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August 03, 2010

Sex, Lies and Obsession

I remain skeptical about a lot of the circumstances concerning Lisa's unhinged jump into the deep end of crazy, and when Robin found that her half of the pictures in her locker had been defaced, likely with a scalpel, I heaved a heavy sigh.


And to think I had been begrudgingly entertaining this take on Fatal Attraction. What the hell kind of soap crazy so obviously tips her hand like that? Yes, a soap crazy whose downward spiral is being penned by a writing staff that clearly doesn't want to let this story play out on the front burner, since it would detract from Franco, people talking about Franco, and Corinthos vs. Zacchara Part 328, but I also mean a soap crazy who is bad at what she does. What is she going to say when Robin confronts her? "Totally wasn't me. There's...someone else who is fixated on your husband, I heard. They had, like, a past or whatever, and is totally all over Patrick even though he's with me, I mean you. I wish I could be more of a help, but I have an appointment to sit and creepily caress a shirt of Patrick's that I've held onto for all of these years, so..."

Then I realized that an excuse like that might actually work, based on how easily she was able to convince Patrick that she was totally cool with moving on, so perhaps my disappointment was premature.

Lisa: Our friendship means more to me than some drunken hookup.
Patrick, to Coleman: She gets where I'm coming from. 

Oh, Patrick. I keep thinking of Donna's line to Andy on Parks and Recreation: you're fine, but you're simple.

With Phase 1 of her big plan (Hoodwink a moron into thinking you're not obsessed with him) complete, Lisa moved onto Phase 2, which is apparently tease the hell out of your hair after hoodwinking a moron into thinking you're not obsessed with him,

Lisa at Jake's:


Lisa at GH, when she attempted to smooth things over with Robin:


I am incredibly amused at the image of her sitting in front of a mirror, crazily talking to herself while attacking her head with a rattail comb. "Look at how big my hair is, Patrick. It's so big because it's filled with love for you. For us! This big hair symbolizes the magnitude of our unique connection. We drank a lot and we slept together. What other former college couple has that kind of history?!"


Hair reminds me of Darryl Hannah in Steel Magnolias:

"My work tends to be too poofy when I'm nervous."

I just could not figure out the sudden appearance of Lisa's anchor-hair.

Sometimes Patrick is so immensely dumb I wonder if he has adequate intelligence enough to play a game of head shouldes knees and toes with Emma, forget legally operating on human brains!!!!!!!

And ever since Robin's return she has also been written as inexplicably dim. Plus, did she register at all that Steven Lars Weber obviously swallowed a body builder? WTF!?!?!?!??!? How did she not break out into a fit of giggles when he

A. Rubbed after shave over his massive rippling pecs while discussing his kidnapped nephew


B. When he put on his religious jewelry while explaining that he banged Bunny Boiler MD and therefore couldn't fire or transfer her to another unsuspecting hospital.

Robin could have at least helped him sew up his shirt with sutures when he burst out of it Hulk style. That has got to happen right?

Did anyone else catch the real "Fatal Attraction" on HBO this weekend? Far better, despite Michael Douglas' hammy acting style.

..."Hoodwink a moron into thinking you're not obsessed with him."... <-- OMG...funniest thing ever. :)

I stopped paying attention to Lisa's crazy and Patrick's stupidity when Olivia walked into Jake's right after Patrick left and and started drinking his beer. Um, hello backwash!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought Olivia was going to say, "Hm. I can taste Patrick in this beer."

Eww. Eww eww eww. I used to love Scrubs. Now, I can't stand them and wonder how someone as stupid as Patrick could've ever completed college, much less become a freakin' brain surgeon. I know soaps are hardly realistic but this is beyond ridiculous.

On the upside...what are the chances of Robin and Brenda sharing some screen time when VM comes back to GH...oh, wait, she'd have to get in line after Sonny, Jason, Carly, Jax, Johnny, Dante, Olivia, Lulu, and possibly 18 other new characters that Guza will deem far more important than a legacy character who started on the show when she was still in pigtails. Never mind. Question answered.

the big hair comment is awesome! love the screencaps!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought Olivia was going to say, "Hm. I can taste Patrick in this beer."

If Lisa had done this as a stalker, I'd be all over this storyline.

And geez, the explanation to Robin should be so easy. "Robin, didn't you ever play the 'get drunk and scratch out your girlfriend's picture game' when you were in college?" Oh I forgot you and Patrick don't have that extra special connection of college drinking that he and I have."

thank god!!! I thought i was just imagining that her hair got bigger all of a sudden.

