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November 28, 2010

Laughter Amidst The Tears

There hasn't been much to smile about on All My Children these days. Zach's death and the painful fallout for his loved ones, for example. The stomach-churning pairing of Ryan and Greenlee, for another. And the generally piss-poor writing, for another.

The Soup, however, found something funny. Just, you know...unintentionally so.



This is not the first time The Soup has made fun of ABC Daytime's sad attempts at entertainment (like the time Cameron Mathison possibly wore a thong, or the time James Franco was sexually obsessed with Jason Morgan) and now all I want for Christmas is the chance to watch these shows with Joel McHale...


Ha! That is so wrong and soooo hilarious!

I saw that! LOL! Hilarious! How could you be on the set and not SEE that? Or catch it in editing? Do they think the American public's minds are "too clean" to catch it. Well, at least it gives Joel fodder, and THAT is a plus. Love me some McHale....

I heart Joel McHale :)

Will Joel McHale marry me? Or at least not object to me writing "Mrs. Joel McHale" over and over in glitter?

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