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September 10, 2010

And Brody Gets An Incomplete

Oh, the Fords are the gift that keeps on giving, aren't they?  And when I say that, I'm not referring to myself as the gift-receiver, but to the many of you who probably save a lot of time in your television-viewing days by fast-forwarding through all their scenes.  Me?  I suffer so I can mock.  We all have our crosses to bear.

I may or may not be a bad person for this, but two of the triumvirate-brothers-of-pain ended up humiliated today and it felt good.  Oh so good.  Nate's not really worth discussing since it was a bit of a throw-away moment in which (now evil) Matthew awesomely disarmed Nate by mentioning that Dani had once propositioned him for sex.  I'm pretty sure I was supposed to see Matthew as bad and Nate as good in this scenario but, alas, I apparently watched it wrong.  Next time, could Matthew do us a solid and humiliate Nate right off of our screens?

But of course the big centerpiece yesterday was the absolutely hilarious beat-down of Ford by Brody, defending the honor of his formerly-amnesiac fiance and possible babymama, Jessica.


I feel like I'm letting you guys down by not providing a screencap of one of David Gregory's (Ford) stellar Three Stooges reaction shots, but it was all such a blur that I couldn't pull it off.

While the fight was hysterical and I was clapping and whooping it up, it was ultimately disappointing because Langston got lame (not much of a leap) and went and got security to break it up.  The security dude broke it up early enough that Ford was able to be upright and chatting normally two scenes later.  Now come on.  Brody was a Navy SEAL, was he not?  He couldn't have done a little more damage?


More damage, as in perhaps accidentally killing Ford?  Because I could cheer for that.  Truth be told, of the three brothers, this is probably the one I hate the least -- but only in his former smarmy player persona.  This new earnest "teach me how to be a better man" version of Ford is running up my eye doctor bills because of all the endless rolling.  I would relish the death of this character.  We can't possibly be expected to feel sorry for him, can we?  I sincerely am uncertain as to what is expected of us.


Okay, give me a sec here.  Uh-huh.  Uh-huh.  Nope, I don't feel bad.

Just disappointed.

Destiny out!


I have never seen OLTL but I always check out your posts coz the screencaps are jsut hilarious! Your snark is love.

"This new earnest "teach me how to be a better man" version of Ford is running up my eye doctor bills because of all the endless rolling."

Oh, Louise! That is one for the books! HAHAHA!

I still gotta be the voice of dissent. I like the Fords. Cole is awful, so I'm happy for a better alternative for Starr (James), and Robert is so nice to look at. And honestly, I think he's a pretty realistic portrait of that 'type' of guy, and I appreciate his redemption. Nate gets a 'meh'. I fail to see the point of him or his mom.

Well, Swansinger, we can at least agree that Nate is the least appealing of the three, and that Cole is awful. And I wouldn't mind "Bobby" being on a long path to redemption, but it came from out of nowhere, happened overnight, and is focused entirely on Langston (of all people). Not working for me. But more than anything, my problem with the Fords is their ubiquity.

Cole really is awful, and he didn't use to be, though considering how awful Marty is this turn of events shouldn't be a surprise.

The only thing that could have improved the Brody beat down, would be if Mark Lawson could of done it shirtless and followed it up with some singing. Seriously, the hotness there is out of control.

I don't see why I have to be on Team Matthew OR Team Nate. Entitled spoiled little rich boy is not exactly a team I want to be on. Nate is totally dullsville, but I don't find pleasure in Matthew taunting him about his family's financial struggles or being such a little prick about the "shame" of working in the service industry. Bite me, Matthew. (OK, I'm a little on Team Nate, but only because Matthew has become so loathsome. He's not evil. He's just your standard brat. Nothing remarkable or interesting about that.)

I think I'm kind of with you danny. I enjoy Matthew's portrayal as a jackass but I'm a little on team Nate with the tormenting. Admittedly, part of it is a knee jerk reaction to the service industry thing. I was a graveyard shift waitress for years so that sort of thing gets insta-sympathy from me.

