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August 09, 2010

Sucks So Good: True Blood 3.8, "Night on the Sun"

How is it possible that there are only four episodes left of True Blood this season?! It's a few weeks away, but I can already see the Alexander Skarsgard shaped hole (so, a huge, very pretty hole) this is going to leave in my heart.

After the jump, thoughts about "Night on the Sun"!

Okay, so, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE LAST FEW MINUTES? I think my eyes were actually bugging out of my head from excitement. And then I had to pop them back in and shut my eyes, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's begin with Eric and Talbot, who were playing chess after Eric so kindly/cunningly offered to keep Talbot company after Talbot threw one of his patented hissyfits

Talbot: Go ahead, leave like you've been doing for centuries while I sit here alone.
Russell: In a giant mansion with all the blood you can drink and all the vampire boys you could possibly want. Oh, poor Talbot. Are your diamond slippers chafing?

I love Denis O'Hare. And Theo Alexander!

Anyway, they play chess and Talbot gets bored, which I know because he says "I'm bored. Take off your clothes". And he does and...it is awesome.


Then Jason goes to Hotshot to confront Crystal's family, and it is mostly boring except that he walks in on a naked hillbilly drinking an animal's blood and then he has words with Crystal's father that you likely aren't interested in.

Back at Sookie's, she is waiting with her gun for Russell and his wolves to come get her, and wolves do come, with trash master Debbie Pelt, who I find INFINITELY amusing. She busts open the door and the wolves trot in...and find Bill and Jessica waiting for them. Jessica gives one a friendly wave, and it is adorable.


Debbie gleefully goes upstairs to find Sookie, kicks her door in and they proceed to have a knockdown, dragout fight that is made even better by Debbie's 1987 mallrat hair and her hilarity. 


Debbie: Wow. Talking to me about love, all noble and shit. Bitch, please.

Yes! Earlier in the episode, Russell also voiced his amusement with her:

Debbie: I'll rip their fucking heads off.
Russell: Hahaha! I like your energy!

Anyway, punches are thrown and Bill hears the ruckus after he finishes off a werewolf. But when he starts to help, Jessica chases a werewolf outside and is intercepted by Russell, who calls Bill sexist when Bill asks to settle this between men (heh). Bill then psychoanlyzes Russell hiding behind guards and baby vampires and wonders if he's a coward or lazy. Russell tosses Jess away and pushes his stylish silver spurs into Bill's face.

Upstairs, mirrors are being broken and Debbie's face is getting slashed by a stray pair if scissors.

Back in Jackson, while Russell is still playing with Bill, Eric is, um, playing with Talbot in a naked manner.


He suggests that Talbot turn over, which he readily does, and then! THEN!

Eric: Russell took my family. Now I take his.



Russell feels this and screams, and then immediately flies away (an effect that always makes me chuckle, I have to say).


Sookie screams at Debbie "Get out of my house, bitch!" all promo-style


Debbie jumps out the window and runs away. 

Also, Hoyt cries in his truck and drives right near Jessica while she's drinking Don Swayze's blood, as you do.

Then Bill comes inside and the two kinky mothereffers have sex amidst the debris on Sookie's floor. WHAT THE HELL? It was all action packed and awesome, and fun and then...squick.


Other thoughts and observations:

* Sookie and Bill's pre-credits breakup was nicely done by Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer (who, I have to say, is looking much better this season. The makeup department finally figured out a foundation tone that wasn't gruesome!), and Bill's emo, bloody tears. Imagine what an impact it would have had if it had lasted more than fifty minutes!

* Eric masterfully played Russell when Russell questioned how trustworthy he was. When he told Russell that he's finally found a leader who inspired him, you could see Russell's ego getting puffed up and how difficult it was for Eric to choke out words about Godric being weak. Alexander Skarsgard has been really good at playing Eric as a kiss-ass and Eric as a man out for revenge. 

I found it hilarious that when he dropped to his knees, he was roughly Russell's size.


Oh, ASkars.

* I loved this exchange:

Russell: I'm afraid I acted somewhat impulsively when I was gone.
Talbot: What did you do? Spit it out.
Russell: I killed the magister. (Defensively) He deserved it.

* I can't believe that Sam's mother, after he discovered the family's sordid dog-fighting secret and confronted them for being the awful human beings that they are, had the nerve to freeload off of him one more time and then tell him that the money he gave her wasn't enough to get them "far".

Sam: I don't give a fuck where you get as long as it's out of here.

