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October 19, 2010

History Whitewashing Itself

Ever since David's death (...OR IS IT? It probably is, actually), I have transformed into a David Hayward apologist, quick to defend his myriad misdeeds and compare his bad behavior to the equally bad behavior of the rest of Pine Valley's distinguished citizens.

It's quite the turn-around, because I spent SO MUCH of Vincent Irizarry's most recent return to All My Children filled with loathing for David Hayward and all of the horrible things he did including, but not limited to, pushing JR off the wagon, everything in the baby Trevor fiasco, faking his death and, oh, right BEING PRETTY MUCH RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF STUART CHANDLER.

But then came his chance at rehabilitation through a relationship with Greenlee; it was a chance that turned out to be fleeting, since the show decided not to pursue them for real, choosing instead to relive past, um, "glories" by reuniting Ryan and Greenlee (I know. I KNOW. I feel dirty for describing that unholy union as a glory, but you know that the addled minds in charge of this show see them that way). And after that came his murder and a litany of terrible people talking about his terrible deeds and throwing parties celebrating his death, and it's all made me quick to sneer at the sight of Hayward-directed negativity.

Like this today, from Bianca, after a battered woman was turned away from the Miranda Center a few months ago:

Bianca: You did come to the Miranda Center for help.
Patient: A couple of months ago, but they said there was no room. Some money scandal, or something.
Bianca: Another one of David Hayward's great gifts to the community.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that entire debacle GREENLEE's idea? Yes, David willingly went along with it, but come ON! It was all Greenlee! I think that if you're contemplating having a character do something so awful that it will necessitate weeks of furiously backpedaling and explaining that she didn't actually do it, the wiser choice would have been to not have her do it in the first place. But that would require some sort of common sense, which is not this writing regime's strong suit. So instead we have Greenlee getting parties thrown in her honor and David getting blamed for their schemes. This is totally going to piss him off if he's actually secretly alive!


This is typical of the Greenlee character. I don't know if it is the complaining of the actress or just their stupidity, but this smacks again of the time the "real Greenlee" came back and they totally whitewashed her kidnapping Spike and driving him over a cliff. It suddenly became poor Greenlee, because Kendall tried to get justice. To this day Kendall and Zach can't be upset at Greenlee, even if Greenlee accused Kendall of murder. It is most annoying to watch Kendall be ok with the lady that not only tried to bury Fusion not once, but twice. She tried to set her mother up for an embezzling charge, that also almost buried Fusion and was OK and actually benefited from the fact that her husband had someone tamper with the plane. Erica MIGHT have needed help, but that didn't matter she had to get Fusion. So not only do they whitewash Greenlee, they can't allow anyone to be upset at her. There shouldn't be a Greenlee Kendall friendship and we shouldn't have been subjected to Erica singing her praises in court, because Jack is her daddy! Gag me now.

Well, the only thing I can say it . . . only TWO more days until we get TK's Zach Slater back and then I can come back. EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say I want to second Cindy's post. I couldn't have said it better. Kendall and Zach should not be friends with either Ryan or Greenlee.

I'll third Cindy's post. Frons/ABC is to stupid to realize that this is only hurting the Greenlee character in the end.

This is actually exactly how they have made Ryan Lavery so intolerable to me. They relentlessly try to paint him as some kind of hero when he's so not & it makes me hate him instead. David's treatment reminds me a great deal of the way Zach Slater was always treated as the town pirahha & everyone attacked him, berated him, blamed him for everything that ever happened in PV & even jailed him often over & over when no one else ever pays & all it's done is make me adore Zach. I'm not sure if that was their intent, but it's much the same thing as what's happening to David now. Zach is the only reason I watch now- when he's back, that is.

I can admit that while I have an unconditional love of David, I've had moments where I hated him such as the Bess/Miranda fiasco, loving Babe, and Stuart's murder. That said, I didn't like his most recent return. Pratt said he was going to make David an all-out villain and it took away from his character.

While I loathe Greenlee, I got to see the David that came before Pratt again. That didn't last and now David's dead and being blamed for everything. David may have done his dirt, but that doesn't mean Greenlee didn't do hers. She was the one with the schemes and wanted grand revenge, while David didn't even want to go back to Pine Valley. The only things she didn't do was have that part removed from the plane and kill David. It's utterly ridiculous how people aren't allowed to be rightfully mad at her.

I'm going to fourth Cindy's post, b/c Greenlee is never at fault for anything even when the viewers have seen her in action. She should have to pay at some point and take responsibility.

Add me to the list co-signing Cindy's amazing post...

Mallory, you are dead on about the vile green gnat....

I have a love/love to hate/hate relationship with David, but as for the vile, viscious GreenMonster, I could do without her...

I'm sick to death of GL's vile, viscious crimes going unpunished & her victims not only taking the blaming, paying the price, but also kissing her backside & calling her their BFF...

It's sickening enough watching my precious Kendall comfort, defend, & make excuses for the monster that caused her son to be deaf & almost killed the other, they had to add BBianca to the mix...and blame David for an abused woman not getting help... That is on GL...

Greenlee was the mastermind behind everything with the exception of tampering with the plane... Now, GL's victims are singing her praises & saying she was manipulated by David, even after GL admitted to them, it was all her crime...

TIIC continue to earn their name...

The whitewashing, rewritting, glossing over of Rylee's vile crimes needs to stop...

I also want an end to this BS about Rylee being like Zendall.... Rylee is an abusive, toxic, sick obsession... Zendall have a "Real" love....

TIIC need to stop forcing this garbage down our throats and get a clue... Rylee suck, Ryass is no saint...He's a woman abusing jerk and GL is no victim... GL is a monster....

Zach is back in 2 days and I pray that Kendall will be free of the propping/pimping of the gruesome twosome.....

I agree, this is just standard writing for Greenme - she's not responsible for any of her own actions or crimes. I've said for years (Well ever since she kidnapped and almost murdered Spike anyhow) - WHY have her do these vile, vicious things if the writers are only going to turn around and tell me "no, you didn't see what you saw, Greenlee's innocent AND the victim" - just stop writing the crap in the first place!

I do have my own theory that the writers have Greenlee do these things thinking viewers will find her entertaining, and then Frons quickly realizes that the character can't sustain that kind of heat and makes them re-write it ASAP as a crime against the Green one; throwing her victims under the bus to redeem her. Seems even his RB addled brain would have figured out by now that it only backfires on the character...LOL. Makes me grateful that he doesn't seem to have any use for my favorites anyhow - he sure doesn't do his faves any favors!

I would like to co-sign Cindy and Angela's posts. It seems the writers keep wanting to make Greenlee edgy and then they go over the edge and she gets "bad press" for her actions. So TPTB decide to whitewash what they wrote for her instead of letting her own it and be the villianess of the show. (which she has been to me since day one) LOL! I don't care for the character and never did, and to me AMC is at it's best when Greenlee isn't on.

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