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December 20, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is Detective Price

I don't think I'm asking much. He's not even on contract, right? And why, pray tell, in a year full of One Life to Live thinking the most important thing in the world is to take all the eye candy they can find, concentrate them all into scenes together and give them primary storylines regardless of whether or not they are compelling characters or actors... why, in that kind of year, have they left this delicious delight on the extreme back burner? (Seriously, the dude's around less than Roxy! Which is almost never... sniff.)



I know full well it's too much to ask, but I just wanted to put it out there to Santa Claus that I would find Detective Theo Price to be a highly acceptably Christmas present.

Another present I'd accept happily? Ford's guilt. Hey Santa, could you hook me up please? If you could make it so Bobby Ford was the one who murdered Eddie in cold blood, that would be super. He could get a cell right next to Cole in prison and have at least a ten-year sentence as well. That would make me smile real big on Christmas morning. Or even better? Inez, James, Ford, Nate, and Todd can all have conspired together to kill him and can all be carted off to the slammer just before we ring in 2011.

Seriously, it was a day full of the whole Ford/Salinger clan today. And the worst part of the equation is when the Jackass Brigade have scenes together (Ford, Langston, James, Starr) since, though none are brilliant to begin with, each of them is made dumber by the others' presence.



That is a whole lot of vapid in one small apartment.

I have gotten to the point that seeing these characters in scenes generates a serious visceral reaction from me that's very, very ugly. Angry Queen Victoria had a lovely moment today when she told Echo, "If you use your drinking to get between my husband and me, you are gonna need a hell of a lot more than a Serenity Prayer to help you." Well, Vickster, if I use my drinking to get between myself and this Ford-dominated storyline, what will help me?

God grant me the serenity to tolerate Fords' Life to Live until, presumably, at least February sweeps.

And Santa? Just Detective Theo Price, please!

Destiny out!


The actor who plays Price showed off his abs at the OLTL fan club luncheon in October, and I'm here to tell you: Best abs of the cast. Yes, even better than Mark Lawson's. Possibly the best abs in all daytime. Get the man a love interest stat!

Your a better fan than I- can't tolerate Fords Life to Live at all. They're poison, especially the elder who has reduced Langston into one of the most miserable hated characters on the show. Here spark went out of town with Markko I guess. Don't know what TPTB are drinking but they're not helping themselves with this new (and improved ????) quad.

Can we share Theo??? These are the (rare, rare, rare) times when I wish we Jews had someone like Santa to bring us beautiful soap opera men. Cause that's totally in the job description, right?

I don't mind James's existence so much now that Cole's gone- I loved Starr and Cole, but if he's gone, then James at least gives Starr some screen time, however obnoxious it may be- but the rest of the Fords/Salingers? GOTTA GO. Especially Nate. I'm still not over the Dani/Matthew breakup...

Perhaps Detective Price is spending his off-screen time parterned with Fish, tackling Llanview crime buddy cop movie-style.

Oh, Louise, you are so right on! He is DEFINITELY better eye candy than skinny Ford. We want to look at MEN, not skinny boys!

Det. Price! Yawza!

The Fords -- OLTL needs to get rid of Nate/Inez.

I live Langston, but the last year with all of the sex crap is getting on my nerve.

Viki/Echo is a big fat Yes! I loved their scenes!.... Charlie is so going to end up in bed with Echo and his marriage to Viki should be over by May sweeps!

I don't really care about Price (he has a good body but he's just sort of there), but I'd rather see him than the pond scum like Rex and the Fords and Todd. Unfortunately on OLTL you only get to be a leading man if you rape women or call them whores.

The stories are ridiculous. Oh look, another murder that will have no fallout. Another random psycho. More people dancing to idiot plotting. Only on today's soap world would Clint Buchanan be the new Snidely Whiplash.

Chocolate with a bald head and abs of steal.....God I love that combination!

If OLTL isn't going to use Price to his full potential, Y&R should cast the actor as new-new-Malcolm. Because a smoking hot guy is a terrible thing to waste.

I know, right? Seriously, why all the big hoopla about John McBain who has man-boobs and clearly doesn't have the abs!

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seriously no offense but why do you hate ford and langston and james and starr and hell the whole ford family so much???

gjb, no offense taken! It's obvious I'm not exactly shy about how much I hate the Fords and the ladies who love them. I could give you a twenty-paragraph answer as to "why," but to keep it simple: I hate them because they are bland and vapid and occupy lead roles in multiple front-burner storylines on a show that is full of much more talented people and much more interesting characters.

But if you want a longer explanation, feel free to click on "One Life to Live" under Categories on the right-hand side of the screen and I think it's safe to say you'll find dozens of posts explaining why I want the Ford/Salingers gone.

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