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September 28, 2010

Partying Like It's 1995

This morning, a friend asked me how my day was going.

"Well, Stone is going to be on General Hospital today, so, you know...the day will wind up being awesome," I said, elated, in a voice devoid of the bitterness and dread that usually accompany talk of General Hospital.

I mean, even at that point in the day, I knew that he'd appear at the very end of the episode and I had (and continue to have) a very real sense that Bob Guza penning scenes between Stone and Robin will eventually lead to the breaking of many hearts because, hello, Exhibit A: the return of Brenda and Exhibit B: everything on this show after 1998, but:

Stone: Robin?
Robin: Stone!
Stone: Robin, what on earth are you doing down here?

My heart actually fluttered.

We're all thinking it, so I am just going to come out and say it and let you know that I am only slightly offended by your clear derision: I am a fool for even being excited. I know this! But this hasn't been ruined...yet, so for the next 24 hours I can feel free to blissfully remember the days of General Hospital in the early 90s, which is the first era that I really remember clearly. I used to come home from school and refuse phone calls from 3-4 (which was MAJOR for a sixth grade talk-a-holic) unless the person on the other line was also watching GH and we could watch together, which basically consisted of sitting on the phone silently for an hour, occasionally gasping or murmuring and then hysterically commenting during commercial breaks. My friend Jill and I were obsessed. Addicted, even. When I think about the notes we used to write to each other with elaborate GH-inspired code names or the amount of sobbing we did over Stone's death, well...okay, when I think about that, I am very embarrassed, but also nostalgic! I loved those days, the unfortunate fashion trends and my ridiculous obsession with Mariah Carey's "Daydream" notwithstanding.

The rest of this story, with Lisa being CRAZY, Patrick investigating and Mac finally losing it continued to be entertaining.

Not content to let Steven and Patrick have all of the raspy fun, Mac got his growl on.

Mac: You're not the first whackjob I've ever dealt with. Ryan Chamberlain, Faith Roscoe, Jerry Jacks...you are an amateur compared to them, so this little act where you pretend to be normal? It doesn't fly. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get the truth out of you.

Today was all about throwing a bone to longtime viewers, huh? Stone, a mention of Ryan. It says so much, and so little, about this show that allusions to Port Charles history are cause for celebration.

I also got a giggle at Ronnie's terrible dye job and the following line:

Ronnie: I would tell Patrick Drake to go shove it. Okay? Seriously, what does he know about drilling a suspect.

Actually, he knows a lot about drilling this particular suspect...

The show, as is its wont, missed a huge opportunity for entertainment in having the search of Lisa's apartment take place off-screen! Can you imagine what her apartment must look like? I am envisioning a photoshopped Niles/Drake wedding portrait hanging up, and the vision is making me cackle like mad. Fingers crossed that we get to learn more about Spinelli's search of her emails, bank records and search histories. If we don't get confirmation that she has been searching things like "does patrick drake luv lisa niles?", "hate HATE robin scorpio" or "How to kill robin scorpio?", I am going to be sorely disappointed!


OMG! Stone, Robin, true love never dies, JUST. EEEEEEEEEEE. Seriously, I can't even type a coherent sentence, even knowing that I will be bitterly disappointed tomorrow-I'm that HAPPY! OVER GENERAL HOSPITAL! I KNOW! And he said her NAME! And he did the both-hand-holding thing he always did! This is SO undignified for the 34-year-old mother of 3!

so far so good but it was one scene....

I'm already beyond Stone and Lisa. So tired of St Stone and Crazy Lisa. Tired of Robin and Patrick's past.

Looking to the future. Let's get to the real couple Robin and Patrick. I miss seeing Robin and Patrick together. Kimberly and JT ALWAYS bring it home.

In the past, good writing made you root for Robin/Stone in the AIDS story, where now with GH lack of writing, it is Kimberly and JT's chemistry and talents that make you root for them. This FA story has more holes than swiss cheese.Imagine if Robin/Patrick got good writing, like the HIV story.

I wish that GH would bring on an old friend from the Sorbonne for Robin. This friend could be male or female but they must actually like Robin and cheer for her at all times. I think one of the main problems with SCRUBS is that the writers want the audience to believe that 'only' Patrick is desirable and has options. That Robin is lucky he chose her and should just be happy that he did.

Hopefully after this FA story, Robin can become a single,independent mother with 'viable options' and Patrick can be one option. I think he needs to grovel, beg and learn to respect Robin before she takes him back.

"Ronnie: I would tell Patrick Drake to go shove it. Okay? Seriously, what does he know about drilling a suspect."

Well, we got a kick out of this for a different reason. As she mentioned earlier in the show, Brook Lynn got drilled for her performance with Nicholas. The cops grill suspects, Ronnie.

I'll take Stone over "Ireland" any day!

And Stone? Could still get it. Just saying.

Oh, my goodness! I had completely forgotten about Ryan Chamberlain until you wrote that. Now THAT was a true soap villain if I ever saw one. Of course, in Guza's hands, Ryan Chamberlain would be exalted.

I didn't watch back in 1995. We were CBSers back then and like had one channel. Watching Stone on YouTube and his beautiful memorial service was perfection. I practically squealed when they did the Romeo and Juliet thing at the Nurse's Ball. These scenes made me cry a little at what a true young couple is and what real stories are. Of course Sonny being...well human and acting was a plus too.

I was just as nervous about this as you. I was wondering just how badly this would be screwed up. Of course two characters just saying hi to each other was something that not even Guza can screw up. (Just as I said that we will see me get proven wrong.) Here's hoping that tomorrow (today's) episode is at least tolerable.

Sigh. Stone.

Sally Draper is rapidly becoming one of my favorite things about Mad Men. Kiernan Shipka-fabulous.

"And Stone? Could still get it. Just saying."

Amen, sister.

Mel, Angie, Beth R.-so much word. And today would have been perfect-had we not gotten 'Stone convinces Robin of Patrick's awesomeness'. I just.....

A little late to the party, but J'ADORE the Sally Draper Beetles squeal.

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