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September 22, 2010

The Trauma of a Bad Pirate Costume: Pluses and Minuses

First of all, my apologies for being a little MIA recently -- I've been keeping up with the show but usually manage to squeeze it in at an hour in which my brain has retired quite completely; I'm finding that brain-retirement is actually a pretty decent condition in which to watch One Life to Live these days.  But I digress.  My life slows down a bit today so you'll hear from me more soon, but in the meantime, a few thoughts in quick list form on recent developments...


- Gigi's brief excellent moment yesterday: "Rex and Kelly!  How can this be if nobody's naked?!"


- Clint

- Matthew

- The fact that there seems to be at least some minimal effort to show that Ross isn't evil and legitimately wants his daughter back (even if he's using less-than-ethical means to achieve that goal), and that Dani actually does still love the man who raised her and who she knew as her father for most of her life.

- The welcome party on Monday's episode for former As the World Turns(R.I.P.) viewers -- not so much the barrel-full of implausible exposition, but really just John McBain spinning that globe right at the beginning.  Snarky though I may be, I do want this show to stay on the air, and I do hope any new viewers we've inherited due to ATWT's sad demise will stick around -- in particular because it might mean they'll stop with the desperate (yet failed) attempts for ratings and go back to writing some decent character-driven drama (and comedy), which I happen to know they're quite capable of.


- Billy Warlock's (Ross) haircut, or rather the one he hasn't gotten:


- Clint.  Okay, yes, I named him as a "plus" as well, but the one detail I can't quite get on board with is the idea that he'd put a blood relative of his in a Moroccan prison for twenty years.  I get that he hates David Vickers (and he should), and I get that he can't really accept him as a Buchanan (neither can I), and I get that he's still angry at his brother Bo and wants revenge.  I just don't buy this extreme.  Clint can be shady and he can be ruthless, but he does love his family.

- The various Ford sob stories.  Poor James had a lousy pirate costume as a kid because his mother abandoned him!  So he cut class!  Poor Inez feels super-duper-bad about abandoning her two eldest sons and allowing them to be raised by an abusive monster, so sometimes she cries at night!  Aww!

- Ford and Nate bonding over Nate's sudden interest in film.  Perhaps I've missed something, but I'd never once heard Nate mention being a major film buff.  Yesterday's dialogue sounded like lines that once would've belonged to Markko, not Nate.

- There really aren't enough bullets in the world to make all the necessary bullet points to describe the minuses regarding the "Battle for Dani!"  But to name a few -- Blair's fierce loyalty to Todd and belief in his spectacular fathering skills.  No.  Todd's list of Ross's crimes as if his list is not worse (and wait, what did I miss -- Ross has had two names?  When?) (And even if he has, hasn't Todd as well?).  As if Todd would never go on the run and bail on his children to save his own hide.  Frankly I think this whole thing is a little admirable of Ross, considering he knows Dani is not his biological child.  If Todd learned Dani were not his biological child, he would drop-kick her out of his life so fast (if he didn't actually hand her off to a stranger and say, "Get rid of her") since biology seems to be the only thing of relevance to Todd.  Speaking of biology, what was with Blair saying she was the mother of two of Todd's other children?  On what planet is she not Sam's mother?  Oh right, biology's the only thing that matters.  Even though Todd probably wouldn't recognize Sam at this point (though would we either?).  But of course regardless of all this, we are being beaten over the head with Ross going on and on about how it's what Tea wanted and it's right there in the will -- because naturally we know the will is fake so he is a wee mean lying liar who lies and has a cartoon villain brother so he's even eviler than evil.  Oh and I forgot!  There are no stakes here because we know Tea is alive anyway.  No stakes at all.

- Trevor St. John's portrayal of grief, loss, love-of-daughter, etc., etc.  Wake up, dude!  We know full well you're a good actor, so try showing it!  Frankly I don't buy a damn thing he's selling lately, so it makes me even less invested in this storyline than I already am.  I'm just rooting for Ross and somehow I doubt I'm supposed to.  But when the alternative is a man who is perpetually at the precipice of a deep sleep, I will always root for Ross.

- That they played the fact that Tea is alive as some big, huge, unpredictably shocking "reveal" that warranted a Friday cliffhanger.  Please.  Was anyone surprised?


In "other works" news, I saw Florencia Lozano's (Tea) play underneathmybed this past weekend at the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater.  Go.  I will 'fess up that I went in a little bitter -- you see, I myself am a playwright and sometimes have a bias against people with successful acting careers who "decide" to write plays, as if it's somehow presumptuous and entitled of them (which I know is completely ridiculous and unfair and only about jealousy, I know, I know!).  But damn.  Girl can write.  It was dark and funny and moving and clever and creepy and engaging and theatrical and I really loved it.  Oh, and she was there the night I went and was absolutely adorable in person -- she is a beautiful woman and is pretty on the show, of course, but a real knockout in person.  Point is, if you're able to get to her show, make it happen!


So how's everyone been feeling about the show lately?  What's your own list of pluses and minuses? 


Speaking of biology, what was with Blair saying she was the mother of two of Todd's other children? On what planet is she not Sam's mother?

I heard "I am the mother to Todd's other children." Which doesn't flow that well, but I'm pretty sure it's what she said. And if it's not, I don't want to know.

