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October 21, 2010

And People Wonder Why The Ratings Are In The Toilet?!

The All My Children writers are totally screwing with us at this point.

Liza: I think we need to talk further about Greenlee and Ryan's relationship.

"Need to talk further"? FURTHER? Everybody talks about this relationship ALL THE DAMN TIME! How much more talking about Greenlee and Ryan's chemistry-free sham of a romance can we possibly handle? NOT MUCH, PEOPLE. NOT MUCH.


It literally makes me sick. But on the upside?? October 22, 2010 is finally here!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back TK!!

It feels like attempted brainwashing, doesn't it? If someone has to talk up something SO MUCH, it can't be worth much sadly. Why does everyone know that but the people who count?

I am so sick of the Ryan/Greenlee hour. AMC fails to see that these two are sucking the life out of this show. They are being whitewashed to perfection. The trouble is they are the most obnoxious duo ever and no matter how much whitewhashing is done on them they are hated. I just don't understand why AMC works so hard to keep these two front and center, for so long, they aren't worth it.

For Greenlee, we lost Zach and David.........makes no sense to me.

Oh Mallory, you never fail us.....wish the same could be said for AMC....

The worst Murder Trial/Murder Mystery in the history of daytime, isn't even about a Murder... It's all about Rylee...the most disgusting, hated, toxic couple in daytime history...

The gruesome twosome continue to suck the life out of the show and the fans continue to run away from it...

Ryass is no leading man/hero/saint/good guy.... He's a woman abusing/using jerk...

Greenlee is no leading female, victim, heroine, damsel in distress....She's a viscious, nasty, sidekick....

Rylee is not a great love story....It's a story about abuse, obsession, destruction....

The Rylee Hour continues to kill AMC...but Frons loves them & that's all that seems to matter...

On the bright side: Zach's back today..... Here's hoping that Kendall, Zach, Zendall will be freed of the Rylee infestation....

Lisa has said it all, thanks for saving me the time to write all of that Lisa! Mallory, I like your blog, short and not sweet and to the point! I'll be glad when this whole storyline is over!

I still can't get past the fact that they aren't even trying to make this trial look realistic. At least GH pretends to make an effort. AMC is just randomly calling witnesses and asking questions for no reason.

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