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November 01, 2010

Hope REALLY Wants Her Mommy! (And Other Lessons)

Things I learned from today's One Life to Live, in mostly non-sequitur form:

Those little twins playing Hope really, really want Mommy.

 Dorian doesn't have any buddies.


Oh and Starr's makeup is still perfect.  And apparently after not bathing or brushing her teeth for a week, she still smells like a rose. 


She did change, though.  I am not understanding these jeans.  It's like acid wash, but not.  Is this a current trend?  Explain?


Can anyone help me out with this?  Are we wearing jeans in this wash now?

Oh and poor, poor Cole.


See, Cole is angry that he's not the douchebag who helped save Starr and Hope.  Instead, it was some other douchebag.  The douchebag that is Cole was busy killing someone at the time.  While the screencap above gives us what should be a sympathetic moment for Cole, he actually spent most of the episode fuming because of that other douchebag.  Because that outweighs the safety of his child and her mother.

Blair vs Marty (our "friendly neighborhood quack")!  Blair got all Tennessee about Marty today.





Viki: You don't scare me, Echo, but forewarned is fore-armed.  And if it looks like a tramp and it walks like a tramp --

Echo: Oh my, my.  You have changed.  You never resorted to name-calling before.  But let me just remind you -- if you want to play dirty, I give just as good as I take.  And better.  Have a lovely evening. 


The claws are out all over the place among the women of Llanview today!

Incidentally, are we to understand that Destiny is still off somewhere crying in Shaun's arms while the rest of the Evans family is just chillin' in the hospital cafeteria, totally disinterested in Greg's confessing to killing Destiny's mother?

God I hate Cole.

I don't... Blaize Pardee wrote a book about love letters between Rick and Lily?  What?  So somehow Clint just set up the whole New Mexico adventure based on some book?  And is this the same Blaize from... my brain hurts. Wasn't there a character named Blaize?  Or was that just the name of Asa's private island?  But Clint looks adorbs in his reading glasses.

The Cramer girl action at the end was cute. 


So Marty is out for Natalie's blood and Blair is out for Marty's blood and zero of these women are saints (you know, like Tea) so it could be damn fun.


Not only are the claws out between the women on today's episode, but the teeth are out.  Look out, Nats!


So is all that Hopi and Atlantic City stuff now being retconned, or is Kim Zimmer suddenly Native American and Clint worked with the mob? And was this before or after he had amazing sideburns and looked curiously like Jared and sired another bastard son with a woman with a hilarious "Mexican" accent?

OLTL women RULE! Yes, the women are driving story, and I love it. Rexx? Who cares who sired the "eye rolling, goofy faces, jazz hands and funny squints"?

Natalie/Marty - Oh yes, it's going to get real ugly.

Viki/Echo - I love it.

Last week we saw Roxie, and this week it is Nigel! How long before we see Addie?

Last Wednesday's rerun show has thrown every story off by one day.

Nat is showing out to THERE, and Jessica almost had the paternity test done a week or so ago, so I'm wondering why the hell she hasn't had the test yet.

Ohhh! Now it all becomes clear. They finally figured out a way to give Susan Haskell the possibility of meaty scenes where she's all mean, scary and threatening. Ok.

But wait! Instead of drawing it out and having her blackmail Nat, Marty is all "the jig is up - John figured it out" (because he is all-knowing and smells the truth on the wind), totally killing Natalie's sad, big-eyed attempts to keep the door open for a possible was-it-Marty-or-was-it-Cole dilemma. So now Marty is going to be a mama grizzly (ugh!) and take a big chomp out of Nat? Really? I liked Blair's idea better. Stick Marty in St. Anne's with Hannah Bananas.

Since Marty "knows" the truth about Nat and Brody (because she is all-knowing and smells the truth on the wind) and she's going to tattle. Well, Nat, go get that test and take the wind out of her sails! Yeah, right. I can dream. :-P

I'm really hoping Brody isn't the father of either of the Buchanan twins' babies. I'm still pulling for him to go neck and neck with Lucky Spencer for the prize for the highest number of children their significant others have with other men. Wouldn't that be a cool trophy? LOL!

I usually don't get caught up with makeup and fashion, but Meaghan Fahy looked amazing. Despite rolling in the dirt for the last two days, she was glowing yesterday. It's a shame she's leaving the show because she clowns all other the teenagers on the canvas. I haven't seem a mismatch this bad since the "Dream Team" rampaged through the 1992 Olympics.

Marty was out of her dang mind yesterday. If she needs someone to blame, she can look at her son... or in the mirror... or even at Hannah. Hitting a pregnant woman WHO WAS TRYING TO HELP YOU? Bitch please. Nat needs to stop being so damn understanding too. She's Natalie, not Jessica. WTF?

I'm really glad Starr and Cole are back to being adorable, but it's going to last all of five minutes. Cole's gonna go to jail and James is gonna be the shoulder to cry on. Not that I mind. Starr and Cole were great in their time, but that time is over. I'm ready for her to move on with James.

Oh, and what's wrong with Starr's outfit? I think it's cute!

Leanne, I honestly wasn't trying to be funny about Starr's outfit, I am sincerely asking if that's a denim wash that people are actually wearing these days.

Jenius, Fahy is absolutely gorgeous.

And Bourgeois Nerd, I think (but really, I haven't a freakin' clue) that we're now being told the entire Native American thing was just some elaborate ruse. As ridiculous as it was, I was perfectly happy accepting it and moving on. Argh.

I had to admit, I was loving MF's eye make-up yesterday, too! For some bizarre reason, they've been dressing KA up like it's 1989 for the past year, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm that far out of the fashion loop as well.

I think Cole handled the James thing pretty well, considering. What disturbed me was that he really didn't seem at all shaken by the fact that he had killed a man IN COLD BLOOD! And when he was getting the story from Starr about what Hannah had done, he still seemed to not want it to be true. It was like he was holding his tongue to keep from asking Starr if she was sure it was HANNAH who locked her and Hope in HER PARENTS attic, and not ELI.

On a completely different note, did you notice the ADORABLE baby trick-or-treating on Friday's show? "Hapa Hapaween!" SO cute!

Haha, yes, Louise, people are actually wearing that. I actually got a pair of jeans very similar to Starr's the other day :)

Actually, I think Hope is still played by the Sullivan triplets. But I could be wrong.

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