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September 23, 2010

Llanview U, New Jersey State Park Campus

I think we've all been wondering the same thing for a while now -- just what setting are they using on One Life to Livefor Llanview University, and why?  For a while, it looked like it might be a commuter train station.  Then, as we saw more and more of it, it started to resemble one of those state welcome centers off the highway.  And I guess there's some way to look it up (I'm sure some of you resourceful people already know), but it's clear to me at this point that they're filming in a NJ State Park.  The truth is, I'm pretty familiar with the New Jersey State Park system.  See, an ex-boyfriend once told me that no man was ever going to stick it out with me if I didn't muster up some interest in hiking and camping (no, seriously, he actually said this was the deal-breaker with me after four years).  With the foolish susceptibility of the recently broken-hearted, I got myself a number of guides to parks in New Jersey and New York that allowed dogs on their hiking trails and campsites.  I never did get around to any camping (look, I have a memory foam mattress -- it even has a name -- so really, I don't see the point in ever sleeping elsewhere when you spend most nights cradled in the arms of a soft and loving angel, but whatevs), but my dog and I did enjoy quite a few hikes on quite a few of those trails in the great state of New Jersey, so I know them when I see them.  And Llanview University just has to be filmed in one of them.

State Park U

See?  They even have the little trail guideposts.

State park u 4

And look!  There's the info center for the park, or rather the one lone classroom building at Llanview University.

  State park u 2

Light blue paint marks on the trees so you can follow the more "challenging" hiking trails!

So basically they all go to school in the woods.  I hear LU has a world-renowned Master's in Park Rangering, so it's just as well that there's only one small lodge for indoor classes.

In case you're wondering, it's been a while since my hiking days in NJ -- I mean I walk my dog every day in Central Park -- I'm very outdoorsy!  (And still single.  Oh dear.  Was he right?)


Speaking of LU, Gigi magically got a "life experience" grant three days after sending in her application and has switched out of Calculus (strangely enough her notion that counting tips for years -- which requires first-grade addition skills -- made her qualified to take such a course did not pan out) and into Cristian Vega's art class.  She went into the classroom yesterday talking about trying to find out what she's good at and said, "Hopefully it's this!" as if finding out you're particularly skilled at visual arts when you're in your late 20s (is that what she is?) would be such a score!  "Hooray!  I'll quit my blue-collar day job and be a starving artist, competing with people who've been struggling to do this their whole lives; this is the answer to all my prayers about security, career, and financial stability!"

Cris art

Even though Cristian's aesthetic as an artist changes drastically from month-to-month, I do have to say that at least it's gotten better.  Back when they actually spent serious time focusing on his work, his paintings generally looked like something they picked up from the dumpster outside the YMCA after the free-to-the-community "Paint Your Feelings!" classes every Tuesday night.  I was mortified before they actually showed this in the shot that it was going to be another one of those -- just of Layla this time.  Whew!


And lastly, Marty's hair looked lovely yesterday, didn't it?  I much prefer this to when she straightens it -- when it's straight it always looks kind of broken and unhealthy.  And I'm a little intrigued about this storyline where she sees her former self in Hannah.  At least it's a storyline!  It might give Susan Haskell a little more to do than make sad eyes at John or reluctantly sympathetic eyes at Todd.


But of course, I'm probably hoping for too much. I'm not new.


i ADORE your curiosity as to the setting of LU, and I love the screencaps, and your comments ab ur ex, coz i totally dont watch soaps anymore, but i adore your posts, including your memory foam mattress...ive been dying to get one!

So when you find your way out of the woods does that mean you've graduated?

This Marty/Hannah storyline is a little intriguing...which means I'm sure TIIC will find a way to ruin it or somehow make it all about Starr or will likely include a scene of Todd yelling at Marty for backing Hannah.

Starr going to a university that is basically a campground makes sense to me given her long history of loving spiders, snakes and various other reptiles... also given her recent geeking out over getting the entomology class.

I could actually see Starr becoming a Park Ranger. Expand her knowledge a little and have her show up with a hawk on her shoulder. 'This is my red tailed hawk. Her name is Lightning. She can rip your face off with her talons... and she'll do it if I tell her to.'

I love my Starr Manning a bit on the macabre and weird side. Not empathizing with a whiny boy with a sad pirate past. Ah me.

Llanview U? I don't care where OLTL is filming the scenes, we're down to SIX soaps, people! Budget, budget, budget! OLTL has the lowest of all three soap budgets, if filming in a bathroom to make it look like LLanview U, it works for me. These actors are probably thrilled to be working since OLTL is now the last East coast soap....JMO

See what you miss when you FF. I totally though they were at a park not college. Not that I will stop FF because this college storyline is boring!!! They should have gone away to college and had dorms.

Llanview U cracks me up every time they mention it! But like Heather, I thought they were in a park for many of those scenes, not on campus. The high school was having a field trip there, and the scenes with Cole during the drug dealer sting were there too.

Louise, NO, he's not right. There are plenty of men who eschew camping and hiking. Especially in NYC.

Yes, they film park scenes and outside-LU scenes at the same location, so some scenes do take place at a park (high school kids stuff, Cole/drug dealer, original Starr/James scenes, etc), but several take place at LU. It tickles me, what can I say?

I am so hopeful for the 'Marty taking in Hannah' story line. This is the type of story I've been waiting for while watching the show that 'used to be' my favorite. It's been tough with the Ford boys (mostly my Nate hate).

Gigi and her whining over going to school and affording it with every person that walks by is just getting on my nerves. She has a job and for those of us still looking... um yeah, she needs to shut it. Rex practically being on a PI (despite his lack in PI skills) retainer by Kelly should not bother the Geeg.

Also, being an old Otalia fan its difficult for me to hate on Inez (Jessica Leccia). I just can't help it.

But so far, Clint and Mini Matt, and the Hannah and Marty story are the only things keeping my interest these days. This show has really gone down hill.

Sitting here eating my apple pondering how. Great Post love to read. TY Discount Wholesale Computers

"...an ex-boyfriend once told me that no man was ever going to stick it out with me if I didn't muster up some interest in hiking and camping."

I share your pain (except instead of mustering up interest in hiking and camping, we gays have to fake enthusiasm for drag queen bingo and shopping for matching skinny jeans).

I thought they were in a park too... and for some reason, I actually AM still watching the show...

So now you've got me curious. What on earth did you name your memory foam mattress????

Dirk Mancuso, no fair! I'd much rather go to drag queen bingo than on a camping trip. (But shopping for matching skinny jeans? Yikes!)

Leanne, his name is Humphrey and I love him. (For real, I had a naming contest on Facebook and my friend Emily won. The guy I was dating at the time was really disappointed I didn't give it a female name. I guess he felt emasculated. Ha!)

OLTL does film a lot of their remotes in NJ. The quarry scenes were shot at Quarry Swim Club in Hopewell, NJ. That was printed up in the 9/21 SOD. I don't know where else though.

Is it weird that I love Hannah so much? She's just so beautiful, I'm sorry!

People like to make enough money. They spend much of it and save some. Usually not placing it under the mattress. So basic. For most of us. Concept -- 'enough'. What's enough? Minimum wage ain't gonna do it of course.

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