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September 30, 2010

Heart Of Stone

I can only imagine the kind of bargaining Awesome Writer had to resort to for the chance to write the scenes with Robin and Stone stuck in a well--for all we know, Awesome Writer might right now be moderating a Jason Morgan/Bob Guza fan board, or sewing new additions for Jason's already extensive black t-shirt collection (I like to think that Awesome Writer is great at sewing. And also at Scrabble). And it may sound selfish of me to say that, but Awesome Writer's sacrifice was totally worth it for these scenes because: love.


When Wednesday's episode of General Hospital came to a close, I sat dabbing my eyes with a tissue in a most dignified manner...or, rather, sat amongst dozens of mascara-stained tissues as I struggled valiantly to curb the annoying squeaky sounds I may when I cry. 

This stunt had potential to be bad; really bad. We all know what happens when modern day GH grabs hold of things that we all held dear. Like, say, Brenda and Jax. Remember what happened there? What happened there was Bob Guza setting dousing my memories in gasoline, lighting them on fire, filming all of it and playing it for me in slow motion. So for Stone and Robin to reunite after fifteen years and several writing regime changes, and for this emotionally charged reunion to take place in an effing well...I was nervous.

But I needn't have been.

What I loved about this, besides everything, is how effortlessly wonderful Michael Sutton and Kimberly McCullough still are after all this time and that the writing touched on pretty much everything I had hoped it would, and when was the last time I have typed that sentence in a GH post?


Stone: Robin. Do you wish you died when I did?
Robin: No. No, never. I...I love my life. I love my career. I love my friends. And my family. I have a daughter. Emma. The daughter that I never thought I could have. I almost named her Anna Karen like you and I had talked about, but...Emma's not some child that I dreamed up. She's real. She's my daughter with Patrick. I can't let her grow up without me. She needs me, so...I have to get home to her.
Stone: Then you will.
Robin: I'll always love you, Stone.
Stone: I know. That is why I'm here, because I'm part of you. I love you, Robin.

That sound you hear is me sniffling, AKA sobbing, AKA taking a break from writing in order to compose myself.

They also discussed Patrick and his (according to Stone, reasonable) feelings about Stone.

Stone: Come on, there's a place in your heart that's permanently out of Patrick's reach.

Whether you think Patrick's inferiority complex when it comes to Stone is reasonable (because, truly, it's very easy to be insecure about your partner's ex/exes, especially if the ex died, since there would always be a sense of "What could have been...?) or totally foul (his petulant attitude whenever he discussed it with Robin did not do him any favors because REALLY), I think we can all agree on two things:

1. Using a classic storyline from fifteen years ago to kick start an infidelity story/Fatal Attraction knockoff, is pretty much the hackiest of hack moves.

2. We have seen Robin and Patrick, multiple times, come to terms with their relationship and the presence of Stone in their life. We have! I know that Guza and Co would never acknowledge Sri Rao's masterful work on Night Shift season two, but take this, for example:

Patrick: That could be us someday.
Robin: You don't want this. Trust me. I was with Stone the day he died, and I don't think I could go through that again.
Patrick: (Crying) I'm never going to have what you and Stone had, am I? I'm never going to have you the way he did.
Robin: That doesn't matter. You're the one that's with me now, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Listen-I need you to be healthy. If anything were to happen to me, you have to take care of our daughter.
Patrick: Nothing is going to happen to you. Our lovely little girl is going to have two healthy parents. Because our love is strong enough to make that happen. I promise you.
Robin: I love you.
Patrick: I love you, too.

Peace made, right? And then again at their wedding, and so on, so this is a bit irksome, but that's par for the course with this show.

Also: are we all just going to pretend that Jason and Robin's relationship never happened? Because talk about moving on from Stone; he helped her heal! And if we ARE supposed to forget their romance, then what's Robin's excuse for being a professional excuse-maker for Jason? Not that anyone in this town really needs one, but you know what I mean.

