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September 29, 2010

History Repeating Itself

I'm not proud to admit it and I am the first to agree that it is not healthy or normal, but I hold a serious grudge. Grudges against people I know (yes, John M. from Ms. Peredo's class in fourth grade, I haven't forgotten the time you left me to do the entire project for our report on the Iroquois!) and people who are fictional; this is why it took me years to watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy without glaring judgmentally at Ellen Pompeo for the time she had her mother and brother killed on Law & Order.

It's not at all surprising, then, that I still have serious issues with those involved in the Miranda/Bess debacle. Worrisome, yes, but not surprising. So when ANOTHER Carey woman (who has known him for all of a year and also, until the eventual recast, has no personality traits whatsoever which probably wouldn't be a factor in a custody hearing but is most definitely a factor in my hatred) decided to try to take AJ away from his father, I reacted poorly, by shrieking and angrily pressing the delete button on my remote so vigorously that my thumb hurt a little.

Krystal: J.R. Hired someone to beat somebody up. Come on. You need to get A.J. out of that house. When Adam was there, he tried to keep some semblance of family. All J.R. wants to do is rip it apart.

Caleb: Some men just shouldn't be fathers.
Krystal: Where'd that come from?
Caleb: You know, I think about that poor kid of his growing up with a father like that...
Krystal: My daughter would agree. That's why she's fighting for AJ.
Caleb: Marissa should go for it. I'll make sure she wins.

If this becomes a long-term story, I am going to have to learn a few dozen synonyms for "hate" and "rage" but thanks to traumatic Babe and Jamie and Krystal flashbacks, I will most likely be driven made and wind up typing gibberish. Angry gibberish.

Considerably less angry-making but far more tragic: Madison and Randi are both doing whatever it takes to keep their significant others. Sad is the only word I am coming up with.

Despite my fascination with all things Hollywood and an uncanny ability to memorize things, I have never wanted to act, although I do feel a twinge of envy that actors get paid to say things like "I will cut [you/her/him/anyone/everyone]". Some phrases are just delightful to say out loud, and that is one of them.

To say that Poor Denise Vasi (I've taken to referring to her as such because, really, whenever she has a scene with lines, it always ends with me shaking my head sadly. I know that she means well; she just...doesn't act well) didn't approach this line with gusto is an understatement.


Randi: I hope you get everything that it is you want, Madison. As long as it's not Frankie.
Madison: And I hope you're kidding.
Randi: Sort of.
Madison: Really, Randi? After everything I've just said?
Randi: Look, where I'm from, it's hard to believe that a man and woman could just be friends, even if they start out that way. It seems that with time, eventually one of them is going to wonder "What if?"
Madison: That's never going to happen with us.
Randi: It better not. Because I will cut anyone for Frankie.

She sounded like I sounded the other day when the barista at Starbucks gave me a grande instead of a venti latte: mildly irked, but mostly too tired to speak in anything but a monotone. And the fact that she spent the scene getting upstaged by doorknobs didn't help.

I feel sort of like I'm kicking a puppy by singling her out because, hello, there are about three dozen bigger problems on this show that are much bigger than her complicated relationship with basic human emotion, but really!

Madison, meanwhile, is the subject of an AMC promo, doing whatever it takes to keep Ryan, even if it means blaming Greenlee for David's murder.

Since Madison is, you know, a murderer, calling this character assassination doesn't really fit, but honestly! To have this poor girl debase herself like this for Ryan of all people is bad enough, but the fact that her actions will no doubt be used as a reason for Ryan to condescendingly end his relationship with her and reunite with Greenlee? Heinous.


While you find synonyms for hate and rage, I've gone straight to my thesaurus to look up some for heinous: monstrous, atrocious, odious (love that one), terrible, dreadful, scandalous (perfect for a soap), wicked, evil... all these would apply if Madison does indeed debase herself, and we all know it is inevitable... I like R & G separately, but together - ewww... as for Denise Vasi, oh, I don't know what to say - she's been on too long already to not have gleaned some acting ability from everyone else...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does that grudge thing. I still can't stand Emily DeRavine for her stupid character Tess (or, stupid ho bag bitch as was her nickname from me & my friends) on Roswell.

Ha! OMG Jen K! I hated Tess. HATE. Even when I see reruns of the show (do they still run them from time to time of Syfy?)I just feel the rage all over again. Nothing against Emily, b/c I did love her on Lost, but Tess was a prime heifer who killed Alex. I just can't go back to that place...

I hate it's for Ryan, but I love that Madison is throwing blame Greenlee's way. I still can't believe (I actually can, but still) what they did to David for Rylee.

I loved how today Marissa kept going on about how AJ was her son and I haven't watched in a while but even I know that Marissa is AJ's AUNT and that she married AJ's mother's widowed husband (is that how it goes??) I am afraid that if Marissa gets custody of AJ he too will become part of the wallpaper like Marissa is. And WTF was that "dress" she had on for the entire week??? It was like that time Britney Spears was still bipolar and she wore a shirt and some boots and called it a dress? At least Britney had an excuse.

But on the bright side we got 2 Leo mentions in a week (or 2? I don't know how many weeks I had saved up.) Greenlee mentioned him in the list of people David lost and someone else mentioned that Ryan used to be best friends with Green's first husband. Maybe they are going to recast Leo and make him the killer just to screw with those of us who remember Greenlee and Leo....

I hate that b.s. When Harry Met Sally argument Randy made about male-female friendships. I've had purely platonic friendships with males and I know plenty of other people who have had them too.I hate it when people make sweeping,simplistic statements like that.

"I loved how today Marissa kept going on about how AJ was her son and I haven't watched in a while but even I know that Marissa is AJ's AUNT and that she married AJ's mother's widowed husband (is that how it goes??)"

Yes, kelly, Marissa is biologically A.J.'s aunt. But, not that this makes it any better, I think during the few months I came back to AMC earlier this year Marissa legally adopted A.J. I believe it was before J.R.'s bone marrow transplant when everyone thought he was going to die.

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