Just for the sake of nitpicking, around the time of the play, Nate mentioned to Dani a couple times that he's into film. Just saying :)

Perhaps this is only because I'm a hormonal teenage girl, but I'm kind of starting to get into the whole Ford brothers thing... I just want to know where it's going. Same with the "Eli is evil" storyline. YES. WE KNOW. BUT WHY?

Here's hoping John Wesley Shipp's debut as the Ford family patriarch brings some much needed clarity to this story. He was such a supremely awesome shit-heel as abusive tennis pro Martin Ellis on the late, lamented SANTA BARBARA so here's hoping he brings that vibe along with his (please God, please God, PLEASE!)still drool worthy Kelly Nelson bod.

And no, I'm not still harboring a big gay crush from his days as THE FLASH, either.

Okay, well maybe a little...

Louise - did you see the guestbook of much-missed characters at Tea's memorial on Friday? Kyle! Fish! Sierra Rose! Rachel! Siiigh.

C, I thought that's what I saw out of the corner of my eye! Oh, it kills. How I miss them. Sounds like there's someone on that production team who feels the same way!

Dirk Mancuso, yes, I just heard about that little casting nugget! Very interesting. It's weird, though, for some reason I thought he'd been on OLTL before. Maybe just as some 3-day doctor or attorney or something...

Yeah, Louise, I just looked up John Wesley Shipp on imdb and he was on OLTL back in 1989. As much as I hate the Fords (well half of them) I'm interested in seeing him on the show. I cried like a baby when they killed him off on Dawson's Creek.

I am finding Starr REALLY irritating (well, and Langston. But I can't get enough of the psuedo-suspense of the whole Eli/Ross/Dani/Tea/Greg storyline. Oh yeah and on that note, if Eli's 'blackmail' is something to do with Destiny (we can all guess what secret he might reveal), then can he go the whole way and just get rid of her? She's annoying too.

I'm liking - very much - Evil Clint and Mini-Matthew. I'm afraid that, for me, watching the wonder that is Cassie de Pavia pretty much makes me enjoy Blair no matter how badly they write for her.

But the Fudds....I mean the Fords....Why did someone decide that OLTL needed a gaggle of Fudds to begin with? They threw this whole new family into the middle of everything, made them all go shirtless except for Mamma Fudd - Thank God - and thought we'd care about people we didn't know anything about? Who are connected to no-one else in town? I am the opposite of invested in this clan of maroons. And it doesn't help that they gives Starr and Langston even more reason to over-emote, as if they weren't doing enough of that already.

And Destiny....
Does someone in Llanview have a big crate and a shipping label so she can be sent to Outer Mongolia? Because Destiny needs to either get shipped off or become an organ donor - immediately.

Her jumping up and taking over the courtroom was VERY irritating. And it was even more irritating that the adults, judge included, seemed to listen to this blabbermouth as if she was the voice of wisdom. She's been involved in far too many scenes and has had that mouth flapping far too much. I'm all for Nikki Smith coming back and teaching this little brat that children are to be walled up and not heard.

Destiny has become very irritating since she became buddies with Nate and Dani.

Ford's - I liked Ford as a cad, now he has a sob story for each day of the week.

Clint hates, David and that will never change.

I love mini-Clint, Jr. aka Matthew

I am totally shallow because I'm happy just looking at the elder two Ford boys. I was so distracted by James's cuteness that I missed the whole pirate costume thing. Ford was so cute, all vulnerable and sad, that I missed most of what he said. Shameful, I know.

I agree that the reveal about Tea being alive should have waited until after the custody hearing. Way to kill the suspense! It wasn't really a shock that she's just taking a long nap, but still...

What is the deal with AJ...errr...Ross's hair? Did they use all of the stylist and product budget on the Ford boys?

I also remember Nate saying he was a big movie buff a few times. I don't watch the show everyday so it's something I would remember. In fact I was wondering why Nate and Bobbiepoo didn't discuss this before.

As an Otalia fan I hate characters that are mean to Inez. Natalia and Inez are very similar in character. So Bobbie and James treating her horribly and not giving her the benefit of the doubt annoys me. Yes I know that they were abused but for some reason I don't have sympathy for either two. I like Nate though.

I think the problem is that Bobbiepoo needs a female friend who he wouldn't sleep with. Either a lesbian or unknown sister or just some girl that he thinks of as a sister. He needs someone who can knock some sense into him.

James is a little more likable though he is characterized as a 12 year old and he's supposed to be 18! He acts too immature. Wow is Starr annoying lately. Cole needed to leave her and hook up with Hannah who I actually like. In fact she seems more rootable than James and Bobbie combined.

I totally see what you are saying Dirk. I went on soaphunks.net and in some pics he looks a lot like Nick Robuck and David Gregory. You should check them out!

Lastly...as a hardcore GLer circa 2000 it is very disturbing to see Jerry verDorn acting very Alan Spaulding like. (I do believe that when Ross Marler first came to Springfield, he was a villain. I'm not 100% on that.)

I'm not loving Clint morphing into Asa. I'm totally wondering WTF is the POINT of Eli's Dani plan - he's getting Ross custody - which BTW, wouldn't the biological parent automatically get custody despite what a will says? Is it really possible to WILL your child to another person? - so that Ross will then NOT be spending time with her? And I hatehateHATE the Fords. All of them.

I haven't seen a plus for a month or more. I just fail to see the point anymore. Really, this show is so losing me.

Nat's Guy, they killed him off on Dawson's Creek? I don't think I got past the 1st season of the show...when did this happen? I don't remember him on the show, actually...? Man, do I need to go back and rewatch that?

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