Well said, Mr. Merlotte.

I wasn't so fond of Tommy trying to start things with Hoyt, as Hoyt is adorable, but it seems like he's itching for a fight, judging by how fast he attempted to intervene when Crystal's father and fiance(/brother? I get the feeling Eric was not far off when he deemed them brother-cousins) started sniffing around Merlottes and making snide comments about shifters (related: I get profound secondhand embarrassment when people on this show start sniffing. Remember when Sam went to Dawn's and was rolling around smelling her sheets? Uncomfortable). Which means that they and Crystal are...? I mean, besides uninteresting.

* Seriously, Crystal and Jason are SO BORING. Their instant connection and his protectiveness are just...ugh. Whenever a Jason scene comes on this season, I use it as an opportunity to check and see if I've gotten any texts, even though my phone chimes super loudly whenever I get texted, so it's completely pointless but STILL more interesting than this. Which is sad, because Jason was appointment television in season two! I did love his allusion to the Fellowship of the Sun and his assertion that "they washed [his] brain".

* I seriously hope that this is not the last we see of Alcide this season.


Not because that sight is a bad sight to end things on, because it's not. So pretty! And his arms, my goodness. There was a line in a book I read recently where a girl thought to herself that a guy's arms looked like Chunky soup cans, and it immediately popped into my head.


But it was kind of a rushed exit, no? I do believe that Joe Manganiello is going to be a regular in season four, which I will probably be excited about in a million years when season four rolls around, so that's something to look forward to. I feel like there is potential with him and Tara, who deserves to have some sort of a functional relationship. Speaking of!

* Tara learned that drinking vampire blood doesn't just make a person extremely strong: it also makes a person have vivid sexual dreams about that vampire, which is always kind of awkward. Although Tara's masturbation/shower sex dream doesn't compare to the grand awkwardness that was Sookie touching herself on Bill's doorstep in season one...

* That aside, Tara continued to be reasonable and sort of awesome for the second week in a row! She attempted to be a voice of reason with Sookie:

Tara: You know what you sound like? One of those sad country songs by dumb bitches who let their men cheat and beat on them for the sake of true love.
Sookie: Did you just call me a dumb bitch?
Tara: I'm sorry, but if you go back to that vampire, that's what you are.

That went over about as well as you thought it would, so Tara went on to Plan B: distract Sookie with a hot man.

Tara: Maybe you can flirt some sense into that girl, because logic isn't working.

* I know that Sookie loves her grandmother and that her house is probably filled with very wonderful memories, but considering that her grandmother was murdered there, a maenad moved in and hosted all sorts of horrible orgies there, and she came under attack by werewolves and the vengeance-seeking Debbie, I think she may want to think about putting it on the market.

* Holly is the new Merlotte's waitress, so she is either going to wind up (a) dead or (b) supernatural in some way or (c) both. I am leaning towards (b) or (c), since she correctly guessed that Arlene is pregnant and seems...weird.

* This episode--nay, this season!--did not feature enough Terry, but the brief snippet we did get was, as ever, adorable, and proof that he is way, way too good for Arlene. This paternity lie is only going to end in heartbreak for Terry and Arlene, and Coby and Lisa, who are going to be confused at yet again adapting to a new dad...

Arlene's nightmare about Rene and his fake Cajun accent ("Rene"/Drew Marshall is much better at pulling off accents than, oh, half of the True Blood cast) was delightfully creepy, wasn't it?


"I'm his blood, bitch".

* I loved all of Bill and Jessica's scenes. I'm glad she called him out on being such a shitty maker, I loved the "How To Fend Off a Werewolf" training session, and it was so sweet that they bonded over their broken hearts.


Bill: Jessica, it's over.
Jessica: No way.
Bill: Way.

* Alfre Woodard is the greatest.

* Sookie's Bill and Sookie scrapbook was probably the saddest thing I have ever seen. How seventh grade! And for there to only be one picture in there!




Seriously, though: I CANNOT EVEN WAIT for next week's episode. Russell's rage is going to be epic and entertaining, and judging by the previews, Bill is going to tell Sookie what she is. I hope that's not just a tease! She deserves to know what Hadley knows about her that got the Queen so interested! And Nan Flanagan is pretty much shorthand for good times. CANNOT EVEN WAIT!


You forgot the line of the day "When I was 5 that woman told me I could breath under water......my little ass almost drowned!" LOL, I love Lafeyette. Most of the show in the beginning was a little slow but boy did it pick up tworce the end. As always I love True Blood!

