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October 11, 2010

Don't Tell Todd the Babysitter's Dead

Well, at least they mentioned there being a babysitter at all -- considering for the most part Starr and Cole have made infant-rearing and teen parenthood look like no biggie.  But alas, the babysitter is dead at the hands of Eli, yet another person we've never met being killed by someone we're supposed to fear (okay, yes, Eli has actually finally been pretty threatening recently -- he killed Wee Ross!).

Today we got the treat of Todd waxing poetic about what it's like to welcome your children into the world.  How your heart is full and how they are so vulnerable and innocent.


Todd: You don't know yet what it's like to hold your kid in your hand for the first time.  It comes out and it's just this... I don't know, this little ball of humanity.  It's just so... innocent and helpless.  And then you realize it's yours, it's your flesh and blood there.  It's your joy, of course, but it's your responsibility.  And it's just this limitless potential for heartbreak.  I mean just the thought, the very thought that someone would harm this creature, this person who wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, it just, well, it makes you want to do things and feel things that you've never felt before.  And of course you realize you would gladly step in front of an oncoming train if it meant saving their life.

Oh, sniffles.  Correct me if I'm wrong (and I mean that sincerely, twenty-five years of this show in my weak memory bank leads to mistakes and I'm sure some of you are far better scholars of the show than I!), but... I would've liked for them to show a flashback of Todd welcoming one of his children into the world and it changing everything because he was so moved.  Because: when the eff did this happen?  He was presumed dead during the birth of Starr, Spencer delivered Sam while he was hiding Margaret, Tea gave birth to Dani in Tahiti and said she was Ross's child.  So far, absent for 3 of 4.  And yes, he was present for Jack's birth but was so far from moved (granted, he didn't know Jack was his son, as if that's some acceptable excuse) that he ultimately paid David Vickers to kidnap (aka "get rid of") Jack and hand him off to who-knows-who and force a new mother to grieve the non-death of her child.  So I've missed these birth moments in which Todd is full of love for a vulnerable and innocent baby.  And I've missed the scenes where he even realizes this in retrospect, as he has so much respect for the sanctity of a new child and its bond with its parents that he planned to kidnap his own daughter's baby as a "gift" to his rape victim. (Seriously, typing all that out in one paragraph is hilarious.  God I love soaps!)

I think the one thing they've been very consistent about as far as Todd's fathering instincts is that he will indeed step in front of an oncoming train if it'll keep one of his kids from being taken away from him (either by custody suit or kidnapping).  And there were actually times years ago when his relationship with little Starr was actually quite lovely, and there have been flashes of some sort of love for his children that goes beyond just "but it's mine!" but man, it's been a long, long while.  So I did have to laugh today.

Oh and Natalie's really a saint for expressing sympathy to Todd.  Honestly, the fact that either of his nieces can run into him at any point and not spit in his face is a true testament to their absurdly forgiving natures.  (Or to the short-term memories of the story editors.  Your guess is as good as mine.)


Queen Victoria really is back! Today, she had this juicy morsel to say about Echo:

VIki: She's nothing but a two-bit poseur; she's nothing but a distilled con artist who has seen better days.

Love it.


I remember Todd being very visibly moved at Jack's birth especially considering that he was the only one there to help Blair. It's what made his ultimate decision to 'get rid of it' that much more heartbreaking.

At least to me.

But, yeah, that's the only one he was actually there for. And while he did react powerfully the first time he held Starr, when it comes down to it, Todd only cares about any of these kids because they are HIS. That's it... so watching him wax all lovey dovey and deep and powerful connection is really quite insulting.

Clint adopted two boys and loves them like they are his own. Viki has discovered children later in life... same with Dorian for that matter. Actually, all of Dorian's girls came to her as teenagers... interesting. Blair has always been protective of children (understandable given her upbringing) but, yeah, let's listen to Todd talk about his deep bond with his kids.

It's enough to make me throw up. There was a time that I did believe Todd would do anything for his kids... but those days are LONG gone. He only does anything because it benefits him. When's the last time he legitimately made a SACRIFICE for the sake of any of those kids?

Dandesun, you're absolutely right about that history (his being moved by his first meeting with Starr, his being reluctantly moved by the birth of Jack). It just sucks that it's SUCH ancient history and we really don't see remnants of it other than his being passionately possessive.

Though I guess we were supposed to see the fact that he didn't murder Ross as his great "sacrifice" for Dani.

I want the old Todd back. (I don't mean Roger Howarth, I just mean the formerly complicated character that has now become so one-note and somehow has the sympathy of all the townsfolk.)

I know exactly what you mean when you say the 'old Todd' because Trevor once played him with nuance and pathos, too.

Todd, at his best, was reviled by 90% of the town and didn't care. He earned most of that and he did what he felt like but there was always that tortured part of him that made you root for him.

When I'm at the point where I am rooting for Todd Manning to simply get off my show... something has gone horribly awry. I loved this character intensely for years and now I just wish he'd get his 'happy ending' with Tea and take her and Dani on yearlong cruise around the world where I don't have to see or hear any of them.

Then the bulk of story would go back to revolving around John... but at this point I think I'd welcome that.

I know. I'm talking crazy.

I just don't believe in any of Todd's relationships anymore. I am not a believer at all.

Only part of the show that felt authentic was Starr waving her hand in front of her face because Hope's poopy diaper smelled so bad. Maybe because that's how I feel about the show these days.

I really liked Melissa Archer's scenes today. Her sisterly bantering with Rex, her covering up her concern for Starr so Vicki wouldn't worry, her sympathy for Todd, and her quiet terror for her cousins as she left to bring the blood samples to the hospital (though I thought they had a lab at the station -- but Greg isn't rambling about Tea back at the station...). I thought she did a nice job and I could see her heart in her eyes. It's been a while and it was great to see her shine again.

ONly thing I am interested in on this show is the Echo-Viki-Clint stuff.
They have gone too far with the Sonny-fying of Todd coupled with the lazy performance of TSJ and I am pretty sick of Todd and the women in his life who all think he is so wonderful. I have been hoping for Eli to pop a cap in Todd's ass ever since he was revealed as a serial killer.
Maybe he can off a couple of Fords while he's in a killing mood.

As a Kim Zimmer-phile I am loving the Echo stuff. It's the only positive for this show.

I do not like Todd at the moment. If he were to take in a HIV positive teen runaway with no connection to anyone and who could act then I would care about him. Until that happens I am not going to root for him. Though Sonny Corinthos is pretty much bad in every aspect of his life, I give him points for thinking of Michael as his son when he biologically isn't. That's far better than Todd would ever do.

I agree with Louise on the Old Todd, New One Note Todd stuff. Haven't liked that character in ages and he is on way too much.

Louise - can you please please PLEASE do a write-up of today's Clint awesomeness?

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