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August 13, 2010

Twinsies Sharing Everything!

I have to admit that yesterday's One Life to Live had some nice directorial moments (in lovely contrast to the blocking of the Ford Family "reveal" scenes the other day that I so kindly complained about).  Natalie and John had several cutesy talking-about-baby scenes with Brody almost always somewhere in the frame:


This storyline is probably the best thing going on the show right now, but it's unfortunate that its most recent turn shifted it from four people in relatively sympathetic situations (as much as I can ever muster up any sympathy for John McBain) into "lying liars who lie" territory.  Natalie's now told Brody about her pregnancy and that it might be his, and while he now wants to come clean, she's demanding that he go along with her ruse that it's John's.  Her reasoning for the secrecy as explained to Brody is, quite frankly, not good enough for me.  Jessica's sanity is at stake?  Jessica lost her sanity when her husband died in front of her and then again when her biological father gave her shock treatment and tried to rape her.  Situations that would risk the reality grasp of the majority of us not burdened by a collection of alter egos with special props to denote their significance.  I don't think "my boyfriend and sister got wasted and hooked up one night when I was (maybe) having sex with someone else" is the same kind of trauma.  I'm also not sure what Nat's plan is once she is able to find out who the father is, but for now it seems like she's just decided that if she insists it's John's baby, it won't matter.  Sure, maybe for John -- but Brody doesn't seem like the type to have a little son or a daughter running around and just pretend he or she is someone else's.  Also, if the child grows up to have piercing blue eyes, fair hair and ridiculous abs, and is somewhat pocket-sized, well... won't someone notice?  I think they'd have to when they were expecting someone dark-haired and brooding and unwilling to offer up anything emotionally to anyone.

And someone is going to need to explain to me "Your sister will love sharing this with you," and then, "No pun intended, ha ha!"  Where was the pun?  Didn't the sentence mean that the two of them are sharing the experience of pregnancy together?  Was it a slip-up on Nat's part because of what else they might be "sharing?"


As an addendum, I simply couldn't let the day go by without mentioning the official acknowledgment of Blair Cramer as Mother to All Llanview's Children in Need.  I had to laugh at Viki's wording when, upon learning from Todd that Tea had asked Blair to be Dani's mother, Viki said that Blair is a wonderful mother to "all the children."  Not all her children, just all the children.  So true.

Happy Friday the 13th.  Be careful.  Destiny out!


"Also, if the child grows up to have piercing blue eyes, fair hair and ridiculous abs, and is somewhat pocket-sized,"

Pocket-sized, tee hee. In all seriousness, Brody is fine as all get out. That is all.

No sh#@ re: Brody. I was home sick from work yesterday and saw the scenes with him arguing with Natalie. And my bf was like "who's that short guy and why don't you watch the show with him on it?"

Our wee pocket soldier is going to be a Daddy and I hope it's to Nat's redheaded angel with piercing blue eyes!

I love the twin WTD story!

Of course this is going to blow up in Natty's face, it always does!

I've long maintained that Blair and Mac Scorpio should join forces and open the Cramer-Scorpio Home for Raising Children Who Are Not Necessarily Our Own. All ABC soap characters should just send their infants to them to raise until they're hot teens.

As far as I know, Blair is only raising one child who is not her own and she took that on more than willingly because he is her children's brother. I don't get the big deal about her raising everyone's kids. *shrugs*

sane85, I don't think it's so much about which kids Blair is an "official" mother to -- she just does a lot more mothering for a lot of the kids in town than their own mothers do. Dani (at one point), Langston, Cole, and others at times. She's sort of the go-to gal when a minor needs a defender.

LOL at the description of what Brody's kid with Natalie would look like. I really, really hope that Brody is the father of Jess' baby. That would suck for Jessica to be connected to Ford and it would suck for the kid learning that his/her father took advantage of his/her mentally ill mother.

What up, L?

What John said was, "Your sister will get a KICK out of sharing this with you."

I agree that this is the best story going, but disagree that it's shifting into bad territory. I love it all. It's very meaty.

I don't see Brody as innocent as you. He threatened to tell Jessica because Natalie said she wasn't going to have an abortion. That's what prompted his "honesty". He was pretty pissed that she didn't want to abort it. I liked that though. This story is great thus far. Brody getting a little kicky works for me. He was way too dull and nice before. Now if they (Nat & Brod) could only get drunk and moan together again...

Knope! Le Moan! With Natalie and Brody, sigh good times.

Well, Blair (before Tea) was really the only contract 'mother type' on the show. I mean, yeah, now we've got Marty too, but even the writers have figured out that these kids aren't going to want to be 'mothered' by a shrink. Rather than hire the kid's parents, send them to Blair.

