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December 23, 2010

...And To All, Some Repeat Soap Episodes

Okay, so it probably would have made more sense to note that ABC Daytime would be airing blast from the past/blast from, like, a week and a half ago episodes before the repeats started to air, but I've been busy and distracted and, fine, maybe my heart was so warmed by Jason and Michael showing up at the Quartermaine's yesterday to wish Edward a Merry Christmas that I lost all focus. 


But, yes: the ABC soaps are showing reruns today, tomorrow, December 30th and December 31st.

And to answer your completely logical question: no, they are not showing holiday themed episodes, because that would just...it would just make sense. And we all know how sense offends the people in charge of ABC Daytime. "WHAT? A New Year's episode on NEW YEAR'S EVE? Why on EARTH would we do that?"

But it's not like there are no themes at all; no holiday themes, yes, but there are other themes. Like death and hostage situations and similarly tense crises.

All My Children and One Life to Live are rebroadcasting episodes from roughly four hours ago.

December 23rd

AMC: The verdict on Greenlee's innocence or guilt is read; Angie learns the gender of her baby; word of a plane crash spreads to Pine Valley. Original airdate: November 22, 2010

OLTL: Todd, Blair, John and Bo face off with Eli at the warehouse; Greg's secret is finally revealed; desperate to find Starr and Hope, Blair gets a surprise. Original airdate: October 22, 2010

December 24th

AMC: The courtroom is filled with shock; Marissa gets some news; Kendall lashes out. Original airdate: November 23, 2010

OLTL: Cole takes matters into his own hands; Dani is knocked out and seriously injured by the explosion; Greg makes a shocking revelation. Original airdate: October 25, 2010

December 30th

AMC: Erica expresses her concern for Kendall to Jack; Greenlee, Ryan and Emma share Thanksgiving dinner; family and friends go to Spike's pageant. Original airdate: November 29, 2010

OLT: Todd comes face to face with Tea; Cole mourns for Starr and Hope; Hannah makes Starr and James dig their own graves. Original airdate: October 28, 2010

December 31st

AMC: Erica is taken to the police station; Asher accepts JR's invitation to join the family for Thanksgiving dessert; Madison faints in Ryan's arms. Original airdate: November 30, 2010

OLTL: Starr may be rescued from Hannah's reign of terror; Todd and Tea may escape the collapsing warehouse; Clint hinders Rex's investigation. Original airdate: October 29, 2010

General Hospital is going relatively old school, broadcasting a selection of episodes from the Metro Court crisis.

December 23: 12 hours before the explosion, mercenaries storm the hotel filled with people attending the ball; after reuniting with Luke, Lulu accuses Alan of killing Rick and framing Laura.

December 24: Sam is nearly shot when she tries to press the hotel's panic button, but Sonny talks Craig out of shooting her; Alcazar has a seizure just as he is about to give Skye the briefcase code; Robin is shot by Craig.

December 30: Carly figures out the briefcase code; Sonny tries to negotiate with Craig for Carly's release; Sam considers escaping.

December 31: The Metro Court goes up in flames.

Fine holiday fare, huh? The deaths of Zach Slater and Alan Quartermaine, the soul-killing retcon that turned Mr. Craig into Jerry Jacks. Consider my heart warmed!

(To be honest, I am kind of interested in watching the Metro Court episodes again, just to see how the show compares to even a couple of years ago. I remember liking the beginning and then gradually losing my will to live when dialogue was quickly replaced with hymns about Jason's awesomeness and then going full-on apoplectic about the Jerry Jacks thing, but compared to 2010 GH, it might be kind of stellar)

For those of you celebrating Christmas, have a merry one; for those of you who are not, have a wonderful weekend! We'll be back to posting Sunday or so, so check back later this weekend and make sure to read next week for our year in review posts and our annual Best and Worst, AKA "Kind of Bad and Worst" post.


I've been convinced for awhile now that we're getting the Metro Court for GH because Die Hard is Guza's favorite Christmas movie.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Today's GH episode made me realize how much GH has gone down the tubes in just 3 short years. I think we counted at least 10 characters on today's show who are either dead or no longer on the show.(Not sure if I'll ever forgive GH for killing off Alan Q). The Metro Court storyline was probably one of the last well written storylines but then again GH had consultants writing the show back then.

Hearing Jason call Edward "grandfather" made me wish someone would sneak up behind him and repeatedly hit him upside the head with a baseball bat in hopes that his memories of being Jason Quartermaine would come back. Yeah I know it's not gonna happen but a girl can dream! Anyway the Metro Court rerun just reminded me of everyone that has been killed off.....sigh! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!!

Jason and Michael showing up to see Edward legitimately got me teary. I'm only watching GH sporadically when I catch episodes now and then on Soapnet but I find myself really liking and being charmed by Michael and I never thought that would be possible when he was played by the creepy red-headed child.