All hail any show that can have any character legitimately shriek "They killed my Cooter!"

I loved how integrated the show finally felt again, with only Jason's story feeling out of place and able to slow the pace.

I'm . . . . incapable of much more thoughtful comment as of yet because my brain is still shorted out by homoerotic ASkars.

I'm with you Mallory. I only caught up got into True Blood this summer, with my marathon of Season 1 and 2 before Season 3 started. I do not know how I'm going to survive the long cold Viking-less winter.

"I'm bored. Take your clothes off."


gah, typed a nice long post and it got lost in the interwebs.

Bottom line:
Eric/Talbot: Hot. Should have shown more. "turn over" "Oh yes daddy!" Niiice!

Bill/Jessica = awesomeness. Loved every second of their scenes. Focusing on being a good maker will be good for Bill - the baby Vamp needs some guidance!

Jason/Crystal - who cares? BOORING!

Bill/Sookie - love, love, LOVE. Loved it all, from the fantastic break-up scene to the out-of-this-world raw and primal sex. That was not lovemaking per se, that was "I love you even though I know I shouldn't," and it was awesome!

Ok, if I switch off the *sigh* nekkid Eric thoughts . . .

* I, too, adored the Jessica and Bill scenes. As always, I enjoy Bill so much more when he's not with Sookie -- and likewise -- though their breakup scene was powerful and really well done. Anyway, it's about time Jessica kicked him in the shins (very nearly literally) for being such a lousy maker. Her tantrum was spectacular, as was her finding common ground with Bill over a broken heart.

* "No way." "Way." Priceless!

* Loved. Adored. LOVED. the little wave Jessica gave the wolf. I love her.

Side note: have you seen her blog? And did you see the visit Pam made to her blog last week? So much win. http://babyvamp-jessica.com

* Question to Mallory: The sniffing stuff on True Blood makes you uncomfortable, but how did you feel about Alcide giving Sookie a good whiff before he headed out? That was . . . kind of hot. And if it's Joe Manganiello doing the sniffing, there's no bad there, really.

* Alfre Woodard is having entirely too much fun in this role. And I giggled more than I should have at the way she shouted "Jesus!" when, well, Jesus was at the door. I'm profoundly confused and curious about what is going on with Lafayette and Jesu (other than bringing the hot and sexy, of course).

* I am profoundly NOT curious about Jason and Crystal. It makes me sad not to enjoy Jason scenes. Usually they're at lesat good for a laugh.

* Even in the middle of a complete PTSD meltdown, Tara speaks the awesome truth.

* Anyone else notice the little moment in her girl-talk with Tara that Sookie was saying she wasn't so different from Bill because she hadn't cheated "but I wanted to." Oh reeeeallly? Do tell.

* I said it before but I truly did love how we got back to varied cast interactions this episode. Sam/Tara, Tommmy/Hoyt, Jessica/Bill. Hell, even Andy Bellefluer wandering in to do his very best amount of nothin'.

* I do not know how I feel about Bill/Sookie angry make-up sex. It was. . . harsh. Also, I do not dislike them. But I'm also kind of tired of theirs being the love of all loves. Then again, if it will keep them from moping around all "ours was the love of all loves" . . . it might not be so bad. Maybe I'm just waiting for the other shoe . . . so deliciously dangled with Eric's "don't trust Bill" . . . to drop. What all did he learn from Hadley and the Queen? Hmmm. We'll see.

* Denis O'Hare continues to delight. . . . And I snorted out loud at Russell's "How sexist" comment to Bill (even as I loved that Bill played on his ego, too, to get him to let Jessica go). I cannot WAIT to move on from flippant but dangerous Russell to downright homicidal and vengeful.

* A couple of episodes ago, Eric told Sookie that he was pretty sure no one played the King of Mississippi and lived, so he wasn't going to. It was so easy to take that as he didn't intend to play him. Frankly, I instantly took it as "so I don't expect to live." As delicious as it was to see him finally begin his revenge. . . . what now? He's old and strong but not as old and strong as Russell, who will be out for blood. Nan and her minions are going to be breathing down his neck. He looks positively weary in that promo clip about how "everything ends." What's next?

* Is it next Sunday yet?

Oh, this show. As soon as Debbie shrieked, "They killed my Cooter!" I knew we were in for another treat. Seriously, the show has just gone completely BONKERS the past few weeks and I LOVE it!