Patrick has become a moron. Next thing you know he's going to buy some swampland in Florida. At least Robin has the good sense to realize Lisa did this. I loved how Robin's tone of voice was so incredulous when she was asking why someone would scratch out her face if they're trying to get back at Patrick because I was wondering the exact same thing.

Also, besides the poufy hair, has anyone noticed that Lisa has started to sport a lot of the heavy black eyeliner of doom that is a sure sign that she's a bad girl now?

I reiterate my comment on your last blog about the ham-fisted Fatal Attraction knock-off:

If Lisa steals Emma, then later shows up at Robin and Patrick's house with a knife, wearing a white dress with a late 80's-psycho-batshit hairstyle, I'm definitely going to send Guza a lovely "fuck you" fruit basket.

80's-psycho-batshit hairstyle - check.

I'm already picking out my "fuck you" fruit basket as I know parts 2 and 3 of my comment are just around the corner. Maybe one of those Edible Arrangements laced with arsenic.

On an unrelated side note - did anyone else notice Jason's hairstyle change in between commercials on Friday?? He's having the "intense" conversation with Dante and Lucky about Franco, a couple of boring scenes, commercial and next, CREW CUT! I rewound back before the commercial to see if I was going crazy, but nope, major haircut.

Guess he ran upstairs and had Spinelli shave his head in the "regrettably pink room" in between flexing his man boobs in anger over Franco being alive. Jesus....

I am so unhappy with my show! What happened to it??

Fans needs to show their unhappiness with the show!! A Facebook page has just been created for that purpose!! To goal is to get as many people as possible to like the page, so that it can gain the attention of ABC! Please to go to Facebook and search for Time for change at General Hospital and then click the like button!! That is all you need to do!!! Help us get our point across!!!


love ure quote from Donna from the office about Andy because he is sooooo him lol. seriously Patrick is fine but really, really simple I still dont know how he's allowed to perform surgery but than again, crazy slut lisa is too soo...anyways, I'm glad Robins not stupid. it's to bad this crap is being written by thee worst possible "writer" in soap history. When Robin finds out about how her husband slept with crazy by either figuring out herself(because again, she's the smart one in that pairing), one of the many, many people who knows tells her, or Patrick himself decides to grow some balls and tells her himself, either way she will not only be extremely angry but won't trust him again for a long time. I want her to kick him out because he not only cheated and broke trust, but he also waited for who knows what else crazy has in store for her before he finally tells her the truth or confirms it. either way, if it was me, I would absolutely throw him out because he broke trust, cheated, lied about it, and most importantly kept giving the crazy slut who he slept with to begin with the benefit of a doubt and because he did that, she got even crazier and messed with her and there family as a whole and for that I wouldnt be able to forgive him. JMO

I meant to say that because Patrick did sleep with crazy and didn't tell Robin right away and because of that Lisa starting acting more crazy everyday, that if I was Robin I would not only be angry but would also kick Patrick out because of the fact that he brought this crazy chic into there lives by sleeping with her. He needs to understand what he has done and the effects of it. and in order for him to do that Robin can't just be all forgiving with him when she finds out JMO.

@Rene, not only did Jason get a haircut between scenes but in show last week when Dante knocked on the door at the penthouse his words were "Jason it's Dominic". Did everyone forget his character is named Dante and has not been called Dominic in quite sometime? The only department that sucks worse than the writers are the editors.

@MarieW HAHA! There can NOT be editors on this show. There aren't people who fact check the storyline to make sure it flows with what is left of GH Canon so how could there be editors?? Although, I could make a case for why I don't think there are writers either...

Mallory, don't despair. This story will turn out GREAT, especially when Bob "I know EXACTLY what will happen on this show right down to when Jason sneezes next March and it causes PC to change FOREVER." Guza's on the job!

last week was a huge editing mess. nothing made sense and the whole week was boring. this week is slightly betetr especially with shriektina and mykill off the screen

"I can taste you on this cup," is a sure sign of a one flew over the coo coo's nest comment.

I saw Brianna Brown on a rerun on Criminal Minds the other night and was surprised that she is actually a good actress. She was playing a serial killer, though, so maybe that accounts for it. I might have to start tuning in to watch her go Glenn Close on Patrick.

That's why her hair is so big... it's full of secrets!

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