I thought it was sweet that Jason and Michael went to see Edward, too, but they walked out on Sam just as she was talking about how perfect everything was with everyone there decorating the tree together! [sad trombone]

This may not be the case anymore if you're reading this, but just in case....right next to the following passage in the post:

"I remember liking the beginning and then gradually losing my will to live when dialogue was quickly replaced with hymns about Jason's awesomeness and then going full-on apoplectic about the Jerry Jacks thing, but compared to 2010 GH, it might be kind of stellar)"

is a Medifast ad on the left of the screen with this adorable baby giving the "WTF" look. It really seemed to drive the GH SUCKS point home for me.

If you intended that, Mallory, well played. Well played indeed.

That said, why couldn't we have at least gotten a hug for ol' Edward (sans his jaunty hat, which I miss) from his grandson and great-grandson? I know, be thankful for small favors that they even had a nanosecond of a moment. I loved it. :)


this michael is awful bring back sonny real mob son drew garrett and he can act

Is it too much to ask for Christmas 1998?

Didn't we get metro court last year too? Bah.

Would have been nice if they aired a vintage holiday episode. Oh well.

It seems to me that the current regime is out to kill the already on life support soaps... Yeah they want to just totally ignoring the old guard...I would love to see Dr. Steve Hardy or Dr. Alan Quatermine read the Christmas Story to the GH children one more time. Or go way back to see young Robin open her gifts with her parents...showing how things have come full circle with her opening gifts with her own daughter. Maybe even showing all the Quatermines at Christmas...That is what soaps use to be about...being apart of the lives of these families and close friends. Seeing the ups and downs, trials, and adventures everyday.In some ways I miss that...I don't even watch anymore but I agree the best part of was glimpse of the last epsiode was Jason and Michael wishing Edward a Merry Christmas...but I also felt like a reminder of how the mighty has fallen. What soaps use to be... and it made me a little sad.

Nothing like killing off all the warm Christmas fuzzies with these horrible re-runs ABCD. It is very clear that you people are all clueless idiots.

So many good Xmas eppies from the past that I would've loved to have seen. Oh well. sigh.

(That whole Metrocourt crap is what killed GH for me...after watching from Day 1 back in 1963. I know I'm old and I'm repeating myself...but...they.are.idiots.)

i thing all soaps stay in the past too much AND ITS NOT WORking with this group of people even gh/ mob should allways be front burner on gh all these show has front burner gimmick but clearly gh need some balance a little i do not mean boring quatermine or other family who got ax back burner is ok for them allways need to keep that soapy feeling and i mean cop story that do not add rest of the cast its like that on oltl and amc too yeah some new thugs lucky part has been wasted sam job has been wasted too i rather brooklynn stayed as a hooker and carly stayed as her pimp a ho house would have been cool story on gh look how much crime drama are on primetime tv now and they allways done great in the past

It's really too bad that Jason didn't have the balls to tell Elizabeth that he was never, ever going to give his child away, and taken Jacob Alan Morgan over to the Quartermaine's along with Cameron to see Grandma Monica and Great-grandfather Edward. Mike is old enough to go visit his grandmother and great-grandfather on his own without being pulled along by his Uncle Jason.

ABCD doesn't get it that I would rather see classic soaps from ten years ago and not last month or 2006!

First, LaTanya? What you said. The only thing they could do that would actually interest me with Jason right now would be to have him "wake up" to his previous state and realize the horrors he has performed the last 10 years. THAT would be awesome soap, to watch him struggle with who he was and what he has become with an actual moral scope behind it.

Would it have killed these effers to have a picture of Alan on the mantel with Emily and Lila? I know they hate Stuart Damon, but COME ON.

As for the Metro Court shows, I'm sure that has to do with residuals. I've read that any time a character gets screen time that was written by someone else, the original creator of that character gets a minute residual. So basically, if Guza shows only eppies where he was the writer, he gets that money. Or that's my theory, anyway.

Normally, I like to see the good in things. Jason and Michael going to see Edward was sweet, but it was ruined for me b/c I know this won't continue. Brenda tried to get Jason to come to the wedding and even when she came back to PC a couple of months ago told Jason he needs to check on Edward every now and then b/c he's his family and Jason merely blinked at her. Now b/c it's Christmas, I'm supposed to be moved? What about the rest of the year? Edward is still his family then.

It's just that this appears to be a running theme with Jason. He only goes to see the Quartermaines at a time like this or when one of them dies. Beyond that, nothing. I tried my hardest not to be a downer about this, but it made me mad. I get sick of seeing the Quartermaines salivating at the bread crumbs Jason gives them. They deserve better.

It was sweet, then it wasn't so sweet. If this were to continue, I'd flove it.

@Cathy That would be so great to have Jason Q. awaken to realizee what he as Jason M. has done. To struggle with the guilt of how he treated his family and how he help steal his brother's son. Jason Q. would have never been friends with Sonny or Carly but now that he has this history with them he can't turn his back on them even though he can't support their actions anymore. For him to realize that yes he loves Sam (not a fan but...ok) but for him to secretly want to be with Keesha Ward (who needs to come back to town). I could go on and on but why waste my time talking about something that's not gonna happen{sigh}!

I hate this. Also, there was a Halloween episode on one of the shows that totally freaked me out. I ran to the store to buy candy. Why is ABC doing this to me?

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