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August 23, 2010

The Hand That Rocks (Side Note: It Is The Only Storyline To Do So)

The LIRR service was shut down today. A news report pre-empted the start of General Hospital and a press conference interrupted the end of it, and I found myself...disappointed! I had so looked forward to a relaxing afternoon in a sweatshirt and yoga pants, drinking hot chocolate (have I mentioned how cold it was today? It was COLD! Well, it was about 70 degrees, but summer in the Northeast has been so horrifically hot this year that a mild day feels like the tundra) and fast-forwarding through most of the show in order to get to Patrick, Robin and Lisa starring in Bob Guza's not completely awful adaptation of Fatal Attraction.

So I did something that I have not done in ages, and tuned in for the SOAPNet rerun, hoping to see more of this. Specifically, you know...maybe a scene or two of Robin searching for her daughter. This show continues to astound me with its unwillingness to broadcast things that could qualify as entertaining. Like, instead of Jax and Claire's conversation about Sonny, which was about 99% recycled dialogue recapping things we've seen and heard and already had recapped for us, why couldn't this story, which is the ONLY story right now that doesn't make me heartsick with boredom, get a little more time on camera? So weird.

What we did get in the few minutes the show devoted to this plot was some crazy:

Lisa: Did she go right to sleep? I'm not surprised, she was pretty tuckered out.
Patrick: What the hell were you thinking?
Lisa: I brought her back right before bedtime, I don't understand--
Patrick: Lisa, you kidnapped my daughter.
Lisa: Oh! Okay, no need to be so dramatic. I took her out for a scoop of ice cream.
Patrick: You took her without permission. If you go anywhere near her again, I will press charges.
Lisa: Press charges? I was just trying to show you how good I could be with her.
Patrick: I don't care what you want. If you come anywhere near my family, I swear to god, it will end.
Lisa: Listen. Listen, she was fine. She was so happy, she laughed the entire way home. Don't you see? That could be the way it could be between us, you know? You and Emma and I, we could be so happy together, if anything ever happened to Robin.

I'm still not sure how one night with Patrick could turn her so quickly from personality-free and bland to a stark raving nutbar, but I do have to admit that this story and Brianna Brown in particular have far exceeded my (very...very. Veryveryvery) low expectations when I heard that the show was going down this road. I found that whole exchange hilarious. Or maybe I am so desperately craving something entertaining that I am trying to get myself to think this is all better than it really is. All I know is that I am practically excited for tomorrow's show, to see if Robin kicks Lisa's giggling ass, or if Dr. Niles manages to talk her way out of it, or if the show decides not to feature them at all in favor of more Sonny and Dante.

ALSO, Emma's face when Patrick found her and Lisa having quality time DELIGHTED ME.


If someone ever asks me, "What does misery look like?", I am directing them to that picture.


The Emma screen cap is hilarious and spot on. I love how she was pouting so she wouldn't be fed any ice cream. Their last scene would've been awesome if it had been the tag scene for today, but absolutely ludacris for it to air with 15 min. left and no follow up scene.

I won't ruin tomorrow for you if you're spoiler free, but I've got my tissues ready just in case.

What a great article, and I agree that GH could have used more time on the Scrubs/Lisa story today than they did. And the caption under Emma's picture is absolutely perfect!

The Emma cap-HEE! I have a caption for that, "Wait, no one said *I* would have to share scenes w/this creepy-looking chick! Mommy, call my agent!"

BBr is doing surprisingly well w/the crazy-considering, especially, how AWFUL she was playing Lisa as a normal person. Go figure.

But, really, Patrick, perhaps you should tell her WHY you think you should call the police-being as how she's not privy to the whole "Lisa has gone from being slightly weird to full-on batshit crazy" thing? Robin can't divorce you-you've apparently gotten too damn stupid to survive on your own!