Was anyone rilly, rilly surprised that Bill and Sookie's break-up lasted all of twelve hours? I mean, come on, those two goobers were born for each other. And OF COURSE they would immediately commence fucking after Sookie again, some more, almost got killed. It's what they do.

Still, snaps to Sookie for getting down with her badass self, Jessica and Bill bonding ("Way."), and hot man love. I'm a bit miffed we didn't get to see any of Jesus and Lafayette breaking it down, and Talbot got staked before they really got down to it, but it's still nice to see some homosexuality instead of just homoeroticism.

I want to smack Tommy's snout with a rolled-up newspaper for making my Hoyt cry! (In Season Five, they'll have a torrid affair, I'm sure.) BTW, is anyone else slightly creeped out by the amount of sexual chemistry between Tommy and Sam, or am I just imagining things?

Rene! Oh how I miss his Cajun accent. Genuinely scary dream of Arlene's but she only deserves for what this is all going to do to poor Terry when the truth comes out.

YES, "They killed my Cooter" was just a taste of the CRAZY and AWESOME that was to come. I am still so excited and flaily about how amazing the end of that episode was.

Bourgeois Nerd, I have hopes that we'll be seeing a lot more of Jesus and Lafayette in the next few episodes--fingers crossed, anyway. I think Kevin Alejandro and Nelsan Ellis are SO good together.

Mary Beth, Jessica's blog rules!

I've been meaning to tell you how much I've enjoyed your blogs about True Blood. It's nice to see you blog about good TV for a change.

Was I the only one who laughed when they saw Sookie's scrapbook? I guess I enjoyed the realistic feel of it having one page done. This is coming from the girl who has a pile of craft supplies and a empty scrapbook that was supposed to be for my brother's wedding present. That was five years ago. I truly think it is impossible to finish a scrapbook. Of course Sookie wouldn't have time to scrapbook what with the house remodeling and waitressing her schedule is completely packed.... lol I made a funny

Another awesome episode. This show like pretty much never dissapoints.

Askars was awesome as usual, and i loved how he didnt want them to go after Sookie, and that he tried to warn her. He also most likely saved Bills sad life (unintentionally of course, but the timing was excellent). Him stripping for Talbot was HOT and Talbots "im bored, take off your clothes" was hilarious.

Laffayette and Jesus are soo cute, and mixed in with Ruby Jean was one of my fave parts of this episode. Im 100% sure that Jesus is some sort of witch/supe, i just hope hes a good one.

Holly is creepy as hell but i feel like she will be awesomely creepy.

Debbie is my favourite new addittion to the cast tied with Russell. Both are very compelling and batshit crazy to boot. Sookie and Debbies brawl was amazingly done and very realistic, and im glad Debbies not dead.

Jason and Crystal are somewhat boring, but thats cuz their parallel relationship (bill and sookie) were also boring at this stage. Both Jason and Sookie are magnetically drawn to these people they know nothing about. Both are keeping major, dark secrets, but Sookie and Jason both trust them implicitly for no good reason. I have a feeling that Bill is much much darker than Crystal though.

And finally, Bill and Sookie. I loved thier breakup scene. It was very raw and emotional, but also important. Sookie realised that being with Bill has lead her life down a certain path, and that his actions were inexcusable. She told him she didnt think she could ever forgive him. Bill was actually likeable this entire episode. Him choosing Jessica was shocking, but then he kinda left her twisting in the end to have hate!sex with Sookie. Thier sex scene was completely messed up, screwing in the debris and choking eachother in that last shot? It was completely bloodlust and hatred. Almost like goodbye breakup angry sex, and very representative of thier relationship right now. I think this is signaling a very big split (most likely to do with whatever Eric was alluding to with his warning to "not trust Bill"). They didnt play thier normal romantic theme, but a dark rock song, and Sookie was on top for the first time i can remember and choking eachother.

Im super duper excited for the next few episodes, its gonna be EPIC.

Here's how deeply sad my addiction to true blood is...I'm going to the beach for the first time in my life for a week this Saturday and all I can think of is how I'm going to survive not knowing what happens this Sunday for a whole 6 days! Someone slap me.

I am not a Bill and Sookie fan, I just don't like him! And yes Sookie is a walking carpet with him!

Love Lafayette, and look forward to see if he really has power or not!

Sad that I don't give a fig about Jason story, BORING!

Eric I like, his loyalty to his child, his family, I hope he will survive the King wrath!

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what a freak show. love it.

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