, Bradford. I know you can do better.

Can we talk about the show's revolting failure with subtlety? I mean, seriously, I know Guza is thinking, "AGH! The audience knows that Aidan is Lucky's but Lucky doesn't!!" The phone call with Spinelli 'what would you if it was your own son' and 'this is my adorable/precious NEPHEW' was passable, JJ kept a straight face, but didn't anyone notice him totally cracking up when he spoke to Karen's neighbor? 'he gets his looks from you' 'pretty special to be involved with your own baby' COME ON JJ's face was totally twitching and cracking up!

I loved Spinelli in the beginning with the Jasam capers and his Sonny-phobia, but now he has become cruel and unlikable. Bye-bye Bradford.

I want Spinelli to now be caught in someones crossfire. I never thought I would hate a character so much. Especially one that I use to like. I despise Spinelli more than ANY OTHER CHARACTER ON THIS SHOW. And that is saying a lot.

Ok first of all, Guza's "character impaling pen of death" had me in stitches (the funny ones, not ones caused by a bullet graze GH watchers), AND Mallory, what were you thinking, even putting the words "would result in the sudden murder of. . ." I can't say it. . .don't put that stuff out there in the universe! Jason forbid that happen! I don't know what will fix this broken show, but I know that LESS Quartermaines is definitely NOT the answer (hear that Guza?)

Every day I become more disgusted with myself for losing my temper and yelling at a fictional character on my tv.

Aw, hell, who cares.


I was one of those fans who really liked Spin back in the early days of his pining after Lulu and the fantasy sequence at the ball and all that stuff. And then it makes me mad that Guza killed off Georgie because I think she could've "redeemed" Spinelli way better than his inexplicable relationship with Maxie that I never really bought.

I would like to see either Spinelli caught in the crossfire, if he's to remain the incredibly obnoxious and horrible character he's become, or I'd like to see them explore the storyline regarding the diagnosis Matt Hunter made two years ago. I think Bradford could pull off a transformed Spinelli, a Spinelli who better understands why he acts the way he does and works on it, and maybe come out of the closet? I saw him on Veronica Mars where he played a gay teenager and he was really good.

lol i read on a gh board what storylines from the past yr would you undo. and someone said they would have put nik and rebecca together for good. i imediately started laughing and then thinknig of this blog.some people tke their nl and tc love to far. it didnt work on the show and didnt work in real life either. if guza brought that pairing back i would have to stop watching gh again.

if i oculd undo any storyline from last yr it would result in me just erasing the whole yr because all storylines conenct to jason anyway

Spinelli is a huge waste of space. I'd love for him to die in the next mob fight.

I've always been a Spinelli fan and didn't get the criticism that everyone threw at them. But every day now, I can barely stand him on my TV screen. The venom he continually spouts, the single track mind he has, it's disturbing. I almost want to FF him, which I never do to anyone.

"Spinelli's main characteristic is his pathological obsession with a hitman..."

How does this -- plus his ridiculous vocabulary (he seems like the kind of wordy guy who uses penultimate to mean "near the top") -- make him any different than Franco who is supposed to be EVIL!

Oh yeah, I'd rather look at Franco.

(This is not looks-ist towards the kid who plays Spinelli...more about my sleepy stoner attraction to James Franco, no matter how crazy he gets in real life)

Ugh. I hate him. Lucky had to emotionally blackmail Spinelli into helping rescue a newborn baby. He can DIAF. That is all.

I loathe Spinelli now, and it's sad to think about b/c I used to love him. It is so unlike me to completely turn on a character, but GH has accomplished this feat.

I would like for someone to just punch him in the face. I'm sick of his attitudes he likes to cop with everyone but Jason, Sam, and Carly. Law enforcement did not betray Jason. He was the genius who made a deal. Diane should have just busted him in the mouth, esp. considering that if Jason is going to prison after all this time in the mob (and by his own doing, no less), she must have been doing her damn job.

Better yet, where the hell is Agent Raynor when you need him????

I couldn't believe the way the Jackal talked to Diane and Lucky yesterday. It was so rude and ignorant and disrespectful. Every day I find myself hating this character more and more. And it is sad, because I once adored him, but he no longer has a heart. He needs to go. Seriously, he has no ties to the canvas anymore other than Jason and Sam. TPTB never gave him a family, he and Maxie are now split, so he has no purpose other than to piss me off. I agree that BA is talented, and I'm kinda sad for him that Guza never seemed to have any faith in him as an actor to develop the character more. There were moments when the crazy over the top Spinelli melted away and he showed compassion and genuine emotion, with Maxie and with Jason. But this Spinelli we're seeing now is just terrible. I really wish Diane had just slugged him right in the face. I would've cheered

I think Guza has a big hat and he randomly picks out a name of a character that he wants to destroy that fans used to like.

Nails on a chalkboard and blood sausage are more enjoyable than Spinelli. And I think BA is marvelous :-( he needs something decentish to do, so......

I think it may be time for severely overused soap cliche # 239. The "mysteriously arrived formerly unknown secret twin". A dapper clever snarky worldly gay assistant for Brenda perhaps? Marcelo Spinelli was raised in Rome or Milan by adoptive parents who didn't know he had a twin. Granny Spinelli only kept one baby to raise due to her age and income perhaps? I would enjoy seeing BA tackle a fun mature character like this, and maybe he likes Maxie, as they are both fashionistas.

Anything would be better than St Jasus's pet monkey.

I liked the comment about the hat and Guza picking out a name of a character that he chooses to destroy. Because it's not B.A.'s fault. He is acting out, what they are writing. But they have taken a character once again and morphed them into some sniveling menacing jerk. Agree also, that after Spixie fans were so devoted and the whole relationship of ups and downs, ended with the passion of a Activia commercial.

Of course, Guza is writing Spinelli like an a-hole. He found that Bradford Anderson and the character of Spinelli were becoming more popular than Sonny and Jason.


Preaching to the choir on this end. I have long loathed Spinelli - I liked him for bout a minute when I though that I would get Spin/Georgie. Other than that, then character has ALWAYS been an annoying ass-kisser. Yes, yes, Bradford is a lovely person in real life and I don't relish the idea of an out of work actor - but he's talented - he'll find find something soon. Sooo..


I think it is sad how awful they are making Spinelli out to be in these past couple of weeks. I mean, I get that Spinelli being so co-dependent on Jason would mean that he wasn't a Dante fan. But he is just so hateful towards him and then this week to anyone that hasn't been getting Jason out of jail.

I think to be so hateful to one person has to be justified, by personal experience or just their personality (Carly). And Spinelli has no true justification. Get over yourself Spinelli.

Somebody needs to check him before he gets wrecked.

I think TPTB are making Spinelli so unsympathetic right now because they are setting him up to be a bad guy, and in cahoots with Franco. . .perhaps where Franco gets all his inside info?? maybe. Then again, maybe it's just sucky writing!

What an awful character Spinelli has become. But I think TPTB still see him as a "good guy"---he was upset about Jason going to prison b/c Jason is the "sainted one" in Port Charles. However all I see on screen is a guy who needed to be blackmailed by Lucky to help find a baby..... his attitude was out of line....

Bethie and Sarah: you've both spent more time on a GH storyline than the entire writing team has all year. I liked drunk Spin and Lulu. After that, I was over him. Never outright hated him, but I get sick of his bellyaching.

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