Robin: There was this one surgery. Patrick had blood on blood contact with an AIDS patient, and he had to do the drug therapy to prevent infection. We talked a lot in those days, and I got to see this side of Patrick, you know, this vulnerable side that he didn't show the rest of the world. Then he got to see me, you know, someone that faces her fears, and, I don't know, when it was all said and done, I was able to see Patrick for this kind, vulnerable man that I wanted to marry.
Stone: Then you got everything I wished for you.


Overall, it was so well done, and my middle school happy memories can remain intact! It's nice that this story has managed to give us some high quality soap amidst the (to be fair, GLORIOUS) camp that is Lisa's descent into crazy.


Speaking of glorious--yes, there was something else that made me clap my hands in delight! Two things on one episode! Yesterday was breaking all sorts of records--Sam hit Carly with a whole lot of knowledge.

Sam: Oh, Carly, you are the one that has her panties in a twist over this. And I can see why, actually. Because you and Brenda actually fill a very similar place in Jason's life. You're both very high-maintenance women that he feels obligated to help.
Carly: You know what? Don't even think about comparing Jason's misguided whatever that he has with Brenda to what Jason and I have.
Sam: You're absolutely right, Carly. There are many differences. I mean, you, of course, are much closer to Jason than Brenda is. So if you're feeling so threatened and insecure, by all means hop on a plane to Rome and go stake your claim.

What was going on yesterday?! Some good writing, Sam getting to show some sass...are things taking a turn for the awesome?

Spinelli: The betrayer's cavalier attitude is indeed repugnant.
Carly: That's right. And you know Dante's history as well as I do. He's lied over and over again. He gets people to trust him and he stabs them in the back.
Spinelli: That indeed has been his odious pattern.
Carly: And Jason could be next. Dante got Jason to drop his guard with the whole Franco mess. Jason won't see it coming.
Spinelli: The Jackal will protect his master by any means necessary.
Carly: Good. But we have to be careful, okay? Nothing can happen to Dante while he's still responsible for Michael. Once Michael's parole is lifted... we rip his life apart.
Spinelli: No barrier shall impede the Jackal.
Carly: You can set the whole thing up. And once you take care of everything, we just sit back and watch the karmic hammer fall.

Oh. Never mind.


I LOVED Stone and Robin, they were definitely the best part of the episode!! As a scrubbie I do want Robin and Patrick to work out eventually but you can't deny the fabulous chemistry and love story that Robin and Stone had/have! However I am one of those scrubbie that has been really hating the Lisa part of this s/l, sorry BBr has been ok in the past but this week and parts of last week her acting has deteriorated and I read some spoilers that she will be continuing to wreck havoc for scrubs which angers me because when are we actually going get to the rebuild part and the fatal part!! Anyway I barely pay attention to the other parts of the show but I did catch Sam telling off Carly which was great and the utterly disgusting Carly and Spinelli scenes. Can someone tell me again why Spinelli is needed he provides no real help unless Jason is by his side and acts like a love-lorn teenager over his "master" Jason, uugh it is beyond revolting!!

I want Michael Sutton back as Stone's cousin Brick. :) He could soooooo replace the lovelyness that was Greg Vaughan. I am over being a Scrubbie but I wouldn't necessarily want to see him with Robin because it would taint Robin and Stone. HOWEVER I would love to see him on my screen on a daily basis. :-)~

It took me about .02 seconds for me to fall in love with Stone all over again. Their scenes were perfect. Perfect! I guess I shouldn't be shocked but their chemistry is as electric and genuine and heartfelt as it was 15 years ago. I know this makes me sound like a sap but it was the perfect balance of sorrow, consolation and beauty. The scene where he left her had me in tears. Gaaah! Just like you said Mallory, Awesome Writer strikes again. The only downside is 10 minutes of Stone and now I miss him all over again!

So, I actually watched yesterday's GH for the first time in months because I was a huge Robin/Stone fan in the day and I needed to watch, even if it was with a lot of fear as to what hell Guza might invoke on this historic of historic storylines. I needn't have worried. Awesome writer clearly bribed/blackmailed his way in - it was beautifully done.

