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December 28, 2010

All Choked Up

I'll be brief.

Bo and Nora.


Just... ouch. 


This was a really beautifully done scene on the part of the writers and the actors (all three: Hillary B. Smith, Robert S. Woods, and Eddie Alderson) and definitely succeeded in stabbing the very hearts of those of us who've adored this couple since what feels like the beginning of time. I'd complain that it's not fair and that they deserve a little happiness for a while but let's get real... good drama is good drama and it gives them screentime (ahem, AS LONG AS THIS DOES NOT SPLIT THEM UP FOR GOOD). Nora's desperate need to have this be some inexplicable acting-out on Matthew's part was just palpable -- all the gestures and the repetition, all perfectly (and painfully) balanced by Bo's silence and clear look of quiet and utter shame.



Knife in the heart. Sniff. What? I just have some lemon in my eye. 

And in related news, I'm glad that they're really making a return to Matthew and Destiny's friendship. It was irritating that they'd dropped it for so long, considering all the two of them had seen each other through (naturally they had to come up with something to make Dani and Nate look good).



That said, I hope this isn't leading up to some sort of romance between the two. Destiny works for me as something of a lone Greek chorus running around town and Shenell Edmonds (Destiny) is absolutely adorable and has improved leaps and bounds since she first arrived, but I still don't think she's strong enough to carry such a storyline... particularly since I find Eddie Alderson to be the best young actor on this show by a country mile.

What do you guys think? Are they going to couple 'em up, or just giving those kids someone to count on during their big family dramas?

And on that appropriate note, Destiny out!


Sing out Louise! I too have loved Bo and Nora since the beginning of time. And they have always delivered the soapy goods. As much fun as Nu Clint as Asa has been I miss the brotherhood he and Bo use to share. I'm a sap that way ;-). Great soap OLTL, thanks for covering it here Louise.

I liked the Destiny/Darren and Matthew/Dani couples. I love Matthew and Destiny as friends, but that needs to be IT. Why can't it just be a cutely platonic friendship? Oh, right, cause this is OLTL. Never mind. And if Dani doesn't want Matthew because she wants that creepy 30 year old Nate instead, well, fine. I'LL TAKE MATTHEW.

The Buchanan stuff is top-notch right now. It really is. When Matthew stood up as Nora went to go take a bath and stared down Bo... you knew the shit was about to get real. Loved. It.

And I'm looking forward to the rest of it because once Clint's involvement in all of this comes out there should be some amazing scenes with everyone. Storytelling dictates that Bo and Matthew have to come together again in order to deal with the damage Clint has inflicted on their family... that's got to be one of the things that makes it right.

I can only hope that's how they play it. So far, this has been good stuff. And I really look forward to Nora ripping Inezzzzz' hair out.

I have to admit, I would like to see Destiny and Matthew as a couple. But mostly it's just because I like the idea, now that Marcy Walsh has been written out, of having a character with actual storylines that isn't a hard body.

oltl should do a abuse storyline with ford and langston ford try to control her because he love her he then get violent since his back ground is not that good he rape a woman all ready and langston is no hero too some realitic is need and ford is dark character

is that ford in the magazine

OLTL was really good on Monday. Bo/Nora/Matthew - wow, family drama at its best.

Destiny/Mat - I prefer that they stay friends at least for NOW, maybe a few years down the road they can have a romance, or not.

Clint and Inez had better run once the truth comes out about their shady dealings to take down Bora.

Does anyone think that Clint has a brain tumor or something? How else will they explain all the truly awful things he is doing to Bo & Nora. Plus it not characteristic of a Buchanon to deny one of their own 'kin' (Rex) - not that I want Rex to be a Buchanon!

Agree with everyone that this episode was great. Bo, Nora & Matthew hit it out of the park.

you my be right about clint he is not doing a good job covering his track

"oltl should do a abuse storyline with ford and langston ford try to control her because he love her he then get violent since his back ground is not that good he rape a woman all ready and langston is no hero too some realitic is need and ford is dark character"

I have thought about this. They made clear he was the son most like Eddie. I can see him getting possessive and turning abusive.

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