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September 15, 2010

Three Cheers for Gift Horses!

I'm grasping at anything here.  It's not that I'm afraid (obviously!) to be critical, it's just that I need to find something to keep me going.  Monday's episode was truly one of the most horrible hours of television I have ever witnessed -- I was literally embarrassed that I watch One Life to Live.  I've thought this about certain scenes or storylines before, but that entire episode felt like a bad parody of what people who hate (but have never watched) soaps assume they're like.  I mean they ended the episode with the mustache-twirling villian actually saying, "Not.  So.  Fast."  My self-esteem shot down through the floors and the streets to somewhere deep beneath the A train.  And it's really gross down there.

And it's not that the situation was so much better in yesterday's episode, but there were some gifts worth mentioning:

- No Ford brothers!

- Actors over 30!

- Billy Warlock!  (It is no secret that I did not approve of this recast at all, but I do love the actor and seeing him on my screen.  What I don't get is why, if they could secure Billy Warlock for any amount of time, they wouldn't create a new character for him instead of putting him in the "scapegoat" gig that makes no sense at all, provides no interesting twists or unpredictable moments, and seems to exist only to try to bolster Todd's fathering skills by making the alternative even worse.  Oh, show.)  (And really, they couldn't work with Mike Lowry's schedule for this?  Please.  Law school ain't a prison sentence.)

- Hunched-over, injured Eli!  Sure, I know he's responsible for all the death and misery in the world, but it sure is nice to see him again, and in a vulnerable state, too!

- Dorian's bed head:


-And my personal favorite of the day (and possibly my favorite thing going on the show right now, period), Clint.  Clint being sparkly and snarky!  Clint on MyFace!  Jerry ver Dorn is just relishing every moment of this.  After being told that Dorian had lost her mind, his timing on, "There's breaking news" resulted in a just-plain-masterful delivery.  And then?  He took a little break on his smartphone:


Clint: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm updating my page. 

Bo: Updating your... what are you... are you on MyFace?!

Clint: (feigning offended dignity) I keep a presence there.  For business.

Love it.  We, of course, knew that he'd hacked David's MyFace account and were given a delightful payoff in the next scene when Dorian discovers that David's new status is, "David Vickers Buchanan loves a good foam party." 

It made me glad.  We find these things where we can in life.

Destiny out.


"My self-esteem shot down through the floors and the streets to somewhere deep beneath the A train. And it's really gross down there."

After three hilarious posts by Mallory, I howled yet again at this beautiful line. There are no words good enough. Thank you for making my day!

I LOVED it! I actually laughed out loud two or three times during the episode, along with doing that kind of shocked "I can't believe they're actually doing this?!" slow drawing in of breath, exclaiming "Noooooooo!" a lot and clapping my hands excitedly. But I AM English (I say this like it might explain something). It just gets better and better! But I had forgotten about Dorian...so its good they brought that story up again. And I laugh hysterically every time someone says "Myface"....

I LOVE Jerry verDorn. Why can't he be in every scene?

See this is my dilemma. I love Jerry ver Dorn and right now he is the only thinking making OLTL happen for me. But this is pod person Clint and I can't see him on screen without wondering if the real Clint is locked up by Jaime Saunders someplace.

Where are you Louise? I'v been waiting to read your take on Taia being alive & Dr Edwards terrible acting...and of course the Ross recast - is that working for anyone? I love Billy Warlock, but it just seems so wrong.

Maybe you are vacationing in Tahiti - be careful if you are, it seems to be full of con artists!

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