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December 06, 2010

A Case of the Mondays?

Maybe it's indeed a case of the Mondays, but I had so little patience for One Life to Live today that I could barely formulate thoughts or criticisms and only mustered up a series of pressing questions.

Did they change the font of the credits?  Is Inez wearing a semi-cute outfit?  Is it appropriate to propose to your new girlfriend in front of your parents, twelve seconds after you've introduced them?  And do we get pouty with our mother when she thinks we're moving a little fast by marrying someone we met two weeks ago?  When one is trying to seduce someone else, does one refer to them by the nickname "Chuckles" -- is this seductive?  So, Charlie kind of sucks right now, doesn't he?  Isn't it ridiculous to get offended when you've incredibly rudely put someone on the spot by proposing to them a few weeks after meeting them, in public, and they turn you down?  Why does Joey have to be such a chump when we, the audience, so desperately cling to his refreshing presence in the face of Fords' Life to Live?  How awesome is John Wesley Shipp for pronouncing "Rappaport" with a silent "t" at the end, and also for so relishing the lunacy that is the way his role is written?  How idiotic are we supposed to believe Bo is for thinking Nora would text him such a thorough and personal potentially-marriage-ending message?

Okay, seriously, why are they writing Joey as if he has lost his damn mind?  When did Robin Strasser get so darn cute?  How amazing is Queen Victoria, pronouncing "premature" with a short "e" sound?  Who does that?  Why is Marty talking to a picture of Cole as if he's dead and not just chilling out somewhere waiting for visiting hours and, most likely, beating the crap out of someone in a senseless rage?  Did someone actually refer to Inez as an "evil genius" -- I mean genius?  Evil?  That makes her two words more interesting than the two I'd use (Blandy McBlanderson), so are we in store for a treat, or just poor misunderstood Inez, behaving badly solely to rescue her GROWN sons?

Why don't they offer a naptime in the middle of One Life to Live?  Is there some way we can get a daily rest hour established?  Didn't Aubrey turn down Joey's proposal, so maybe he can stop yelling at his parents?  Did the way Eddie ran his hand across Nora's face make anyone else's arm hair stand on end?  Yikes!  And seriously?  Bo would accuse Nora, by text, of acting like their teenager?  Why did Marty re-wrap the "gift" for John with a white ribbon again?  On what planet would Bo believe that Nora would text him that he should sleep with Inez?  How many times can I show incredulity that there's a whole storyline about Bo and Nora based on texting?  Was there any chance Joey wouldn't be holding the engagement ring out just in time for Kelly to see it and misinterpret?  As adorable as Dorian is, was her wig a little on the mullet side of things today?

And finally: what?  They're back to showing scenes from the next episode?  I'm not insane, right?  (Okay, that's debatable, so I just mean in relation to this one particular topic.)  They just started this today, right?

Does anyone have any answers?  What questions do you have?  

Is Destiny out?



The scenes surprised me too. They made a lot of changes today. It was their first day broadcast in widescreen format, they added the ending credits, they definitely changed the font for the writers and producers, and they added Old Man Nate and Shaun to the opening sequence and changed the order of the characters.

I was also disappointed in today's episode. I wondered: Where did Marty go when she left her house? Why is Bo telling his marital problems to Inez when he wouldn't talk about it with his friend John and surrogate son Rex? What did Rex find in the trash that made him look in the photo album to find the test results? How long can Aubrey and Kelly keep having these near-misses with Joey and each other? Who does Aubrey keep talking to on the cell phone? What were Natalie and John eating at the diner? Why was John, the chief detective, not more suspicious of Marty's Indian Giver routine with the present?

And most importantly, how long until Joey has the inevitable connection to one of the Ford-Sallingers that every character must have these days?

Come on guys, it wasn't that bad. I actually thoroughly enjoyed today's episode (like I have for the past month).

How can we complain when we've had Bo/Nora/Clint/Echo/Charlie/Viki/Dorian combination straight for how many days now? Atleast 3? By watching these shows, you'd think that THEY were (gasp!) the stars of the show!

On the plus side, there were no Fords (Inez doesn't count today because she was in the Clint/Nora/Bo storyline).

This is true. I always appreciate Fordless episodes (though I like James) but to me, it just felt like a placeholder episode. Aside from the very last segment where Rex found the paternity results and Dorian told Viki about the Echo/Charlie kiss, it was all just people talking about things they had done or were about to do. And I love Bo and Nora, but these text messages (that have to be way more than the 160 character limit, btw) are just ridiculous. If the DA and the cop don't put the pieces together soon that these are faked, then they are not smart enough to hold their jobs. But I do love Viki/Dorian as frenemies/partners in crime, and Kelly's little double take when Dorian called Viki her good friend made me chuckle.

Today's show was good. Everyone complains when the vets are not shown and the teens are pushed down our throats. OLTL is doing a great job in showing ALL of the characters and not just Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, Sonny, Brenda, Brenda, Carly, Jason, Brenda, Dante, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda......

I actually didn't think it was a bad episode and I definitely prefer this cast to the junior ensemble. I just had a lot of questions and was feeling impatient, that's all!

Louise,lol.... I'm enjoying the ride until the teen set gets pushed down our throats in a few months. Then I will start whining about OLTL being all about the teen set, and when will Ford, Nate and Inez die.

"Why does Joey have to be such a chump when we, the audience, so desperately cling to his refreshing presence in the face of Fords' Life to Live? "

You answered your own question.

Fords, Rex, Todd, John = Heroes

Any other men = Zeroes

Those scenes were terrible. The Buchanans were one of daytime's best families -- those days are long gone, sadly.

I have two answers.

#1 - I say premature like that (ok ok I'm English)

#2 I totally support rest hour in real life!

A show without the brothers Ford is always good. Along with no Todd, Tea, or their annoying daughter Dani.

Did Charlie and Bo take stupid pills? Let's start with Bo - I love him to pieces, but why on earth is he talking to Inez? Whether he believes Nora's claims or not, the fact is, Inez is the last person he should be sharing personal information with. And seriously, the texts? Why doesn't Bo call Viki? The last person he knows saw Nora?

And Charlie...why is he so insensitive to Viki and her fears about Echo? I understand he feels sorry for Echo, but he should also know that she is a con artist and that his wife has valid reason to be suspicious. Keeping the kiss a secret? Come on Charlie.

I thought the Nora / Eddie scenes were great. My heart broke with Nora's when she heard Bo's text and I felt her fear anytime Eddie came near her. Great stuff by these actors.

It does seem Marty talks to Cole's pictures a lot more than she ever talked to him when they were actually onscreen together. It would be nice if Marty had a confidant (perhaps Jessica since she's has had plenty of experience with pretty much everything in the DSM) or shared scenes with other people more but I guess talking to herself does add to her teetering on the edge of insanity.

I'm pretty sure we could play 20 questions regarding all the characters on this show pretty much every day. Maybe there should be an OLTL website devoted to just that.

It is a good day when the vets get a lot of screen time over the teens.

I really hope they don't kill off Eddie too soon. He has firmly replaced Todd as the creepiest and snarkiest villain on the show and it's kind of fun to watch.

It didn't take them as long as I expected to change the credits. I wish Kim Zimmer were in them though. She is much more deserving of a long-term contract than Lenny Platt (Nate).

Wait, the show is in widescreen now? It doesn't look any different on my screen. Could that be because of the way I have my TV set up or something?

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