As for Spinelli...hate. Just. Hate. And I don't have a clue about this whole Ireland storyline or why Lucky is randomly pretending to be some dead Irish dude and I think his Irish accent makes him sound a little nasally. But aside from all that crapola and the tragedy that is Ethan's hair, it was really worth tuning in, just to see that KMc and MS still have amazing chemistry even after all these years.

As soon as Stone was on the screen, I cried. I cried like a freakin' baby!! It was beautiful. Fortunately, he was only on for 2 days. If it were more Guza most certainly would have taken the reigns from Awesome Writer and hacked the Robin/Stone relationship to death.

Glad Sam got some of her sass back. Carly needs to get a grip or just die.

Robin/Stone are love. Carly is totally crossing the line, yay for Sammy!

As a former devoted Robin & Stone fan, I was curious how this would play out. Meh. Michael Sutton is lovely and I enjoyed seeing him again. Stone certainly had some truths that I wish Robin would face, so that was good. But overall, it was still just okay to me. Not tear-jerking or so awesome that I couldn't believe it. Nice. Whatever. Moving on now.

I never saw Night Shift so anything that happened there doesn't have any meaning for me at all. I'm so accustomed to these writers ignoring any previous character growth when they need to re-tell some story that I barely notice. Besides, I agree with Stone that Patrick's feelings about Stone are reasonable.

LOVED every second of Robin & Stone...LOVED

HATED every second of Spinelli. They have to kill him off soon don't they? Maybe for Nov sweeps? Please? Pretty please?!?

LOVED that Robin and Stone, and Kimberly and Michael's chemistry, is still intact after all these years. I cried like a baby, and I was, like, kissing the TV b/c AW got his hand in there....BUT:

I don't care WHO'S mouth it comes out of, you WILL NOT convince me that Robin was at fault, IN. ANY. WAY. for Patrick cheating. NEVER. B/c, dumbass, no matter how you try to rewrite it now, that is NOT the story you put onscreen! You showed Robin defending Sonny and Jason b/c they had been good to HER in the past, not b/c of Stone-but you saw Patrick defending Lisa and being hateful to Robin every time she turned around; you saw Robin reading her diary ONE NIGHT-but you saw Patrick out, it seemed like most every night at one point, stuck up Lisa's ass and being pissy w/Robin b/c she wanted to stay home WITH THEIR CHILD; you saw Robin go to Africa to give back b/c of her own good fortune, and offering NOT to go if Patrick didn't want her to-you saw Patrick, as soon as she was out the door, pissed off about Lisa and Steve, and punching Steve, and talking about how maybe Robin ISN'T enough for him, and kissing Lisa, and SCREWING Lisa. THAT is the story you wrote, you braindead fuckwad, so THAT is the story you have to redeem Patrick from-NOT on the back of one of the most beautiful, poignant, groundbreaking romances ever portrayed on a soap! HATE!

Um, sorry for harshing the vibe w/my rant-carry on gushing now.

Robin/Stone - To be honest, I'm surprised to even hear about his duo being on screen, since Guza basically insulted Claire Labine's writing during this period on GH while being interviewed by NB last month.

I'm sitting next to 'Marianne'. :)

I am in total agreement and no matter how much they say this is partly Robin's fault, I am not drinking the Kool-aid.

Patrick and Lisa are both responsible for their own actions. He acted like the jilted lover and chased Lisa to get her attention. I know because that is what I saw on my television and I'm sure that by next week Robin will be blaming herself.

My greatest hope is that Spinelli is shot in hail of mob related gunfire and on his deathbed, he FINALLY gets it - his heroes aren't heroes and it was not worth it.

But we know, if that scenario were to happen, he would be declaring his utter devotion to his "master".

There are useless, pointless, no redeeming characteristic characters - and then there is a rung below - and that is Spinelli.

