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August 20, 2010

What Just Happened? No Worries, OLTL Will Show You... Again and Again and Again!

Seriously, half the One Life to Live episodes for the last three months or so are flashbacks -- and sure, some of them make sense, like the flashbacks to Ford/Jess sex or Natalie/Brody sex, but more and more of them are from the episode prior or, worse yet, from earlier in the exact same episode!  What gives?  I know that soaps have traditionally had a lot of repetition and a lot of expository dialogue because, structurally, they were never really meant to be watched closely at every second -- viewers were supposed to be distracted by laundry, cleaning, child care, etc., much like the way that viewers today are distracted by the fast-forward button.  But the same episode?  The same flashbacks over and over and over?  Yesterday, in case we had somehow forgotten that Eli is The All-Time Apex of the Utmost Evil (which is indeed pretty easy to forget these days since the show is so subtle and light-handed about it; it really is the understatement of the storyline that makes it so spectacular... yeah yeah, that's it), after listening to Ford's whole explanation of Eli's evil deeds and listening to most of the other characters on the show recount evil deeds committed by Eli, Ford thoughtfully flashed back to a time when he was confronted by a very sweaty Eli.


Now, what did this essential flashback establish that we very specifically needed to know?  THAT ELI IS EVIL.

Armed with this brand new information, I took a stroll down the street last night and almost ran smack into Brandon Buddy (Cole), who was wielding a water bottle like a weapon (you just can't be too careful on the Upper West Side, you know, and frankly I'm a very imposing woman at -- roughly -- Brody's height) and decked out in gym gear, and it got me thinking about all the things that distract me in Starr and Cole scenes.  I'm 99% sure Starr was recently wearing acid wash jeans, for one.  For another, there's Cole's ever-changing shape.  But I do think the most irksome is that Starr's eyebrows just seem to be drawn closer and closer together every day.


This is not a look that I understand.  Shouldn't the entirety of each eyebrow just be scooched outward half an inch?  I'm no aesthetician so I could be wrong, but it just looks... off.

Speaking of Starr, her cousin Jess (am I a segue genius or what) mentioned to Brody today that there's a chance she'd have twins since it runs in her family.  At first this confused me, since I'm not sure fraternal twins by two different fathers is really something that's genetic, though I imagine that there simply haven't been enough instances of it to really do a genetic study that's conclusive since every time you'd have to take a pregnant woman who basically had sex with two men with no (or failed) protection within a very short amount of -- and then I finally got it.  Natalie and Jessica could both be pregnant with twins, both by two different fathers.  It runs in their family!  This way, everyone gets a piece of the pie.  Ford gets a kid, Brody gets two kids, John gets a kid.  Everybody.  Gets.  A.  Kid!

I love it.  I look forward to this non-traditional giant family all moving into Llanfair.

Critical though I may be of this show, I can give props where props are due, and props are indeed due to the props department.  We've all enjoyed the walls of Llanview Police Department for years now (the list of inside-joke and literary-reference names, the various awards and photos, etc), but lately they've been getting more and more thorough.  I can't help but imagine that whole team amusing themselves to death every day.



Seriously, an entire detailed sign encouraging advertisers to purchase page space at The Sun, a very elaborate prop that serves (so far) absolutely no function whatsoever in terms of storyline, but is just a very thorough piece of awesome.  This is just one tiny example, but I've been loving the set details lately.  What are some of your favorites?



Louise, thank you for the eyebrow commentary! I think Starr is absolutely adorable but I can't help but focus on her eyebrows in all of her scenes because I swear they are on backwards.
As for props, yes - they are awesome. My favorite was the newspaper Mitch held up against his plexi jail cell wall with a tiny headline across the top that read, "Judge to Drag Queen: Women Only in Miss Llanview Pageant". I had to pause it and squint, but it was worth it.

The props department at OLTL are the tops. Great men and women, super nice and very smart. Obviously they love their job.

You know, as ridiculous as it would be, I'm now going to be disappointed if there isn't a 4 babies/2 moms/3 dads scenario.

I'm hoping for four baby Buke's, that would be awesome! It would drive story for years and years, if we're lucky.

love the screencap inclusions. always make me laugh! doing a gr8 job with these recaps :)

Starr & Eli both have some strange eyebrow issues....But at least we got Dorian in a hat on Friday!

Love your recaps, Louise!

Very funny and on target. I too am getting sick of flashbacks from a scene 5 minutes prior! Also, I love how the props dept has been really on in terms of hiding Jess' real life pregnancy. She's usually seen behind flowers or when she sits, she does so with a pillow on her lap, etc.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought "4 babies, 3 dads"! That would be awesome! Also, I have been wondering about Starr's eyebrows. Something went awry this week - maybe her consternation over Hannah's innocence have caused them to slide in towards the center. I know that I've had to check my own brow line as Eli's guilt became clear.

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