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October 20, 2010

A Cornucopia of Adults

First, the apologies.  There's been radio silence on the OLTL front lately because my home internet was down for a week.  It's been restored, but it did take me a day or two to get over being lost and frightened and confused.  And then there's the baseball, which is currently providing me little joy but requiring much attention. So imagine my surprise amidst my delirium when I watched Tuesday's episode.  Llanview must've had something in its drinking water yesterday, because the weirdest thing happened on One Life to Live.







Echo!  Roxy!




Viki!  (May we assume that the little insert was due to Erika Slezak herself having a skin cancer removed?  Queen Slezak, we're glad you're well!)

Due to the other characters in play, it still set the median age for the episode somewhere in the 30s, but it was a delight regardless.  People over 25, having stories about people over 25!

Some questions:

- Why did it take the writers this long to realize that scenes between Dorian and Viki should capitalize on their decades of incredibly rich character history, and that it's better when they're not bickering like children?

- Why do we only see Ilene Kristen about as frequently as a smile from John McBain or Todd Manning?

- Were we supposed to feel sorry for Ford on Monday when Clint had his goons beat him up for what Ford did to Clint's daughter?  (I'm on record as being in the "No, Ford didn't rape Jessica" camp, so while I'd say that he certainly doesn't deserve a prison sentence, what he did was still disgusting and a nice beatdown is sometimes appropriate; but wait, wait, I never condone violence or... something.)

- Why was Starr more interested in keeping Hope in the attic as long as there were diapers and water than having Hope returned to the "world" where she could get proper care?  Couldn't Hannah just concoct some story about how she rescued Hope, thereby being Cole's hero?  And then Hope would be safe?  Isn't that preferable?

- Why do people refer to Rex as a "good" private detective?

- Do "world-famous" photographers really just take 5x7 snapshots, have them developed at the local Fotomat, and carry them around to show off their phenomenal skills at... taking basic snapshots?

- Why Gigi's hair and makeup, why?  Why?

- Why did Dani and Tea spend more time recapping and reuniting than, say, untying Tea and escaping?

- Why am I kind of rooting for Hannah in this whole Hannah-against-Starr scenario?

- Why did they have to insert Rex into the big vets' story?

- When will the use of "Chuckles" be retired?

- Can they please keep using flashbacks from the 80s?

That's all I got.  Inquiring minds want to know.



I enjoyed yesterday.

It's really good to see Dorian and Viki just talking instead of arguing. Viki being all concerned for Dorian was really sweet. I'm not fond of Echo, but how great is it seeing Kim Zimmer and Ilene Kristen. Love!

Rex is an idiot. A hypocritical idiot. Kudos to Clint for throwing Stacy in his face. Rex always forgets the crap he pulls when he sits in judgement of others. It's very unbecoming.

Gigi.....was there....with her trusty lipgloss. Why is she still here?

I really don't feel bad for Starr b/c she could have taken Hannah out by now.

- Why am I kind of rooting for Hannah in this whole Hannah-against-Starr scenario?

I don't even know what is going on with this storyline, and I know Hannah is supposed to be this awful person that nobody likes, but she's being played by Meghann freaking Fahy. To me, that is enough to make me root for her in any situation. The girl is just made of awesome Broadway talent. If they would just randomly let her sing all the time, OLTL would be all the better for it.

"Why did they have to insert Rex into the big vets' story?"

Oh Louise -- it's because Rex is going to turn out to be Echo's son, silly!

I'm definitely on Team Starr here, but I do really like Meghann Fahy. She's doing a great job, and so is Kristen Alderson. The girls playing Hope are so cute, too!!!!

The only Ford brother I particularly care for is James, and that's only because I hate how the writers have trashed Cole's character.

I have to say that I completely get why Starr wouldn't let Hannah take Hope. Hannah is so BCS that I wouldn't count on her taking Hope to safety. She could just as easily decide that it's too much trouble and dispose of the kid.

Hannah would have sold Hope on the open black baby market.

Starr - What happened to Blair and Todd's spawn? She's become a wimp. Why not take that baseball bat and whoop some Hannah butt?

Adults. Yeah, people who actually lived in the 1970's...

If Rexx turns out to be Echo/Clint's son then that means Shane is a Buchanan...blech.

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