Marianne...girl i know this is no surprise to you but I am with you on this one. Partick acted like a whiney brat over information he's known for YEARS. It would be one thing if Robin DID talk about it constantly but she doesn't. And the stuff she says had been the same since the FIRST TIME she talked with him about Stone. Different story if she her message had changed drastically all over the place. And yeah she made a bone head choice to go to Africa...but come on Guza really? Of course there is a part of Robin that will always belong to Stone and that Patrick won't understand. He wasn't there at that time and he wasn't with her during that. Just like there is a part of Robin's heart (regretably for me) that will be reserved for Jason for the part he played in her healing from Stone's death. It doesnt' mean she doesn't or can't love Patrick. It's just different that's all.

Not to mention if Patrick was sober enough to stop and put a wrapper on it...he was sober enough TO STOP.

Now lets just skip the obvious oncoming train of "Robin accepts this is all her fault and she drove Patrick to cheat" and move her on to hooking up with Steven Lars. Hey if I have to suffer through Patrick's nonsense plan of letting lisa think she won so he can trick her into confessing everything (huh?????) at least i can get some good old soapy "We're pretending to have feeling for a scheme and oops! We now do" plotting going on!

Sitting next to Marianne?? Hell, I want to MARRY Marianne. :)

Dawn, how about if you're my online soap wife, sort of like a work wife, lol?

Beth R., I could be down w/the Steven Lars thing-I EVENTUALLY want Scrubs back together, but, I'm sorry, I just happen to be in the camp of, "Patrick needs a little taste of his own medicine FIRST". B/c this is not once, not twice, but THRICE now he's done this to her. I'm gonna need a hell of a lot more than an "I'm sorry, it was the worst mistake ever....except for those other 2 mistakes, but we don't talk about those anymore." THIS time.

And Angie, I'm like Claree from Steel Magnolias, "If you don't have anything nice to say...come sit by me!"

My head is gonna explode. I seriously sorta hate Jason now, but at the same time, I really want him and Robin back together. HELP!!

i found the stone/robin scenes utterly boring. the conversation was unnecessary, and did nothing to further the current storyline. why am i supposed to care about a dead lover from 20 years ago? i don't. it was stunt casting pure and simple that had no relevance to the storyline going on now. it wont help or hinder it and in all probability patrick will never find out about it and the only time she will mention it is to brenda so they can once again reminsce about the good old day. (yawn) not to mention that robin wasnt sick enough at that point to be hallucinating or dreaming. so what was stone? a ghost? her subconscious? but in the end i really dont care.

Marianne, you wrote a lot of what I have been thinking! Thanks for the beautiful rant!!! And as for the R&S scene--thought it was lovely and well-written and well-acted. A nice trip down memory lane, but not sure that it actually serviced the story we've been subjected to with regard to Lisa & cheating. Besides that, GH did not create the proper set-up for it in terms of the jeopardy Robin was in. Yes, she was stuck in a well, but there really didn't seem to be any urgency to her situation when you looked at how the rest of the show was going. And then with the rescue?! Puhleeze! It was ridiculous. If Jason had been involved, we'd have had a slow-mo montage of the descent into the well and the heroic carry across the shoulders as he majestically climbed up the rope while Robin lingered near death...But with Patrick we got a cut to the two of them on the grass and Robin looks like she just tripped and fell, not near death's door that created a hallucination or dream of her dead ex-love.

Michael Sutton was an adorable boy fifteen years ago, but now? He looks like a MAN! A very handsome, very tasty man...
(So glad I'm not still a teenager and can now appreciate the blessings of maturity. SQUEEE!)

Maybe someone could tell me when Robin was blamed for Patrick's cheating? I never heard that. I recall Stone saying that he didn't excuse what Patrick did. All he said was that Robin has kept part of her heart from Patrick; 1) that's true and 2) it wasn't presented as an excuse for what he did. I must have missed some dialogue or something.

I did laugh when I thought about the fact that Robin pictured Stone not as he was when she knew him, but aged. Ha.

The best part of 2010 on GH happened in those few short scenes between KM and MS. I was all prepared for this. I popped pop corn, made brownies, and sat down with my diet coke and suddenly I was transported back into my mid 20's lol.

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