Knope, thank you! I seriously replayed that scene 3 times and just wasn't listening for the right part of the sentence. Now I get the "pun." Kick! Thanks.

I still can't see Brody as so bad for wanting to tell the truth after learning an abortion is out of the question. Natalie considered abortion, and definitely would've had one if she'd known the child was Brody's. He only experienced the same emotions. Difference is, on the "keeping it" side of that, he's for honesty, she isn't. I don't like it, especially after everything that went on with Jared.

You're welcome, Louise! Natalie and John have a thing where she tells bad jokes and he makes a funny face. It's cute.

If Brody is really for honesty, he'll tell Jessica. Natalie can't stop Brody from telling the truth. He can use Natalie's "pressure" as an excuse, but ultimately, there is nothing stopping him from confessing all. Let's see what he does. That being said, I really am not taking sides here. I understand where they are both coming from. It's a huge mess, but makes for pretty good soap opera.

Good point about Jared, Louise. Didn't they swear never to keep another secret again? And wasn't THAT about a baby TOO! Damn writers.

Awww, the twins' WTD is the best storyline on right now. In general, I hate WTD storylines. Nat and Brody are still freaking out. And I also was bothered by Brody immediately wanting to tell Jess the truth about Nat's baby. The lie by omission about their one night stand was one thing. Lying about a baby's parentage is on a whole new level. I can understand Nat's perspective. I think that if Nat had found the guts to tell John the truth about everything, honestly, I believe that John would've actually understood it. It wasn't like John and Natalie had been in a real relationship at the time. Even Brody and Jess hadn't been together for sometime. It was a horrible night for all involved. Even now I think that John could be understanding enough not to cast Nat out into the cold. But letting John fall head over heels with this baby without giving him a heads up about the truth is where I actually start feeling pissy with Nat. Yeah, Jess can be left out of the loop until there is proof that Brody IS the father. But John? He needs to know about this crap now.

As for poor Brody's stature. It is the damn police uniform. I don't think that the actor is THAT short. I'd wager that he is around 5'10", maybe a bit taller. But believe me, police unis just aren't flattering. I have a female friend who is a beat cop. She is around 5'7" and when she has her cop gear on, she just looks short and boxy.

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Oh the stones and vexations hurled upon my sweet Ron Carlivati who bears the brunt of Brian Frons' retarded decisions. Were Ron free to tell HIS stories, I'm sure we would be knee-deep in a delightful 2 Gays and a Baby story featuring KISH as well as more malevolent Mitch Laurence depravity.

Instead we have Bad Eli and Jugs McGee pregnant with her psycho sis's Liliputian suitor's baby.

(And thanks for the heads up about the MaleExtra, PenisEnlargement -- good to know...)

Sorry Dirk. I liked Kish, but I like Natalie's story a lot too. She's a 9-year vet of the show and a Buchanan and a Lord. Comparing her to Eli who hasn't even been on the show for a year and who eats up more airtime than Natalie? I don't see it.

Knope: Jugs McGee has never really worked, in large part due to the actress -- I know folks love her, but she's always been bland at best for me -- and the character's wildly inconsistent characterization (I'm a bad girl...no, I'm a good girl...I'm a pool hustler...no, I'm a forensics specialist...no, I'm a business woman at BE...) Jesus, it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. Myself, I've always preferred Jessica who's just a smokin' blonde hot mess who acts the hell out of whatever she's given.

And say what you will about Eli, that man is red hot smokin' and a hell of a good actor (even though his story kinda sucks).

I like Natalie. Unfortunately, the writers keep moving her from one career to the next! I was looking forward to Natty running BE one day and now they moved her back over to John's police beat--blech.

" for poor Brody's stature. It is the damn police uniform. I don't think that the actor is THAT short. I'd wager that he is around 5'10", maybe a bit taller. But believe me, police unis just aren't flattering"

I think he is under 5'10 because he looks shorter than average and 5'10 is average height for a man.

"As an addendum, I simply couldn't let the day go by without mentioning the official acknowledgment of Blair Cramer as Mother to All Llanview's Children in Need."

Yes, I too had to laugh at Vicki's proclaiming Blair is a good mother to all of the children. Blair is also the very same woman who knowingly financially funded Ross' trip to Seattle. This is the lovely trip where he attempted to murder Tea and actually succeeded in kidnapping Dani. Blair did this even after admitting she felt Ross was going to physically attack her in her bedroom and was only deterred because someone else arrived to intervene. She compromised a child's security to such a man all for personal gain.

Yes, Mother Earth right there, that Blair Cramer.

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