"Brody was a Navy SEAL, was he not? He couldn't have done a little more damage?" You know! A two segment beat down should have netted something on par with whatever Cole did to put Todd in the hospital, not a bloody lip. Unfortunately, Ford is some kind of supernatural creature that cannot be mussed. I was really hoping Brody could beat some sense into this supposed "college professor" who cannot comprehend how it is possible to get someone pregnant in one shot or that sex with someone who you know to be mentally incapacitated is sexual assault (if not straight up rape). The campiness of Robert Ford's lothario persona was mildly amusing, but now I just want him to fall down an elevator shaft.

Nate is so boring and bland that can't even bring myself to hate him. I don't complain about Matthew being thrown under the bus to prop his character, because I get the sense that Eddie Alderson is really enjoying being a douchebag. He is showing the same relish he had when Matt was trying to blackmail Bo and Nora.

The same goes for Starr. Kirsten Alderson hasn't shown as much spark, as she has since James appeared, in years. I've never liked Cole, so really, I would throw him under the bus for anyone. However, I actually find James charming! Unlike his brother, he is aware of his lack of brains and defers to whomever he thinks knows what he or she is doing. Unfortunately, that sometimes includes his brother. I think Nic Roebuck can manage to keep James interesting until the writers figure out what to do with him.

I think Langston must have picked up a psychology course during the summer. Did you guys catch how she started analyzing Ford? She was calling him on is (totally obvious) mommy issues and he was all "Duh, what?" It was hilarious!

I was cheering Matthew one when he faked the fall. I know Destiny doesn't approve, but I think it's nice that at least someone takes David's advice to heart.

I can't help it - I love Starr and James together. I thought James guarding her stuff was a little contrived, but I agree with Bianca that he's charming. I just want to give a big smooch!

Did anyone else think the ultrasound of Natalie's baby had John's nose?

EA is being used to prop up the Nate character. I like Matthew,,even if he's being a little sh*t. The teenage years -- gotta love it and hate it all at the same time.

Ford - His redemption happened way too fast! I thought the guy should have ended up with a STD...and then we could maybe see his redemption months from now.

Our little "pocket soldier" should have beat the crap out of Ford! Ford knew Messica/Tessica/Lessica/Bessica was not right in the head when he helped himself to some Buchanan tush. I have a feeling Ford is going to end up being that baby's Daddy and he'll con and scheme his way up the Buchanan ladder.

Re: The Fords: I think both Ford and James are...not good-looking, and Nate is the only one who appeals to me at all. Not for his looks, just cuz his personality is less dickish. I don't understand the Nate hate.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, did Jessica forget that she had Nash's baby while still with Antonio? This is not new territory for her - why should Brody be any less understanding than Antonio was (at the time), given that her mental state was a shambles in both cases? Why can't OLTL's writers take a class on continuity?

Everything is designed to make the Ford brothers supposedly look good and I'm beyond sick of it. It's gross and stupid writing. Big Ford is rapidly going from disgusting to boring. Why pair him with Langtwit? Exactly why does he love shallow Langston so much? Plus, the whole story drags her down even more.Cole is being made to look really bad just to prop James. And Nate is unimpressive too. I'm rooting for bad Matt.

"I don't understand the Nate hate. "

He can't act and he looks 15 years older than Danielle.

EA (Matthew) is only 16 years old in RL and the guy that plays Nate is at least in his twenties!

I liked Dani/Matt/Destiny/Darren -- Nate is just way TOO old for Dani.

I can't stand James!! Dude is a stalker and he is trying to break up a family. Cole is not a bad guy. Starr and Cole are not perfect but they love each other and belong together. I was hoping James would be for Langston. Is is creepy to anyone else that Ford is in his mid to late 20's and chasing after an 18 year old!!! Talk about douche!!! I am totally loving Matthew's walk on the dark side. I haven't seen this much personality from Matthew since the Bo and Nora lawsuit and the tripped out Cole dream. Nate is boring and pointless but Dani is so not worth this. Also Destiny is sort of annoying. No one wants miss goody two shoes in their face all the time!! She has no real point. She is more like the cricket in Pinoccio only not as green.

It's completely creepy to me, Heather, that Ford in his mid-late 20s is chasing after an 18 year old. Plus why would any girl want to bang him after learning what he did to Jessica. Sick sick sick story.

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