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October 01, 2010

Celebrating Four Years of Semi-Professional Complaining

We are in surprisingly fantastic moods this morning. It's Friday, it's October (the official month of all things pumpkin) and it's our blogiversary!

When we started Serial Drama four years ago--on Blogger, and with anonymous nicknames!--we envisioned a place where we'd complain about soaps to each other and assumed that it would remain mostly unvisited, except for the occasional hit from people who had Googled "Why does Hunter Tylo's face look like burning?". 

But to our surprise and delight, our experiment in soap bitchiness has thrived. Since 2006, we've written 1,450 posts, received a completely unexpected and awesome column in Soap Opera Digest, gained a fabulous new blogger and have been consistently amazed by our readers, who are smart, loyal and all-around fantastic. We can't thank you enough for reading, commenting, linking to, Facebooking and emailing us. Even when the emails are kind of mean--nay, especially when the emails are kind of mean.


So what happened over the course of the last twelve months? Let's take a look back at Serial Drama's fourth year.

There was some major casting drama. Eric Braeden let his contract negotiations play out very publicly and very crankily. Chad Duell suddenly replaced Drew Garrett as Michael Corinthos, while Christina Bennett Lind, Stephen Nichols and Billy Warlock also got in on the recast action. Some boldfaced names made their returns to soaps, from Jonathan Jackson and Vanessa Marcil to Rebecca Budig and, um, David Hasselhoff. Kish was written off of One Life to Live and thousands of hearts broke in the process. And David Canary chose to leave All My Children, which continues to be unbearably sad, although Adam Chandler leaving Pine Valley alive was more than we dared to hope for!

And there were other some sad losses. As The World Turns came to an end after 54 years, and the soap world lost James Mitchell and Frances Reid, who were the recipients of beautiful memorial episodes.

There were also the usual soapy shenanigans: Weddings, vow renewals and non-weddings, doppelgangers, soapy smackdowns, scene stealers and Sonny shooting his own son in the chest (but it's totally okay because he didn't know he was his son). Sonny, Victor, Todd and Ryan gave us even more reasons to hate them, and Bob Guza said a lot of things that we hate.

All My Children celebrated a birthday of its own, marking their 40th anniversary with a pretty fantastic episode and a spot in The New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend (as always, Mallory is incapable of talking about this without stressing how tiny Susan Lucci and Rebecca Budig are. And now non-aging Debbi Morgan is. If we didn't love her, we'd have to hate her). As a present, they received the gift of common sense and finally (FINALLY) showed Charles Pratt the door.

The Daytime Emmys...well, they happened.

The vampire craze hit our corner of the internet with our coverage of True Blood.

One Life to Live did a few musical episodes and ABC Daytime discovered this thing called "the internet", giving us a series of webisodes wondering what would happen if some of our favorite characters met.

This was also the year of James Franco, which we are still having trouble coming to terms with. Remember how it started off with giddy glee ("OHMIGOD WHAT OHMIGOD! James Franco on GH? OHMIGOD") and then morphed into unintentional hilarity? Then there was an hour of television so warped and terrible that it resulted in the brutal end of a decade-long crush. What can't GH ruin?!

And it still blows our mind a little that Heather and Jessica of Go Fug Yourself mentioned us in Marie Claire!

All in all, it was a crazy year here, on-screen and off, and we are excited for four more years and more!


Congrats to you both! Thank you for taking the pain for this ex-GH watcher.

Happy Anniversary, Ladies! You make this sad time of soap-watching highly entertaining and bearable!

Congratulations on your 4th!! You deserve shiny medals simply for having strong enough stomachs to still suffer through...er...endure...er... watch GH.

Many wishes for continued success!!

Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your site and hope it's around for years to come! But I think the link to your piece on Jonathan Jackson's return is broken.

Happy blogiversary, ladies, and thanks for letting me linger at the party!

Happy Blogiversary! It seems like only yesterday, really. Thank you for the laughs and the commiseration. Love you guys!

Happy blogaversary!!!!! Without Serial Drama, who else could put the, er, emotions I feel about my soaps into such fantastic words?

Happy blogiversary, Serial Drama! I often feel that the best part of (still, painfully, grudgingly) watching GH is coming here to laugh my way through your commentary. Thank you!

Happy Anniversary, ladies!

Happy anniversary! Until I found you guys, I thought I was alone in the love/haaaaaaate. I'm so glad there are others out there who can listen to Sonny and feel the same exquisite pain that I do. Keep up the great work!

Happy 4 years!!! Thanks for 4 years of entertainment & good reading. :)

Happy anniversary!

Happy 4 years, ladies, and thank you for being the about the ONLY members of the soap press that acknowledge that 1-B/c Robin does not sleep around and has some kind of a moral stance, that does NOT mean she is a judgmental bitch, and 2-I don't care how HOT Jason Thompson is, or how many dimples he's got in how many cheeks, Patrick is STILL written as an ASSHOLE, more often than not. And as an indication of how much I truly FLOVE you ladies: I wa-well, ENDURE is more accurate, Sonny scenes, just so I can fully appreciate the jokes I know y'all will make about him-I totally called that there was gonna be a post about the ::stops to spit vomit out of my mouth:: Mile High Club thing ::runs off to vomit again::!

In all seriousness, CONGRATULATIONS-it's an accomplishment for anyone under the age of 40 to do ANYTHING for 4 years consistently these days, lol-and I'm not dissing, I'm 34 myself!

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations. I've been reading from very near the beginning. I have been desparately trying to remember your anonymous nicknames. And failing.

From the first post, I remember thinking that reading what you ladies had to say about soaps was vastly more entertaining than the actual shows.

Here's to many more years of soap bitching. If soaps stay on the air, that is!

Goodness, has it already been four years?! The time does fly when you have like-minded people to mock and commiserate with. Happy blogiversary, ladies!

Congrats ladies... I always enjoy your witty insights! I have loved soaps for a long time and it is always a treat to read your thougths

Congratulations! I've quit watching soaps but won't ever quit reading you. Keep at it till the last one falls! (I give the whole industry another five years, tops.)

Happy Anniversary, chicas! Like many Serial Drama readers, I no longer actually watch my show (GH), but I'll never quit this place. I also greatly appreciate the True Blood posts.

You girls could write about Tupperware, and it would be entertaining and witty. May Serial Drama live forever!

Happy anniversary, girls!! This is a precious blog, and I still follow it religiously even though I haven't watched a single soap in months (yay for me!). After all, you always introduce me to the fashion do's and don'ts, like Rachel Ray being short and wearing ankle straps----not a good look---got it! Also, discovered go fug yourself from you's! awesome!

Congrats! I came for the kvetching. I stayed for the kvetching.

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