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October 27, 2010

Good Grief (or R.I.P. Elijah Clarke)

I'm sort of exhausted.  I think One Life to Live is doing that on purpose.  I've been insanely busy lately, it's true, and I haven't been able to do my usual routine of watching episodes daily -- this has led to a lot of binge-viewing, and binging is never helpful and it's always a mess.

Did November sweeps start early this year?  I'm no industry expert but I do know sweeps months often extend into following month or actually begin a few days before the end of the preceding month, and this kind of jam-packed "event" action on a soap is usually a ratings stunt.  And... a lot's going on.  Let's examine, shall we?


So Cole shot Eli.


And he does appear to be Really Most Sincerely Dead.


And Marty is understandably worried about her psychotic son going to prison.  (Though let's admit it, the streets would be safer if he did.)


And the frenemies are back together.




And John smirks broodily even when he's unconscious!

You know what?  I'm not going to say the show has been spectacular lately, but I'm going to give credit where credit is due and say that a few things here at least make sense.  Cole is a loose cannon and is, in fact, the closest thing to Todd, Jr., that we have on this show.  He has a dangerous temper and always acts without thinking (and has been a jackass idiot for quite some time now, I might add), so it was actually quite logical that this is how he would go down (I am assuming this is the storyline that ushers Brandon Buddy off the show).  Putting aside the usual disbelief we put-upon soap viewers had to suspend (a crafty serial killer is left completely unattended because -- hey! -- he's handcuffed, and then someone with perfectly good reason to commit violence against him is left alone two feet away from him with access to a loaded gun in an evidence bag!), they really were doing right by the character arc here.  Of course he didn't wait five minutes to hear word from the rescue crews.  And having Marty discover him and ultimately take the fall for him is equally in-character for her (and Natalie being the one to find her with the almost-smoking gun was pretty soapy considering their history and even their exchange just moments before), and this might actually point to Susan Haskell having a legitimate storyline.  Now, I'm as weary of Marty The Martyr as everyone else, but this time it makes more sense to me: she's not simply throwing herself on the sword to protect her son and taking whatever punishment he would've gotten for the crime, she quite specifically is carrying this because her punishment will be far more merciful than his.  Even though this scheme is intended to protect and save someone she loves, it's a scheme nonetheless, and I've missed Scheming Marty.  She's far more interesting than Victim Marty.  (Oh, I hope she starts hitting the sauce and hanging out in Angel Square again.  I miss Wes!)

And as much as I'm steeling myself for the fact that ultimately Tea and Blair will be rescued by Todd and John, I'm finding it refreshing for the time being that the women are actually making an effort to save themselves.  (Particularly in light of the fact that Starr's concurrent efforts to do the same are beyond pathetic.  She and Mr. Muscles are somehow rendered utterly useless by a basic household doorknob.)

I'm at a bit of a loss for words regarding the big Evans Family Secret Reveal.  Unless I'm missing something, Greg aided and abetted a serial killer because he didn't want his brother to find out he slept with his girlfriend seventeen years ago (and had a kid with her), and then killed her (in probably some defensible manner).  Considering it wouldn't be the first time they'd shared women, I'm still waiting to hear what made this worth it.  And it certainly doesn't warrant the TOTALLY APOCALYPTIC MUSIC they're playing to underscore Destiny's reactions to each piece of this news.  And don't even get me started on the acting of the Evans offspring's portrayers.  Every creeping second of those scenes just makes my heart go out to Frankie Faison and Tonye Patano (from The Wire and Weeds to this?).  Seriously, it was telegraphed from miles away that Destiny was really Greg's daughter, but I was holding out hope that the rest of the story would offer us something.  Now I'm just hoping this will wrapped up mercifully, and by that I mean immediately.

Well, I for one will miss Eli.  In particular I will miss Matt Walton, who has been a delight his entire tenure on this show -- especially when being asked to play 345,667 wild implausibilities and seemingly bad parodies.  And I will miss his smokin' hot chemistry with Blair and his brother of many sizes.  And I shudder to think what kind of uber-villain we'll get next now that their catch-all is dead.


In "other works" news, I saw January LaVoy (ex-Noelle, though is she officially "ex" or did they just sort of keep her in the background and never really write her off?  I really can't remember seeing her after Viki and Charlie got married) in the Second Stage revival of Arthur Kopit's play Wings.  It was nice to see her get more of an opportunity to flex her chops and (thankfully) without that hideous Texas accent; she had a very commanding presence.

Jan Maxwell, who played Nash's mother Cindy for a little while, also starred in the show, but she's pretty much a theatrical grande dame and therefore a little less of a "ooo, One Life to Live!" curiosity.  But she was, of course, totes brilliant.

That's all I got, ladies and gents.  Is this rumor true that we're going to be subjected to a rerun today that's chock-full of Todd/Tea "love" scenes?


Well, I guess this now officially makes Cole the Worst Son Ever.

Oh, Eli. If only they could have kept him shirtless and Blair-supportive instead of Evil Author of Implausible Evil.

BTW, sorry to remind you, Louise, but Wes is dead. He was killed by the DKE murderer. A shame really, especially since some of us thought they could have done a really cool DADT thing with him and Brody.

Oh believe me, I need no reminder that Wes is dead! It broke my icy heart. That's why I miss him! (Though yes, I can see where my syntax was unclear. Minus five points for me!)

Chad, and a great daddy, too!

"And don't even get me started on the acting of the Evans offspring's portrayers"

Really? I thought Shenell Edmonds gave a great performance, she's come a long way. If anything, Frankie Faison seemed the weakest link to me.

Adam, I agree that Edmonds has improved dramatically, though I fail to understand why they can't just show a little mercy and give the kid some eyedrops. It's just that the scene was so awful, no one was in the same scene, all the reactions were so inorganic and completely out of proportion to what everyone else was doing. I couldn't stop laughing, and I really didn't want to laugh since this family is basically the last thread of diversity we have on this show.

Maybe it was the direction that made everyone look bad, but wow, that was some serious incongruity.

I'm just going to weep inconsolably at the loss of Elijah. Eliiihjaaaaaah!

Stupid, stupid OLTL! BAD BAD OLTL!


I will forever miss my beautiful, sexy, sparkly B&E.


Louise, I just saw today's show and I think Scheming Marty may be back! I won't give up spoilers, just watch what happens in the hospital...

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