Its interesting how the ONLY interesting storyline on gh right now got a total of 3:25 of air time yesterday. but we had to spend the rest of the dam time watching the other crap. anyways, I can't wait till Robin finds out tomorrow and rightfully throws Patrick out. I also can't wait till she threaten's that crazy bitch and kicks her ass! I love Kimberlys face when Robin got home and saw that crazy bitch! she is brilliant! Robin looked like she wanted to KILL that bitch! I also LOVED, LOVED Emmas face, she looked like the wanted to say: bitch please, my dady may not be to bright but my mama is and she is sooooo gonna kick your ass! baby girl looked miserible and looked like she wanted to get far away from crazy!! I love those twins who play Emma! and on another note, I hate Lisa but the actress who plays her is doing a good job of being a crazy bitch. and Kimberley is looking great and doing a great job on this storyline and I can't wait to see more from her and from Jason who is also doing a great job. Man I hope that they don't give them like 1 minute of airtime tomorrow cause they are gonna rock the reveal scenes. I can't wait till robin kicks him out!

Well IMO yesterday suck.And I am so sick BBr/lisa she is awful at playing crazy.

I have never seen a kid so miserable around ice cream ;-) The Emma twins and the cutie who plays Cam should give MB acting lessons!!

Great article, and love the caption under the picture! Couldn't have said it better myself! And yes, there could have been more airtime spent on this storyline yesterday than what we were given, when everything else was just a rehashing of what we have seen before!

The actors who play Emma and Cameron consistently bring it on the show...for the three minutes of airtime they're alloted per month. If only MB could take a cue from them and stop phoning it in.

I'm with you! The Lisa/Robin/Patrick fiasco is the awesomest storyline on GH right now.

I love LOVE who wrong Lisa is. When she threatened Robin, I audibly gasped!

So awesome. I, too, am excited about watching GH today!

rosa and ruby romero need to give tc some acting lessons on how to dobetter facials that dont look like i'm bored when's lunch or i cna't stand this bitch

Totally agree that Brianna Brown is the best part of this crazy pants story. Patrick is so much of a moron that I can't even muster up any reaction towards his drama other than "you moron, what the hell are you doing?!?! Call the cops already!" Seriously, when I find Lisa and her blatant crazy more interesting than you, there's something wrong.

Wouldn't it be great if like Lisa tried to throw Pattycakes off the trail by hooking up with Matt, but using the Hunter/Drake connection to get closer to Patrick, only for Matt to realize Lisa was cray-cray and try to help her, which led to them falling for one another for real, which then...

Oh wait. That would require real writing. And for Jason Cook to actually get screen time and a story. Never mind.

I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you Hillary. Bianna is ok but she is soooooooo not the best part of this storyline. Kimberly is doing a fantastic job. Did you even see today's scenes? Kimberly ROCKED IT! She sooooo better get an emmy nom for this. and Jason granted Patrick is an idiot and did pretty much destroy his marriage for a crazy skank but Jason himself is still doing an amazing job as well. But IMO Kimberly is doing the best so for in this storyline. I'm sooooo glad Robin FINALLY knows.

Lisa should have been crazy from the start. it sucks that we had to put up with months of pointless boring non-crazy Lisa and her and Patrick's lame college stories. But she's so much more entertaining as a nutbar. Brianna Brown doesn't have great range, but what she is good at - playing crazy - she's very good at. I just wish this story got more airtime and Lisa had a better though out plan.

Kim Mc was fabulous today. So hearbreaking and such a range of emotions. I so wanted to give Robin a hug while also telling her "you go, girl" for everything that she said to Patrick.


@GJB - I actually haven't seen Robin's scenes from yesterday. I really don't watch GH anymore except for occasionally tuning in for a few minutes before getting fed up with the stupidity and turning it off. It's just that the last time I turned it on, Lisa was being super-crazy, Patrick was being super-dumb, and I was entertained. I'm sure Kimberly McCullough is rocking her scenes, but I haven't actually seen her at all in this storyline (you know, because there'd be too much awesome to handle), so I was just speaking of the Lisa/Patrick dynamic. I probably should have been more specific. Sorry!

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