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December 29, 2010

A New Manning Kid?

Apparently this is old news for everyone who's better at combing the internet for dirt than I am (which isn't very good), but Carmen Lo Porto (Jack) has been let go.


Word is that they're probably aging the character a bit (will they now actually make him appropriately aged in relation to Dani, his now-older sister who was born a few years after him?). I'm torn. I like the kids who grow up on the show and Jack's been fun comic relief for a while now, but at the same time he's not at an age that has much story potential (though do we really need more teen stories??). I also think Lo Porto's been adept at the one-liners but (argh I hate saying this about kids) does not really have the capability at this point to deliver goods that are much more substantial than that. (Am I officially a bad person now? Oh wait. Am I officially a worse person now?)

What do you guys think? Good move or premature? Any rumors out there about a replacement?


I liked him as Jack he reminded me of a little Todd just like Star did when she was younger. I understand why they're doing it but to me they waited to long. They should have done it when they decided to bring Dani in as Todd's daughter.

That kid was SO good. He looked and acted like a loveable little Todd Manning, and that in itself is impressive. Carmen's been on the show for over 3 years, and I already feel like he IS Jack Manning. He's got great chemistry with Trevor, Kassie, Kristen, Kelley, and whoever the new Sam is (just found out his name is Patrick. So yeah, Patrick too).
And if they make Jack a teenager and try to give him a love interest... are there any teenage girls on this show who aren't related to him??? Does that mean we're gonna get MORE???

I heard they are aging him and the kid who plays Shane in order to interact with the Matthew/Destiny age crowd which I would also assume means Dani and Nate (who's really 30 and I won't ever believe otherwise). Either way, while I understand why they are adoing it, they have so completely messed up the SORASing on this show that they need to chill for at least two years before doing anything again.

that kid did nothing to help the show no kids does on any soap so its not a big deal plus the child labor laws limit when he is on drew garrett is perfect for the role and since the show lost bratty punk thug cole so there is a role on show for that

Drew Garret is way too old to play Jack Manning since Starr is suppose to be 18 and Dani is 16.

Carmen turns 14 next month and the actor playing Shane has suddenly grown six feet in the last year. Why not recast Shane and leave Jack alone?

when they soras they can be older than family member but i think they are not going make him older than star but older than dani so he be 17 drew can play that age nate is older than drew and the rest of the ford brothers and nate look a lot younger than ford and james and nate play 17-18 year on the show he and drew has a baby face so its ok in hollywoodland plus jack older than dani if oltl history is right

I was thinking Drew would be a good Jack too, but he looks way older than Starr. It just wouldn't work.

Help me please. I am so confused about these storylines. I thought Todd was stuck on the island with Tea long BEFORE Jack was born and got on a raft to get back to Blair. I didn't see any of that, so I honestly don't know the chronology. If anyone can straighten me out, please do!

Judy, Jack was born in fall of 2001 while the Todd/Ross/Tea island adventure was in 2002 in the aftermath of Blair's discovery that the fakely adopted baby was really Jack.

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