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September 22, 2010

No Sleep Till Brooklyn (-n Leaves Town)

"Who's your least favorite character on General Hospital?" is not a question that I am asked often, probably because potential question-askers know that they will not get a decisive answer to that question for weeks, since I'd first need to go through an elaborate list-making process that includes assigning point values for bad behavior and bizarre acting choices and, I'm not going to lie, graphs would probably be involved as well. And just when my research would present me with a least favorite, the next episode of GH would give me a new contender for the title. Like, say, today and EFFING BROOK LYNN. 

Brook Lynn: No, I mean in Port Charles. Why am I still in Port Charles? Why? Why did I think this was gonna get any different?

Nikolas: What were you expecting?

Brook Lynn: I don't know. I just, I didn't think that I was going to be treated so badly.

To answer your questions: I have no idea, I still have no idea, and because you are a delusional asshole.

And "I didn't think that I was going to be treated so badly"? Oh my god. "I should have known that this would happen. That everybody would just treat me so badly. All I did was get paid a large sum of money to seduce a friends of mine, and he wouldn't go for it sober, so I drugged him, but whatever, it's not like I did anything with him! Aside from the drugging! And now everyone's being so mean to me! God, don't you just feel SO TERRIBLE FOR ME?"


I was just thinking the same thing! Ugh! Much as I'd rather have a burning hot poker stuck in my eye than watch Sonny and Claire together, I can at least enjoy them separately. Brook Lynn is just awful no matter what. I could have forgiven her working for Carly and trying to seduce Dante, but drugging Dante put her in the cusp of irredeemable, and following it up by stealing from Edward put her over the edge. Since she's not even a successful schemer, we can't even enjoy her evil antics. It's like Guza wants us to feel sorry for her, the poor unsuccessful temptress and conwoman. Really?!? Not gonna happen.

I am loving Jason and Brenda - their scenes are the best these days - but I don't get why Jason didn't just walk away when Murphy asked to talk to him about his "relationship" with Brenda. I was hoping he would give him the stonecold contemptuous stare and then walk away. Does that make me mean? What did Murphy ever do to me? Oh, right. He put me into a coma with his insipid scenes with Brenda.

In Brook Lynn's defense... hmm.... I'd much rather see her with Nikolas than Elizabeth. If she can make a turnaround like Maxie, the drug addict enabler/supplier, she might be an okay character again. Maxie was the worst character ever, then she was awesome, and now she's occasionally watchable. Give the girl a chance, because there are always much, MUCH bigger assholes to be annoyed with on this show.

Didn't like Brook Lynn back in the day, and she is even worse now. All she has to do is marry Nikolas and she can be the head bitch on "Real Housewives of Port Charles." She's already got the giant collagen lips, overblown hair, tacky wardrobe and over-the-top, bad "New Yawk" accent.

and to be fair...she did say these things to Nikolas...who for months acted like he didn't understand why he and Lucky couldn't just be friends. So......dillusional morons is as dillusional morons does.

She still a stupid ho and I curse Guza daily for talking about rebuilding the Qs and making a legacy Q a pretty much irredemable mess just for giggles.......but really...she's saving me from months of watching Nik wander around moaning about Liz so.....I give her points for that.

I liked Brook Lynn when she was 15 and Dillon was her uncle/friend. Oh, Dillon. (And Schuyler, waaahhh). Those were good days...oh, yeah, wasn't she a budding singing star then too? Girl had a nice voice. What the hell happened with that? This effing show.

That he has done this to Ned and Lois's daughter is #13956 on the list of Guza's crimes against humanity!

actually i hate nik the dick worse than brooklyn so they cna stay togtehr as lnog as its off my damn screen

i just heard the comemnt of he year guys regarding tc being so damn huge. "he looks like he ate stefan"

That is so funny...Nick (TC) ate Stefan, I wonder who Jason ate? Maybe AJ.....I hate this show.....have not watched in weeks I pop in here to see what is going on..Same old SHIATE different day. Thanks for the the GREAT commentary.

How about your favorite GH caricature?

Mine is Bob Guza....you know, the moron who masquerades as the head writer?


I have got my tickets for the tour in Australia. It's going to be awesome to see Megadeth and NOFX live!

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