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December 14, 2010

AMC In 30 Seconds

That's about how long, give or take a few seconds, I make it through most episodes of All My Children these days, thanks to the fast forward button. What would I do without the fast forward button?! It, gingerbread lattes and lip balm are basically the only things that keep me a functioning member of society.

And it's also how long I have to discuss Monday's episode. Monday was...a DAY, and I think I have the beginnings of a cold, and sentences and paragraphs are not happening, no matter how hard I try. But you can pretend paragraphs are here! Imagine really long paragraphs and run-on sentences (it is my writing, after all) instead of the list of questions, some unanswerable, that follow.

  • Is there a platonic equivalent of chem-testing? Because Madison and Kendall's brief scene at the start of the episode seemed to be that, whatever it is called, and I think it was quite a successful one. I'd love to see them bonding, not least because it would cause Greenlee's head to explode after running all over Pine Valley screeching "Me, me, why isn't anyone talking about how this is effecting meeeee?"
  • Can we just FedEx the Emmy to Alicia Minshew now?
  • Why do the writers continue to go to the "Jack and Erica lock horns over Greenlee!" well? I know the past few AMC writing regimes haven't been known for their creative storytelling, but I find it amusing and also depressing that they are all so uncreative in the exact same ways.
  • Although Erica did get in some quality jabs.

Erica: Do you not hear yourself? You're making this all about you.

Erica: Stop trying to make this a pity party for you.

Erica: I'm sorry, you can't take a little rehashing? Two little boys are going to grow up without their father. Gabby and Miranda without their Uncle Zach.

When Erica and her four feet of highly sprayed hair are right, they are really right. 

(Also, Zach is technically Gabby's uncle-daddy, but I guess that wasn't the time or the place for the proper terminology. And it's totally in character of Erica to just gloss over complicated or unattractive things, like horrendous DNA donations or the fact that she has grandchildren)

  • Holy fuck, what was Greenlee wearing?

It's like an edible materials challenge on Project Runway that would earn the ire of all of the judges. Michael Kors would make a comment about being eaten by a head of lettuce, and Nina would be too disgusted to even speak.

  • Is anyone else kind of, sort of interested in where this Jake/Amanda/Cara/Griffin story is going? Today marked the first time in a long time that I felt anything for Jake besides revulsion and I even saw a glimmer of acting talent in Ricky Paull Goldin.
  • I was going to wonder why everyone was so surprised that Madison had an OB/GYN appointment because, hello, do women in Pine Valley not go for a yearly checkup? And then I realized that not a year goes by when a Pine Valley woman isn't pregnant, so they really do only go to the doctor for prenatal appointments...
  • Isn't Denise Vasi pretty? So pretty! But...goodness, when Madison was babbling about being pregnant and Randi darkly said that she really bad morning sickness, and Madison fell all over herself apologizing for being insensitive? I was so confused! Her facial expression and tone of voice did not change at all, so I had no idea that Randi was upset or wistful or sad or hungry, or whatever she was supposed to be feeling.


I HATE what these hacks are doing to Jack/Erica again , the same story the last 3 hacks gave them, and this time we get stuck with a boring, lackluster, drip like Caleb Cooney and a barfly , slut, kidnapper of childen in KWAK. No wonder this show is in last place and losing viewers every day. I won't be watching this crap unfold that's for sure. I see Caleb/Erica as being Rylee part 2. Nobody wants it but TIIC so we get it forced fed on us no matter how loud we scream

Totally forgot Randi was ever pregnant ... she's pretty but there's nothing going on so why keep her .. oh wait I remember because (a casting person at AMC once actually said this in an article) its easier to hire beautiful models and teach them to act then to hire actual actors ... yup 'teach them to act' .. look how well that's turned out.

Erica was spot on in this epi. I love how she's checking Greenlee about making Kendall's grief all about her. I also like how she dropped some knowledge on Jack.

He's always asking Erica to bend where Greenlee's concerned and had the nerve to talk about what Greenlee's going through.(!)

I'm also glad she called him out on spouting about family when he hadn't even offered Kendall any type of support yet. LOL @ him hauling ass over to Casa Slater soon afterwards.

It made me ill to see Greenlee standing over David, pouting about how even though everyone knows what David did, she's still being blamed. I'm sorry, was she not puppetmaster of this entire show??? David didn't want to come back to PV but Greenlee begged him. She needed him for her grand revenge. She played David and thought she'd get to walk away. How is she the victim? She came back wanting to hurt everyone.

On another note, I'm like this Cara/Jake/Amanda/Griffin story. I'm actually looking forward to what happens next. Also, I think she should add Lindsey Hartley to list of fabulous hair.

Madison may as well have been talking to a wall in those hospital scenes with Randi.

Alicia Minshew has been fabulous.

you are spot on about various writers being uncreative in the same way. I wonder do they just get a single sheet of character descriptions, such as "Jack and Erica have an on and off again romance and fight over Greenlee" and probably "David is bad". Do new writers learn the history of the show? do they watch the show? If they watch the last few years they might notice some repetition here.

Well, I am thrilled for AM that she is getting material that will get her a well deserved Emmy. However, I wish it didn't have to come at the loss ot TK/Zach.

I just want Zach back . . . and then I'll come back

Will Greenlee please just go away! I can not stand her! She can take J.R. and Annie with her! Those two do deserve each other !

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