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October 17, 2010

She's Certainly Guilty of Fashion Crimes

I bet when Greenlee's murder trial started you thought to yourself, "Here we go again. As long as this trial lasts, Mallory's going to be foaming at the mouth pointing out all of the staggering problems with the Pine Valley legal system, because that's what she ALWAYS does when a soap opera has a courtroom story because no soap on the air is willing to hire a fact-checker or even just an intern who can just one of the EIGHTEEN episodes of Law & Order that air daily on various networks in hopes of maybe picking up on what actually goes on in a trial".

And you would be right in thinking that to yourself, because I spent all of Friday's episode getting worked up over Liza's criminally (HA!) terrible questioning of Jake, which really just amounted to a gossip session under oath, but then, due to two incidents that I can only describe as horrifying and offensive happened and suddenly my squabbles with factual accuracy didn't seem so important anymore, not in comparison to MY SIGHT.

Greenlee's outfit was wrong on every level in terms of her storyline and basic aesthetics. It seems, I don't know...unseemly for a woman on trial for the murder of her husband to wear a red dress to court.


And it seems, I don't know...deranged for a woman who, to the best of my knowledge, is not blind to own those shoes at all.

I've always had a fondness for wrapping hair around my elastic when I wear a ponytail. This dates back to when I was in fifth grade and obsessed with I Dream of Jeannie, spending hours to perfect the Jeannie ponytail. If Greenlee had gone all out and wrapped an enormous braid around her ponytail, she'd look less ridiculous. The ratty hair look, paired with teased hair (what the hell kind of deal did AMC get on Bump-Its and hairspray?), is good for no one, not even the lovely Rebecca Budig.


Then the second incident happened and it was HORRIBLE.

What a god-awful Friday cliffhanger. I can't imagine any turn of events LESS likely to encourage people to tune in on Monday.


Lil Budig is so pretty, but you'd never know it based on her clothing on AMC.

That was the worst Friday cliffhanger! Why the hell would we want to tune in on Monday after that stupid scene? Give me OLTL or Y and R any day, those were fantastic cliffhangers and I can't wait for those shows on Monday. AMC needs to learn what the viewers want and it isn't Rylee!!! The only good thing about this storyline is Kimberlin Brown and she just sits there most of the time!

That is like the 50th time Greens has worn those shoes in the last 2 weeks. They are hideous. They make her look like she wants to role play Spartacus or something. Gladiator shoes are such a NOT in my opinion!!!

OH!!! And the hair??? Wouldn't be so so bad if her bangs weren't parted inthe middle? Maybe of they were more side swept it would help? Just saying ya know?

Other than Leo, has Greenlee EVER had another hot pairing?

As for Ryan, blech. His only two pairings that I ever liked was with Estella and Kendall.

On a positive note Mallory . . . we get TK's Zach back on Friday!! EEEEE!!!!!!

Yup there goes Ryan ONCE AGAIN finding "love" once again..when he already has a girlfriend. Ryan is like someone 12 years old..once he has a real relationship with someone like Madison, he always gets involved with someone else.

That news is unappealing at best..but what makes it more ridiculous is that AMC ALWAYS writes it as ROMANTIC like we are supposed to find this APPEALING. Yes a man never sticking to one woman for more than 2 minutes is such an APPEALING concept to the average viewer. Ryan has been through Gillian, Greenlee, Kendall, Greenlee, Kendall, Annie, Kendall, Greenlee, Kendall, Erica Madison, and now Greenlee again?? Yawn..

I'll wait for Zach next Friday.

Oh God. I totally forgot about Ryan and Erica. Maybe Ryan and Liza could get it on. They did it once when she was old enough to have been married to Adam and it was all Older Woman and Younger Man. Maybe now that they are both in the same age demo they can try it again???

I think those shoes probably belong to Budig. She wore them to the Emmy's with an equally heinous disco ninjaturtle gladiator outfit:


That last picture is the biggest (but certainly not the only) reason why I'm 11 episodes behind - and counting. Ugh! Why can't Ryan just marry someone, stay married to her, and leave all of the other women alone so they can have happy, successful relationships? Oh, and he has to stop getting Kendall in trouble. And stop talking. And looking at things. And just stop. Yeah. Just stop.

Friday 22nd of Oct cannot come around SOON ENOUGH......Thank the lord for TK/Zach!! :)(AMC should also be thanking him!!)Without Zach, this show is as DULL AS DISH WATER!! If TK/Zach does not stay with AMC? Neither will I.

What? No one was excited about the highly anticipated tonsil hockey happening between R/G? Yea, me either.

As for the shoes. I get they seem to be the style, however, they don't go with everything. Pairing those shoes with the dress doesn't scream "woman in love with her husband and mourning his death"...it actually screamed "can we hurry up and get this trial over so I can go clubin' with the girls".

I can't see the shoes in the screen shot, but I get the gist from the comments. The only thing uglier than gladiator shoes, IMO, is those hideous boot sandals everyone was wearing this summer:


W. T. F?? There are not enough hallucinogens on earth to make those shoes attractive.

I just want to punch the person responsible for the gladiator-inspired heels and the horrid boot sandals July mentioned in the face. They.Are.Not.Cute!

I'm beginning to think this is the only pair of shoes Greenlee owns.

Sorry, I meant Judy. This is where the preview option comes in handy.

As for the other thing that happened in that epi....no comment.

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